I sell high end haircutting shears (or scissors) to beauty salons. Need a name that is unique, catchy and memorable that is relevant to the beauty industry, specifically hairstylists. Would like to incorporate the word "shears or scissors" but open to all names.

Business Names

contest winner

Shear Style

Precise Slice
Shear Sophistication
Turbo Trim Scissors
Shear Bliss
Snip Whip
Dragonfly Shears
Superb Scissors
Shear Pointe
Scissor Delight
Shear Perfection
Scissor Head
Samurai Scissors
Kitana Shears
Shear Delite
Scirror Happy
Posh Blades
Flawless Shears
Shear Class
Shear Ware
Perfectly Sheared
Runs With Scissors
Classy Cutz
Sharp words
Fashionably Shears
Final Cut
Scissors by Design
Shear Magic
Hair Raiser Shears
Premier Shears
Do Cutters
GoTo Scissors
EDGE Shears
Look Smart Shears
"shear success"
Shear Impact
Sublime Shears
All These Shears
Styld Shears
Shear Illusion
Sophisticated Shears
Shear ONE
Wild Side Shears
Shear Impossible
Shear Excitement
Hummingbird Shears
Plays With Scissors
Shear Attitudes
Shear Expressions
Shear Innovation
Naked Shears
High Side Scissors
Shear Gear
The Cutting Edge
Shear Joi
Chic Shears
Ballerina Blade Scissors
Shear Sience!
Shearly Best
Shear Symmetry
Shearly Amazing
Shear Science!
Shear Joy
Shear Force
Shear Image
Shear Chic
Shear Symetrix
Scintillating Scissors
Shear Greatness
Shear Alley
Shearly Superior
BUZZ Scissors
The Cut Stops Here!
Keen Blade Shears
Look Sharp Scissors
Sharp Image
Shearly Chic
Cuttin Class
Shear Performance
A Cut Above Shears
Shear Impression
FastClip Shears
Professional Steel
Shear Logic
Twisted Scissors
Shear Hair Raising
Shear Cutz
Shear Brilliance
The scissor cellar
Shear Heaven
Twisted Clip
Creative Shears
Sheerly Superior
Shear Glitz
Perfect Cuts
Shear Excellence
Soul Scissors
Fash Shears
Cut above the rest
Shear Action
Shear Psychologix
Shear Psychology
Girl's Best Friend Shears
Shear Genius
Scissor Sense
Mirrors of Steel ( suggest beauty/reflection/image and product)
Sheer Scissors
Star Cutters
Ladies Choice
Silky Smooth Scissors
to the point
Scissor Kick
Shear Glory
Shear Delight
Shear Masters
The Professional Edge
Shear Look
Shear Indulgence
Sheer Shears
Peerless Shears
Shear Expectations
Galatea Shears
Shearly Devoted
Running With
Ninja Shears
Steel mirror
Shear Boutique
Shear Design
Style Makers
Taming of the Shears
RAGE Shears
First Choice Cutters
Shearly Beautiful
Shape an Angel Shears
Secrets of the Chair
Scissor Happy
Splendid Stylist Shears
Shear Sense
Perfect Portrait Shears
Sure Shears
Shear Edge
Shear & Shear Alike
Top Crops
Shear Madness
Sharp Edge Scissors
Shear Imagination
Shear Pleasures
Shear Fixations
Shear Symetrics
Trend Sharps
Shear Inspiration
Shear Precision
Shear Me
Platinum Shears
Sharp & Amazing
Shanks Precision Shears
Edge of Reason
Hi Cut Scissors
Exquisitely Sheared
Sassy Shears 2 U
Shape Changers Scissors
Shape up Shears
Shear Simplicity
Shear Trend . com avail
Shear Trends
A Shear Design
Upscale Shears
Reigning Steel
Shearley Temple
Shear Fine
Shear Blyss
Headhunting Shears