I wrote a book about my experience with a broken criminal justice system overseen by a rogue Dept of Justice. While 80% of the book is about my personal experience, I want the title to reflect a larger message. DOJ has jettisoned its pursuit of truth and justice for the expansion of power at any cost. It has grown indifferent to the guilt or innocence of its targets - convictions are the fuel which powers it now. The average citizen, regardless of guilt, has little chance due to DOJ's resources.

Product Names

Justice Under Siege

by fleur-de-les
Infinite Doubt
Target Trial
Justice Denied
Death by Legal Deception
Seeing Blind Convictions
Justice in the Wind
Injust Nation
A Jury of My Peers
Justices Demise
Scaling The Unjust
The Shallow Halls of Justice
The Cost of Convictions
Trialing Times
No First chance
Destined For Conviction
Missing Justice
Untruth, Injustice, and the Unamerican Way
Justice or Politics?
Doubts of Justice
Broken Promise
The Department of Injustice
DOJ Exposed
Everyone's Guilty
Black Market System
To Bleed a Mockingbird
Forgotten Justice
Conviction Fueled
Conviction Versus Justice
What Law?
Snap to Judgment
Free Guilt
Why Am I Guilty?
Conviction Vision
United States of Coruption
Presumed Guilty
Is There Justice At DOJ?
Costly Convictions
Courting Injustice
Guilty As Scourged
When the truth doesn't set you free
The Guilty of Truth
The Truth of Innocence
DOJing the Truth
Conviction of Doubt
It Could Happen To You
America's On Trial. Liberty Pays For DOJ's Relentless Pursuit Of Power
Convictions Or Else
The Outlaws of Law
Courts Creed
A Plead For Justice
Ruined Lives
Who Decides?
PowerHungry DOJ
Didn't Do Justice
Where The Innocent Are Held
Hung Jury
The Shakedown
The Power and The Blood
Look Behind the Curtain
InnocentIn The Justice System
Liberty Lost
Convictions At Any Cost
Liberty And Justice A Corrupted System
DOJ Fueled by Convictions
Forgotten Citizens
Rogue Fuel
Someday Justice
Tequila Mockingbird
A Rugged DOJ Directed by a Scoundrel
Perceptions Of Innocence
Justice Served?
At the Edge of Injustice
The Judge Roy Bean Mentality
Price of Justice
Criminally Unjust
Liberties Be Damned
The Average Citizen
To Torture a Mockingbird
The Hammer Comes Down
Mindless Justice
Guilty Or Innocent?
Wheres Your Evidence
False Justice or A False Justice
The Execution of Justice in America
When The System Doesn't Work.
Department of Mistrust
Above Suspicion
Justice Be Damned
Jilted Justice
No Remorse
Judgement Walks a Thin Line
Call Of Justice
Courts of Broken Justice
Guilty if Charged
A Grave Indifference
What's Truth got to do with it?
Freedom What?
Justice Departed
Apathy of Justice
This Is Justice?
Tarnished Justice
Crushed Legal
Uncover Window
Verdict Please
Judicial Maze of Corruption
Truth And Justice For Whom
What Liberty?
Systems of Corruption
Black Justice
Unjust and Upset
The Power of Injustice
Conviction of Innocence
ACJ Scales Our Rights Fail
Justice Incognito
At What Price Justice
Justice on the Run
Malice In Plunderland
A Parody of Justice
The Corruption Of Power
It Is Not Justice
One Freedom
When Innocence Does Not Matter
Guilty No What
Americas Injustice. At The Price Of Freedom
Human Zoo
Stolen Freedom
unjust virtue
The Sacrifice Of The Innocent
Everyday Justice
Broken and Unjust
Guilty unless Innocent
Department of Injustice
Twentyfive to Life
The Disappearance of Justice
A Wrongful Conviction
My injustice
Judgment Beyond Truth
Justice Tossed Away American DOJ Fails
Unjust Trust
The Long Arm of the Law
Call For Justice
Lawless Law
Who Cares About Justice?
What Freedom?
Crushed Justice
Liberty has it's Price
The best justice that money can buy
A Justice For All.
Convictions of Doubt
To Kill a Mocking Court
brused not broken
Guilty by Justice
No Justice Anymore
A Tear for Atticus
The Citizens the System Forgot
Braking the Law
The Citizen Who the System Forgot
Holding Unbalanced Scales
Justice is Deaf
The Illusion of Justice
Power Grab
No One's Free from Conviction
The Crooked Sword of Justice
Might Vs. Right
Broken by Liberty
Unjust Loss of Freedom
Judicial Discretion?
The Price of Innocence
The Blind Alley of Justice
The True Cost of Convictions
The Incalculable Price of Justice
While Lady Justice Weeps
Freedom has it's cost
Freedom Busted
Dark Conviction
While Lady Liberty Gently Weeps
It's A Crime
It Is Not Fair
Justice Deserted or Just Deserts
The Fantasy of Justice Exposed
What Happened To Truth And Justice In America
IT'S CRIMINAL A Look Inside the Judicial System
In The Criminal Justice System
Beyond Rules Of Recognition
Blind Judgment
Stricken Poetic Justice
Atticus No More
Where The Innocent Lay
Victim Target
Of Guilt And Shame
At What Cost?
Atticus Lost
Street Legal.
The Guilt of Innocence
Justice Unhinged
Judicial Missions
Unreasonable Clout
Justice Unjust
The Justice Puppeteers
Snake Tongued
The Price Payed for a Corrupt System
Improper Judgment
Justice Lost
United We Defend
Failure Of Liberty
A Costly Fuel
Justice Not Vengeance
disposal justice
Far From Justice
Justice does Contemn
Forgotten Atticus
Tart Tort
DOJ Questions
Malice In Asunderland
A Broken Person
Until Proven Guilty
While Lady Justice Gently Weeps
The Price of Injustice
Lawless America
With Liberty and Justice for Some
Judge me not
No Innocent
A Time Out for Justice
ROGUE Wrongly Charged
Courts of InJustice
The Bureaucracy of Justice
My Innocence On Trial
A Crying Shame
Guilt By Contamination
More Than A Shadow Of Doubt
Crude Justice
Presumption of Guilt
Broken States of America
The Judgement Caste
Bleeding the Mockingbird
The Big Wave
Liberty Libeled
The Innocents Who Justice Forgot
True "Justice". The Persuit Of Power.
No Real Justice
Justice or Justisn't?
Quest Of Truth
Judgment Day
The Scales of Injustice
Judgement for the Department of Justice
The Department Of Judgment Day
Unjust Power and Corruption of the DOJ
Enigma On Awry
Rich Justice
Kangaroo Court
Contaminated Justice
Who Are You To Decide My Fate?
What Justice
American Pleadom
And Justice For No One
Falsely Convicted
Broken But Not Forgotten Let Injustice Prevail
The Hollow Halls of Justice
Best justice for your money.
DOJ's Quest For Power. At The Cost Of Innocence
The DOJ System
Tipping the Scales of Justice
Liberty in cages
Money buys Justice
ToungeTied and Charged
Guilty Speechless
Where Is Justice?
Malice In Wonderland
Justice Power Over Freedom Innocence
The Hungup Jury
Out with the truth
No Chance for the Innocent.
How to Fix The Justice System
Justice Uncontrolled
A Broken Record
On the Edge of "Justice"
DOJ Drama
Abuse of Justice from the Powers That Be
Atticus Has Fallen
Behind the Bars of Indifference
No Justice, No Freedom
The Fantasy of Justice
Fuel Cell
And Justice For None
What Price Freedom
Broken Unjustly
Convicting Guilty Justice
BENEATH THE ROBE A Peek at Abuse of Power in the Judicial System
Is This Justice?
Justice Takes A Backseat
Proven Injustice
DOJ Injustice, Found Guilty
Injustice Exposure
Justice Averted
Contaminated Conviction
The Freedom Lottery
Has Justice Been Served?
Curtain of Justice
System of Injustice
Guilty Indiffrence
The Other Side of the Badge
Rush to Judgment
Guilty of Truth
One For All And All For Not Nary One Americas Broken System
Transgression of Power
Justice Is Blind, Deaf and Dumb
Broken Scales
The Price of The Innocent
Justice Gone
Nothing But The Truth
Justice for Few
naivety and justice
Guilty Yet Innocent
Malice In Sunderland
Justice for Some
Guilty or Not
Justice for the Rich
Darkness Prevails
Cruel Justice
Justice Behind Bars
When Innocence Doesn't Matter
His Power Absolute
Guilty As Charged
Impoverished Justice
Motion Of Truth
The Liberty Lottery
Divided We Defend
While Lady Liberty Weeps
With Liberty and Justice For All
No Poetic Justice
Justice at Any Cost
Carried Away
Mockingbird Lost
Redneck Justice
The Abortion of Justice
Unjust And Broken
WITHOUT "Liberty And Justice For All"
Lost Innocence
Rogue Justice
Hard Time For All.
The Scales Are Tipped
DOJ Failed Me
Arrested Justice
Justice for No One
The Power Of Judicial Liberty
When Justice Overrides the Truth
Beyond Concept Laws
Big Money. Little Justice.
DOJ Wiped Out By Scoundrels
The Law Won
In Contempt of Court
The Pursuit of Injustice
Judicial System in Peril
A Case Of Injustice
No Justice
Justice? Not really.
Guilty Conscience Of The DOJ
Is Anyone Innocent?
Guilty An Automatic Verdict
Broken Promises
Injustice Institutionalized
Judgment in Doubt
Who Is The Criminal?
Rights be Damned
Judge, Jury and Executioner
Hungry For Convictions. Starving For Justice.
Trapped by Justice
Dating Lady Justice
Contaminated Liberty
Actus Reus
Absence of Justice
The tilted scales of justice
DOJ Guilty As Charged. At The Price Of Who's Freedom
NoCharge Convictions
Injust A Moment
Indifference, Regardless
The Hunger for Power Game
Justice in Hiding
An Indifference of Innocence
Free Injustice
The next victim
The Citizen Who Justice Forgot
Guilty Shame
Proof, Justice and the American Cliche
Paying the Price
DOJ Cast Aside Citizens 4 Power
True Conviction
Power Fuels
Broken Law
Uneven Scales
Injustice Due to The Abuse of Power
sinful virtue
The High Cost of Injustice
Not Guilty
Broken Pathways
Lack of Judgment, Abuse of Power
Brokered Justice
Wheels of Injustice
Malice In Blunderland
Plea Bargain
I Proved My Innocence
Free or Fair Think Again
Breaking Laws
No Fair Trial
The Statutes Of Liberty
Justice is out of Fashion
Justice's Aim
Tilted Scales
Justice Humiliated
Scale Failure
Fractured Justice
The Price Of Judicial Liberty
Interruption of Innocence
Liberty on Trial
One Judgement For All
Farewell to Justice
The High Price of Justice
Departed Justice
At What Cost Justice?
Flawed Decisions
A Conviction at Any Cost
Poetic Injustice
Out of Order
Our Legal System Is a Crime
Civil Unjust
Courts of Decay
Blind Justice?
Liberty for Some
Unruly Justice
Beyond A Shadow Of The Truth
Broken Justice
Liberty and Injustice For All
Behind the Gavel
A Broken System
Law and Disorder
Conviction At All Cost
Shameful Justice
When Justice Is Blind
Judgement Day
All in the Name of Law
Conviction By Design
Burning Justice
Injustice on Trial
And Justice For Few
Regardless of Guilt
The best justice money can buy.
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
Fast Track to Conviction
The Price of a Corrupt Justice
Justice by Design
Court Dishonor
Convictions At All Costs
Guilty For Anything
A Blind Eye
Conviction At Any Cost
Guiltless Power
Guilty Till Proven Innocent
The Justice System Exposed
Path To Judgement
Unquestionable Doubt
Tipping the Scales
Justice is Dead
Injustice at Any Price
The Burden Of Innocence
Calling On Justice
Freedom Cost
Failed Justice
With Justice for Few
The Rise Of InJustice
Totally Blind Justice
ROGUE ROBES The Powers That Be
Guilty Pleasures
Shameless System
Who is the Guilty Party
The Price of Justice
Dept of Judgment
Justice Unrobed
Not Guilty As Charged
What Price Liberty?
Impure Conviction
A Quest For Power At The Price Of Innocense
Justice Factor
Systemic Injustice
The Cross Hairs of Justice
An Unjust Trial
Ceded Justice
Justice for Nobody
Til Proven Guilty
PRIME SUSPECT The Judicial System
Dishonorable Justice
Conviction Power
Runaway Justice
Department of Rogue Justice
An Indifferent Justice
Department of Just Us
Justice Or Injustice
BlackGowned Injustice
Unlawful Process
Uncontrolled Courts
Rendered Powerless
Held In Contempt
Justice For Who?
Crushing The Scales
The Delusion of Justice
Judicial Derailment
Failing The Scales
A Victim's Injustice
In the Court of Public Opinion
Powerful convictions
Black Robes
Guilty by Injustice
Malice In Dunderland
The Law Comes Crumbling Down
Accused and Abused
Objective Sustained
The Power Of Judicial Injustice
The Abused Accused
Chains of Indifference
Failure Of Justice
Justice is Curved
JUDGEMENT CALL Guilty as Charged
Is Liberty Gone
Beast Named Justice
Taking Back My Innocence
Bring Back Justice for All
Injustice System
Unjustly Judged
The Economics of Innocence
Eyes Wide Open
Freedom Robbed By Power
Lost Justice
Trial In The Shadows
Freedom Factor
Faded Justice
Dept Of Injustice
Paradox of Justice
Unequal Justice
A Fall Thru The Cracks.
Costly Justice
Justice Matters
Define Justice
Reclaiming American Justice
Lying Justice
Disorder in the Court
Title1 Judgement
Arrested Innocence
Double Doubt
Abounding Reasonable Doubt
Truth Is Blind
Justice At Large
To Be Judged
Injustice For Me
Conviction By Collaboration
Where Is The Justice?
The Broken Justice System and Me
When in Doubt Convict
On the Edge of "Injustice"
Found Guilty the unjust system
Rogue Convictions
Indiffence Found
Uncalibrated Scales of Justice
Convictions Gone Awry
No Justice For All
Innocense Lost Power Gained
A Broken Justice System
Soiled Truth, Diminished Trust
A Shameful Justice System
The Terminal Justice System
Tied justice
The Power Gods
Convicted but Not Guilty
Proof of Innocence
DOJ's Gone to the DOGs
Largely unjust
Behind Justice
The Charge Of Injustice
Injustice for All
No Limits, No Justice
Benched Justice
Judicial System walks a Thin Line
Lost Citizens of Justice
Farewell To Liberty
Impure Justice
Unjustly Broken
Tip the Scales
In Pursuit of Justice
Unfairly broken
Our Broken Justice System
Power Trumps Justice
The Criminal Justice System Joke
Errors In Judgment
Broken Unjustness
With Liberty and Justice for No One
A Corruptible Power
Scales of Constraint
Making Deals
Justice is Guilty
ROGUE When Justice Fails
Justice for the Wealthy
Unjustified Justice
Broken System
The Price Of Judicial Injustice
A Fox in the Hen House
Trial By Injustice
A Precident of Injustice.
Scale Tippers
Guilty No Matter What
Damaging lives of the innocent
No Liberty For Me
Power Brokers
When Innocence is Illegal
The Power of Darkness
Overcharged Conviction
Guilty by Association
ROGUE ROBES An Abuse of Justice
When Justice Forgoes Truth
Unlawful Conviction
Virtue Less
Stricken Justice
Shadow of Doubt
Blind Truth
The Conviction Quota
Wronged System
Assumed Guilty
Charged and Convicted, but not Broken
The Judicial Coverup
Lady Justice's Tears
Judgement Words
The Justice Illusion
Guilt or Innocence Is Immaterial
Seeking Justice
Citizen Blame
Justice Gone Astray
Opressive Power
The Price of Crime
Conviction Under any Circumstances
Wake Up America Scoundrels In The DOJ
NO "Liberty And Justice For All"
Conviction By Corruption
Guilty of Liberty
Scales Tipped Now they are Broken
Guilty Before Trial
The Power of Conviction Over the Powerless
Convictions without cause.
No One's Innocent
Our Busted Justice System
Scaling Backwards
Dept. of Apathy
Exposing Injustice
Beyond the Verdict
Fixable Justice System?
Secret truth of justice.
Raw Deal of Justice
Beyond the Justice Department
Freedom of Truth
Out For Justice? Not Likely
No Justice for the Innocent.
Innocence on Trial
No True Stand
Guilty First
DOJ Needs Overhaul
Secret truth of the judicial system.
All About Convictions
Beyond the Bars
DOJing The Unjust
Truth Or Justice.
The Scales of Justice
Justice Lies Bleeding
Justice Or Not
Discordance Of Justice
The Innocent Truth
A Guilty System
Is There Any Justice At The DOJ?
Power over innocence.
Can We Fix Our Justice System?
Beyond the Trial
Discarded Justice for All
Inequity Vs. Inequality
Ruptured Justice
Quest For Justice
Til Proven Innocent
The Injustice Sets A Precident.
DOJing Inequity
DOJing Conviction
Guilty for the Innocent
The Justice System Needs a Justice System
Judicial Misconduct
Absolute Corruption
Power Trip
DOJing Power
Slamming The Gavel
Justice Is Not Served
Criminal Injustice System
NonTruth Pursuit
Frame Of Mine
Justice revealed.
A Broken Department Of Justice
Slashing The Wheels Of Justice.
Trial by Power
Conviction Quota
Busted Justice
The Crooked Courthouse.
Rules of its Own
Law Out Of Control
Where's The Justice?
Justice On Trial
Goliath Gavel
Unproven Guilty
Fair Goodbye
A Workable Justice System
Guilty at Any Cost
Big Motives
Conviction Confidential
In The Course Of Human Events
Fueling Justice
Is Justice Ever Served?
Rumors of Justice
Overuled by Power
The Unbalanced Scales of Justice
Not "Liberty And Justice For All"
True Justice on Trial
Secret truth behind judgement.
DOJing The System
The twisted truth.
Trust Misplaced
Rushing To Conclusions
The Justice Frame Of Mine
Judge, Jury And The Joke Of Justice.
Gavelry Is Dead
No Ethics Justice
Guilty At All Costs
No Hope For Justice
Gavel Storm
At the Hands of Justice
The DOJ's Frame Of Mine
The Burden Of Guilt
Sunset behind bars.
See No Good, Hear No Good
DOJing A Criminal System
Iniquity In The Deptartment of Justice
Pedestal of Power
The caged innocent.
What Morals?
Unchecked Hubris
Experience Injustice.
Guilty For The Innocence
Agenda for Power
Money For Justice
Guilty for power.
Hubris Unchallenged
Victims of the Judicial system.
The Malicious Judicious System
DOJing Innocence
Rules Do Not Apply.
The No Scruples System
Twisted System
Out of Your Hands
The System Is Guilty
Journey through justice.
Charged Innocent
No Shame Justice System
Perversion of Power
Power with no Limit
Exploting Their Supremacy
The Gilty Pockets Of The DOJ
Justice Nix
How Do They Sleep At Night?
Accelerated Judgement
DOJing Corruption
Innocently Charged
A DOJ Expose'
No Conscience Justice
DOJing A Corrupt System
Power at Any Cost
They're All Guilty
Power over justice.
DOJing The Gavelcade
Objection Overuled
Spotlight Justice
Trials of Mockery
Criminal Judgment System
Unjust Frame Of Mine
Integrity Flew Out the Window
Power Overules
Doing Time With The DOJ
Shattered Justice
Evidence Whys
Imbalanced Justice
DOJing The Gavelry
Truth or Dare
Victim of innocence.
Scales Unbalanced
Who's Side Is Justice On?
Justice or joke?
Guilty Goliath
Guilty People Love the US Justice System
Consternation Vs Constitution
No Victims
Wanted! True Justice
The Fuel to the Power
Law Out Of Order
Guilty 'Til Proven Innocent
On the Bias
The Jettison of Justice
Blind Injustice
I Solemnly Swear
Snap Justice
Forsaken Ethics
Our Forefathers Would Cry
I Forgot What Justice Is
DOJing Indifference
Broken System, Broken Trust
Miscarriage Of Justice
Hammering The Gavel
DOJing The Gavel
Guilt Trip
Speculative Justice
Just Unbelievable
A View Inside "Justice"
An Unjust System
Guilty Gavel
Tipping Justice
Judged before sentenced.
Guilty as Sin
Justice System Has Gone to the Criminals
D.O.J. Vs. Me
No Truth, No Justice
Scales Of Discordance
Throw Away The Key.
The US Gavelry
Against Or Forum
Judicial Staff Infection
Out of Our Hands
Destroyed Justice
The Broken Bench
Guilty Until Proven Innocent
No Secret Justice
The US Gavelcade
Precedential Or Presidential?
Constitution Vs. Consternation
Throw The Book At 'Em
The Scales Are Stacked
Unjust Behavior In The Court
No Longer Naive
Convicting Justice
Injustice For Everyone
Flawed Justice
Plea for Justice
Guilt Or Innocence? The Unjust Power Of Americas Judicial System