Performing arts organization that produces and presents experimental theater, music and dance located in Philadelphia. Converting an historic pumping station into a Delaware River waterfront arts center with a theater and bar for new home.

Business Names

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Riverfront Theater

Waterfront Arts Shed
The Bell Tower
Hydrant Force Theatrical Arts
Art Station
Arts Spotlight
Water St. Draft House
Philly's Blaze Troupe
Waterfront Performing Arts Center
SMARTies = Society of Music, ARt, and Theater
River Theater Live
Art Gate
Set a Blaze Draw the Curtain Productions
Flood Stage
Blue Ridge Productions
Art Agado
arti centru
Watershed Hydrant Artorium
New Theater Pumpers
High Pressure Artists
The water st. performance group
cutwater arts
Serendipity Waterfront Art Center
Alternative Sensation Theater
Riviera Rouge
Philly's Firehouse Follies
Philadelphia Pioneer Arts Station
Waterfront Arts Forward Theater
White Mustang Productions
Sterling Creek Productions
Art 2 0 2
Starstruck Performing Arts
bru ard
Art Of The Future
Cliff View Productions
Art Beat
Hydrant Force Artorium
Art with Heart
A river runs through it
The Water st. Act
watercraft arts
polywater arts
The DiDa Group of Philadelphia = THEspians, DIvas, DAncers
Ebb And Tide Theatrical Arts
Repertory Arts Collective
Crearte Waterfront Center
Black Hawk Productions
Water St. Performers
FutureArt Labs or FutureArt Lab
Stardom Performing Arts
Histaura Performing Arts
Discover Water st. performing arts
hydro art
Art Surgeons
The Riverfront Performing Arts Center
high pressure Drama
Performing Arts Relief
Arts At The Delaware
Waterfront Works
Curtain Call at Ye Ol' Watering House
Crest Stage
Experimental Arts Complex
Lightning Acts
Pumped Up Theatrical Center
Soul Stage
Art On The Watershed
The Arts' Watershe
Water St. Artorium
Art too Eau too
Art Damage
Stardom Artorium
Thriving Under Pressure Performing Arts
Ebb And Tide Ovations
Alternative Aura Theater
Watershed Arts Lab
Delaware River Arts Center
Moon Rock Productions
Arts On The Edge
Applause on the Waterfront
Under Pressure Performing Arts
Artcellent Center
Four Alarm Arts Theater
Red Hot Repertory
bibliolater Arts
bilgewater Arts
Black Stallion Productions
FireLight Repertory Theater
Cosmic Star Arts
PATH Center ~Performing Arts Theater Hub~
Feed Your Head
Delaware Riverfront Ovations
Riverfront Stardom
DrawBridge or DrawRidge
vigili del fuoco
Chasing Serendipity Theater
Lightning Spark Performing Arts Center
Philadelphia Ultimate Music & Performance House ~ PUMP House
Performing ArtStation
Artquatics Center
Naiad Theatre of Performing Arts
Riverfront and Center Performing Arts Theater
Pump Station Draft House
Hybrid Station
Philadelphia Center for Experimental Arts
Riverworks Performance Center
Riverfront Pumping Station Artorium
quarts Arts
Chasing Serendipity Repertory Arts
Experimental Arts at the Waterfront
backwater Arts
En Garde Arts Experience
waterthrush arts
BENefit Arts
Dancetera Center for Theatrical Arts
CosmicAura Performing Arts
Blue Chip Productions
Philadelphia City Arts
outsmarts Arts
Water and Light
sur l'eau
Waterfront Arts Plaza
Primed To Perfection Artorium
Delartorium Ovations
Philadelphia Creative Arts Center
DR The Arts Theater
eyewater arts
Performing Arts Canteen
The Lyrical Thespian
Lifeblood Artwater
Front Stage Performing Arts Center
The Groove
Primed To Perfection Theatrical Arts
The Pumping Station Artorium
Serendipity On Water Street
Hydrant Fusion Ovations
Unconventional Stage
High Pressure Arts
Art Scientists
The Monkey Cart
Art Cooling Station
Artists' Pumping Station
Standing InnOvations Performing Arts
Delaware Dynamics
Storm Stage
Water st. Frolic
FireBolt Productions
LightFoot Theater
Not your usual arts
21st Century Performing Arts
Stardom Theatrical Arts
Water Street Meet
Art Central
Arto Strato
Set Fire to a Flame Performing Arts
WaterNFire Performing Arts
RiverWorks of Art
Under Pressure Artorium
Wild Mustang Productions
Philly Hydrant Force Artorium
The Watering Show
outstarts Arts
The Douse House
Visionary Arts Center
Standing InnOvations Theater
A Night To The Arts
Philadelphia Art Mecca
Fueled Fire Art Center
Aguardiente Progressive Arts
Riverfront Hydrant Force Artorium
Culture in Progress
The new Performing arts organization
Ace of Arts
Flame Of The Arts
Swift Water
The Exposium
FireBolt Arts Lab
Pumped Up Artorium
Dowse House
Inferno Arts By the Waterfront
The Spill Performing Arts Centre
Water's Edge Performance Center
Lightning on the River
Primed To Perfection Ovations
River's Edge Pump House of Theater Company
The Outpost
Flaming Arts Of The Future
Brain Drainage
The Proscenium Libretto
FutureArts Production or FutureArt Productions
Perform THIS, Square!
Watershed Theatrical Arts
Mid Stream Productions
Standing InnOvations
Spark Dream Productions
Performing Arts River Flow
That Place,You Know... Let's Go There
It's a Blazing on Water St Productions
Cosmic Arts Theater
Art in Action
Cliff Stone Productions
Art of Water
Art On Fire
Future of art on water st.
Light the Inferno Art Center
Ebb And Tide Riverfront Artorium
Water St. Discovery Theater
DancingFire Performing Arts
Pump It Up Theatrical Arts
Fast Company
Philly's Heart of Performance
Eau Couture
Dez del Rio
gaia calling
The 5th Generation of Dance
ACTS Center ~Arts Center & Theater Shows~
River Stage Repertory Theater
Chasing Serendipity Station
The Future of Performance Arts
CosmicAura Theater
Performance On The Delaware
ACT Center ~Arts Center & Theater~
Mouye Atizay
High Pressure Productions
Vapor Village
Hydrant Fusion Artorium
The Next Stage Centre
Cosmic Stars Performing Arts
Rock View Productions
The DelaWare House
Embers Stage
Primed Perfection Ovations
Riverfront Theatrical Ovations
Theatre Station
Land's Edge Performing Arts
drumbeater arts
Central Stage
Riverfront Serendipity Station
Running River Art Center
Riverfront Performing Arts Emporium
The Watershed Theatrical Ovations
Primed Perfection Artorium
Theater Station 1
Artmazed Center
RiverWalk Theatre
Aqua city arts
Art On The Delaware
Watershed Pumping Station Theater
Groundwater Supply
New Edge Entertainment
Watershed Pump House
Frills Pub&Arts/Frill's Pub&Arts
Aqua performing arts center
Aqua Centre
art on the rocks
Think with your Art
Riva Sluzio
High Pressure Performing Arts
New Groove Rhythm Experiment
Philadelphia Standing InnOvations
Repertory Arts of Philadelphia
FutureArts Labs or FutureArts Lab
Waterfront Visionary Arts Center
Center For The Arts
Watershed Staged Theater
Flame Lightning Art Center
Watershed Ovations
Philadelphia Heart of Art Center
Art River
Innovative Inferno Performing Arts Center
Cosmic Sensation Performing Arts
Pioneer Arts Watershed
Original Arts Center
Philly Waterfront Performers
Raise the Curtain on the Waterfront
PUPs = Performers Under Pressure
Primed Hydrant Artorium
PARTS Center ~Performing Arts by the River Theater Shows~
Cutting Edge Performances
The Wet Stage
Moon Stone Productions
Old Pumphouse New Arts Theater
HaPPy Group = High Pressure Performance Group
Serendipity Repertory Station
meltwater arts
Arte Bagnato
TAPA Center ~ Theater And Performing Arts
Independance Theatre
Station 1902 Arts Center
CosmicAura Arts
The Philadelphia Current: Performance Arts Center
Art On The Wateredge
Riverfront Starstruck Performing Arts
Draw the Curtain Water St. Productions
The FlowSource Performing Arts Center
Drama Pump
Water St. Imagintorium
waterweeds arts
Sterling Stone Productions
vatra voda
Historic Art Hub
Le Muse
Art Attack
Arta Rooga
Hydrant Force Ovations
High Pressure Artorium
Plaza Vesi
Beyond Arts Theater
Arto D'eau
ArtForce Center
the future of Deleware
D'eau Rio
Starstruck Ovations
Main Break
Historical Pumping Station Waterfront Arts Center
Philadelphia Experimental Arts Complex
Philadelphia Rhythm Experiment
Soul Hydration
Riverfront Pumping Station Theatrical Arts
Aqua Arts
NewArts Center
Serendipity Philly Repertory
Chasing Serendipity Arts
High Pressure Performers
Old Pump New Arts Theater
The Philly Progressive Theater
Playing with Fire
Ebb And Tide Performing Arts
Riverfront Starstruck Theatrical Arts
moto maji
Best Under Pressure Performing Arts
Empirical House of arts
Philly's Firehouse Performing Arts
Resurrection Ablazed
The Art Tavern
Philly's Firehouse Theatrical Arts
Under Pressure Theatrical Arts
Over The River Arts Center
Draw the Curtain House of Arts
Art&Arts Center
Arts' Watering Hole
Sun Crest Productions
Extra Medium
Arts At The Wateredge
waterfowler arts
Under Pressure Riverfront Artorium
Riverfront Theatrical Exhibition
ArtAhead Theater
Delaware Riverfront Theatrical Arts
Rivers Edge Arts Expose
Aqua Plaza
Perfect Under Pressure Performing Arts
Water St. Stage
Flowing Along The Current
Pumped Up Theatrical Arts
Draw the Curtain Waterfront Productions Presents
Philly Repertory Arts
Waterflow Arts
Philly FireLight Arts
Flaming Art Of The Future
Delaware Riverfront Artorium
Pressed to Impress
Adventurous Arts
Original Arts
Soliloquies Station
High Tide Performing Arts
Arte di Strada
Art of Gold
River Bed Art Center
Philly Artorium Ovations
Okeanos De Novo
AlternaArts Entertainment
ArtScope Center For The Arts
Performing Arts Ablaze
Stone Cold ART
Watershed Hydrant Ovations
Sterling Rock Productions
Thrive Under Pressure Performing Arts
Day Rise Productions
Watershed A & E
New Arts Entertainment Center
Aquarela performing arts center
Liberty Arts
Pump Place Arts
Water St. Repertory Arts
Watershed Hydrant Theatrical Arts
Watershed Pumping Station Artorium
Lake View Productions
CrossRoads Art Center
ExploArt Center
HistoricalAura Alternative Arts
Art Eau Zee Oh
POW = Performers Organization on the Waterfront
Pumped Up Ovations
Drench Arts Lab
Art Lab
Center for Dynamic Art
Vesi Plaza for the Arts
Riverfront Performing Art Center
Water St. Innovative Arts
Arts Of The Future
Watershed Theatrical Ovations
Th/eater of Souls
Riverfront Stardom Performing Arts
Primed Perfection Performing Arts
Serendipity Repertory Arts
Art in Motion
Repertory Arts Center
Those Damned Beatniks
The Crossing House of Arts
Drench Productions
Snow Top Productions
Pump It Art
Waterfront Center for Performing Arts
The Current Edge
Strange Stage Arts
Nuart Entertainment Center
Watershed Works
Dream Spark Productions
Serendipity Station House
Serendipity Station Repertory
The Riverside Theatre
Vapor City
Folly's Pub&Arts
Curtain Call on the Waterfront
CLAP Station ~Center for Love of Arts in Philadephia~
Edgewater Discovery Arts Center
Waterfront Experimental Arts Center
Pump Station Repertory Arts
Struck by Lightning Productions
Philadelphia Pioneer Arts Center
Watershed Artorium
Arts On The Wateredge
Serendipity Repertory
Performing Arts Station
Church of the Frozen Goods
Arthentic Center
Drenched Productions
Gold Stone Productions
Riverside Stage & Bar
Pump It Up Performing Arts
Arts Center Waterfront
Philly Accents ~Philadelphia Accents
Delaware River Experimental Arts Modalities
waterloo arts
H2O Performing Arts
Pioneering Arts Pump Station
purplehearts Arts
BackDraft Productions
Pumps Performing Arts
Current Art
WaterSt Art Junction
Pumping Art
Watershed Theater Live
Above Water Arts
The FlowSource Center for Performing Arts
Philly Hydrant Force Ovations
Lightning Performance Arts
the delware theatre
Pyroject Stage
Bordo dell'Acqua
The Arts on Water
Starstruck Artorium
theatergoer arts
Art for Profit's Sake
Riverfront Stardom Theatrical Arts
Lake Ridge Productions
A la Art
Under Pressure Waterfront Theater
AvantScope Stage
Round of Applause on the River's Edge
Performance in Lighting Arts Center
jerkwater arts
Philly Ovations
Fountain of Art
AquaBlue Art Center
Waterfront Theater
The Pumping Station Performing Arts
House of Arts on the Water's Edge
Art Forward
Under Pressure Theater Of Performing Arts
Art for Life Performing Arts
DancingFire Arts
The FloodLight
AlternativeAura Arts
Pivotal Arts Center
Impact Center for the Arts
Ebb And Tide Artorium
Flames Of The Art
Flames Of The Arts
Riverfront Starstruck
Higher Pressure Productions
Artspired Center
The Lively Arts Lab
Art At The Wateredge
Stardom Ovations
Performing House of Turkish Delights
All Arts Studio
Art Market
Hydrant Fusion Performing Arts
Pump n Jump
Theatrical Heart of Philly
Waterfront New Arts Center
Dynama's Performing Arts Center
Tasty bake
Wild Stallion Productions
greenhearts Arts
Arts On The Delaware
Future Today performing arts
Inventing Art Performance Center
Under Pressure Ovations
Watershed Art experience
Deep Roots Productions
Bravada Berth
Arts & Mingle
Pump It Up Theatrical Center
Water Street Serendipity Theater
The Center for Art in Action
Experimental Arts on the River
Water St. Serendipity Theater
Primed Hydrant Ovations
pumped about art
Art on the Front
abater water
Performing Arts Waterfront
Dela Theatrical Center
waterlog arts
The ESP LSD MP3 Experience
Cabbage Land
Wolf Creek Productions
Waterdance Theatre
Art to Art
Free Form Center for Performing Arts
Le arts du water
The Pumping Station Theatrical Arts
Watershed Pumping Station Ovations
Performing Waterworks
The Pump House
Arts On Fire
Arts Forward Theater
Sterling Ridge Productions
Watershed Art Forms
Essex Aqua
water st. Drama
Act One Theatre
Artists in Action
Primed To Perfection Performing Arts
alta premo
Art Ablazed
Drink & See
Riverfront Pump Repertory
Ridge View Productions
Water St. Theater Live
Riverfront Station
Art on the waterfront
Discovery Arts Center
Watershed Center for Performing Arts
The Old Pump House Performing Arts Center
Water Street Live
Waterstreet Theater
River Front Studios
Riverside Arts
Arts at the waterfront
Water Street Station Performing Arts
Arts On The Waterfront
Pump Station Innovative Arts
Riverfront Arts Station
River Crossing Art Center
Discovery at the Waterfront
The Watershed Theater
Watershed Draft House
Philly's Firehouse Ovations
River Stage Theater
HighWater Art Center
Hydrant Station Artorium
Water St. Arts Station
The Waterfront Theater
PhilAqua Art
Philadelphia Art Station
Old Pumphouse Theater
Philly's Firehouse Artorium
DancingFire Theater
The Watershed Theater of Performing Arts
On The Edge Arts Center
Hydrant Station Theatrical Arts
River Crest Productions
Riverwalk Theater
Watershed Productions
Philly Riverfront Artorium
Arts On The Riverfront
Sterling Moon Productions
Freedom Art on the Delaware
Water St. Ovations
Arts On The Watershed
Stone Ridge Productions
Riverfront Theatrical Arts Emporium
Theater on the Waterfront
Edge Entertainment Center
Pumped Up Performing Arts
River Arts Center
Water Street Performing Arts
River Ridge Productions
Burning Water Performing Arts
Performing Ablaze
Water Street Innovative Arts
Waterfront Performance
Hydrant Force Performing Arts
Watershed Art Station
The Arts On The River
River Front Productions
Arts Dicovery WaterShed
Philadelphia Performing WaterWorks
Warterfront Center
EverArt Center
Water St. Innovative Art Center
Art on Water st.
Riverfront Performing Arts Center
ACE Center ~Arts Center for Enjoyment~
Performance River
Riverfront Revue
Philly FireHouse Theater
Reflections Arts Center
Watershed Center for Arts
Watershed Hydrant Performing Arts
Water Street Arts Center
Watershed Stage and Bar
Pump It Up Theatrics
WaterFront Discovery Theater
Riverfront Exhibition
Waters Edge theatre
Philly Repertory
PumpStation Repertory Arts
Rock Creek Productions
Art Basin Theater
Waterfront Pump house
Water St. Live
Riverfront Ovations
Riverfront Standing InnOvations
Riverfront Performing Arts Exhibition
Pump Station Experimental Arts
Water Street Theatrics
Waterfront Center for the Performing Arts
Discovery Theater
Water's Edge Entertainment
The Arts on the Delaware
Performing WaterFront
The Center of Living Art
Water St. Theater for the Performing Arts
The Pumping Station Theater
Water St Theater for Performing Arts
Raindance Theatre
Fire & Ice Performing Arts
Pumphouse Discovery Theater
Water St. Performing Arts
The Old Pump House Arts Center
Reflections Performance Center
The Delaware River Arts Center
Current's Edge
The Waterworks Performing Arts Center
Water Front Productions
Skyline Theatre
Hydrant Fusion Theatrical Arts
Waterfront ArtStation
Waterfront Arts Pavillion
Next Wave Performing Arts Center
Water St. Pump House
Water Street Experimental Arts Complex
Waterfront Arts Station
Watershed Repertory Arts
Waterfront Walk Theater
Delaware Riverfront Performing Arts
RhythmCorps Performance
Water St. Performance Arts
PumpHouse Productions
Pump It Up Artorium
Pumphouse Theatre
Water St. Theatrical Arts
Philly Theatrical Arts
Riverfront Repertory
Pump House Arts
Waterfront Sensation Theater
Philly Performing Arts
Delaware River Center for the Arts
Watershed Performing Arts
Swift Performing Arts
Pumped Productions
The Watershed Project/Group
High Pressure Theater
Moon Struck Productions
Bravada Station
Upstream Performing Arts Complex
Flames Of The Future
The Philly Experience
Water Street Arts Lab or Water Street Arts Labs
Art At The Watershed
Spray Performing Arts
AquaView Art Center
Water Center Performing Arts
Flame Of The Art
Riverfront Center for the Arts
Freeze Frame Productions
Theatre on Water Street
Aqua Couture
Hook & Ladder Performing Arts
Waterfront Station
Philly FireLight Station
HydroStream Productions
Waterfront Standing InnOvations
Delaware River Waterfront Arts Complex
Flame Of The Future
Ethereal Performing Arts
Art At The Delaware
aura media
Delaware River Waterfront Arts Center
The Extinguishers
Evolve Center for the Arts
Philadelphia Flow
Dimension Gate Productions
Pump Station Repertory
Moon Crest Productions
Arts At The Watershed
Pumped Entertainment Plaza
Hydrant Station Ovations
FlameWater Discovery Arts Theater
Arts On Water
Water St Playhouse
Company 5
Watershed Arts Studio
Water St. Center for Performing Arts
Watershed Pumping Station Theatrical Arts
Water st. Art
Stage Brigade
Water Street Repertory Arts
Starstruck Theatrical Arts
The Pump Scene
The Watershed Artorium
Upstream Arts
The Philadelphia Water Street Troupe of Performing Arts
Live Arts on the Waterfront
Philly Serendipity Repertory
The Riverfront Theater of Performing Arts
The Old Pump House Center for the Performing Arts
Undine Theatre of Performing Arts
The Art Pump
Rivers Edge Productions
Riverfront Pumping Station Performing Arts
tidewater arts
Silver Screen Productions
Waterfront Repertory Station
Art and Soul
Creative Currents
Majestic Art Center
High Pressure on Water Street
Flowetry Theatre
LifeArts on the Waterfront
Douse House
Serendipity On Water St.
New City Performing Arts Center
IntrArt Theater
Phreedom Arts Center
Art Pumps
Watercolor performing arts center
PACT Group ~Performing Arts Center & Theater~
Water Street Beat
Hook & Ladder Ovations
Hook & Ladder Artorium
Watershed Pumping Station Performing Arts
The Pumping Station Ovations
As Lightning Strikes
White Cap Productions
Ridge Crest Productions
breakwater Arts
Avance' Theatre
Waterfront Pump Repertory
The Flame on the River's Edge House of Arts
Pump It Up Ovations
Riverfront Rostrum
Vapor Space
Raising Fire on the Waterfront
Hook & Ladder Theatrical Arts
Under Pressure Experimental Arts
Warterfront Works
Performing Arts On Water Street
The Delaware Pump
Fire Escape Performing Arts
Alternative Aura Performing Arts
On Point Art Center
Art Pulse
Arts Watershed
Ablazed Art
Experimental Art on The Water
Pumping Station Theater
Primed Hydrant Performing Arts
The Arts Station
Riverfront Sensation Theater
Swift Productions
Serendipity Pump Station
Delaware Riverfront Odeon
Waterfront Arts Tavern
Riverfront Center for the Performing Arts
Black Ivy Productions
Primed Hydrant Theatrical Arts
Hydrant Station Performing Arts
Flood Gate Productions
Riverfront Artorium
Waterfront and Center Performing Arts
Delaware River Experimental Arts Complex
Philly's Pub&Arts
The Old Hydrant Performing Arts Center
Grey Rock Productions
Applause in the Round
Water for Fire Performing Arts
Riversedge Experimental Arts Landing
High Pressure Theatrical Arts
Cosmic Aura Alternative Arts
Philly Artorium
Hip Hop Pump
La Belle
Primed Perfection Theatrical Arts
Round of Applause Performing Arts
Fluid Dynamics
Dela Theatrical Ovations