A Bright colored Helium Balloon that is deployed and rises to 200 feet to help search and rescue teams locate people who have become lost or injured.

Business Names

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Balloon Rescue Marker

InflataLocation Balloons
Balloon Beam Locator
Balloon Locator 200
Balloon Seek
InflataBeacon Balloons
Beacon InflataBalloons
Bot Balloon
InflataScout Balloons
InflataDistress Balloons
Flare Balloon
Rise To The Location
Aircompass Search and Rescue
InflataBeam Balloons
Rise To The Rescue
Balloon Scout
InflataCompass Balloons
Rise Above Location
Life Balloon
Inflata Balloon
Scout InflataBalloons
InflataBalloon Beam
Air Rescue Balloon
Balloon Beacon Locater
InflataGuide Balloons
InflataBalloon Search & Rescue
Compass Balloon
Balloon Eyes
SkyLoon Search and Rescue
Scout Location Balloons
Skybubble Eyes
Compass InflataBalloons
Inflation Rescue
Balloon Beacon
Ballon Locater 200
Help from Above
Skyloon Locator
Helium Flare
Pinpoint Balloon Locator
Balloon Beam
InflataBalloon Locator
Sentinel Locator Balloons
Air Float Locator
InflataRescue Balloons
Balloon Beam Search & Rescue
InflataLocator Balloons
InflataSearch Balloon (or Balloons)
Sky Bubble Search and Rescue
Search & Rescue InflataBalloons
Locating Loon
Riser Search and Rescue
Airloon Search&Resue
InflataSearch Balloons
Balloon Locator
Balloon Beacon ~ Search&Rescue
Balloon Bot
Sentinel Balloons
Airloon Locator
Scout Signal Balloons
Looney Views Search and Rescue
Balloon Beacon...Rise&Find
InflataSignal Balloons