I make unique one of a kind handmade jewelry. I want to keep the cost low, I also want it to reflect things i like

Business Names

Sun & Chic Boutique

by somethingcatchy
Islander Crafted Jewelry
Handmade Treasures Island
Sunset Gems
Island Jewelry Crafter
Sun & Chic Jewelry
Sunset Jewelry Crafter
Sunset Jewelry Artisan
Coconuts for Jewelry
Island Glow Jewelry
Island Breeze Handcrafted Jewelry
Sunset Handcrafted Jewelry
Island Dreams Jewelry
Sea of Time Jewelry
Gem Tropics
Island Maiden Jewelry
Island Connection
Frugal Island Handcrafted Jewelry
Island Breeze Handmade Jewelry
One Of A Kind Treasure Island
Island Sunset Jewelry
Tropical Touch
Island Heart
Sunset Maiden Jewelry
Island Jewelry Artisan
Sunset Reflections
Stylin' On The Island Jewelry
Sunset Jewels