Muze Clothing is a lifestyle brand fusing iconic movie quotes & memorable entertainment moments w/cutting-edge graphics onto high-quality, limited-edition garments. features the full range of products. Core target market is males ages 20 - 40 (but we also have women's styles). We are looking to replace the 2 current tag lines "Wearing out movie quotes" & "To wear is human, to give divine" w/a tagline that is funny & smart squarely hitting the movie quoting culture.


Wear yourself out.

by KennethL
Slip On Some Celebrity
Reel Clothes Lines
Said first at the movies
Wear Our Clothes Promote Quotes
Don't Go Naked, Wear A Quote
Male models don't think for themselves
Iconic Quotes Draw The Line Some Wear
Need A Some New Threads? We'll Throw You A Line
Wear your soul
I'll Have What He's or She's Having, Muze Clothing
Go ahead, make my wardrobe!
I Wear My Muze On My Sleeve
Where Pop Culture Explodes
Fashion that Reely Speaks
Many Phrases To You
Iconic Quotes Speak Silently, In A Language Known Only To The Heart
I Found It At The Movies
One Giant Quote For Entertainment
I am amuzed
Wear We Play Movie Tag
Be The Iconic Quote You Wish To Be In The World
Clips'NQuips Reel Threads
WordWyze Wear
Muze Helps You Make A Statement
Get Wrapped Up In A Good Movie
Reel Unique Clothing
All dressed up and no one to quote
Tailoring To Your Media Taste
Wear Iconic Quotes And Reel Truth Meet
Where Pop Culture Goes Boom
All the world is a movie screen, we just quote it.
Bringing the movie to life
Sporting only the best quote!
Wear fashion is the script of true elegance.
Wear Entertainment Is In Living Color
You'd look better wearing "quotes"
The Garment Screamers
Producing EncoreWorthy Clothing
Movie Wears come To LIfe
I'm Ready for My Closeup
Quotables! on your mark
We are your Muze
The Express Line For Iconic Pop Quotes
Quote me once, I'm fooled. Quote me twice? You have the part.
Producing EncoreWorthy Clothes
You are what you wear.
Wear Muze and Passion Are Always In Fashion
Walk the Talk
Clothes That Say It All
Visionary Fashion
Muze Gear Premieres Here
Frankly my dear, we give a dang
Wear It, Rock It
Walk the lines
Your Entertainment Apparel Edge
Oh, it looks good on you though!
We Wear Quotables
Make my Day and I'll Be Back
The Words That Make the Movies Great
I'll quote back.
Don't Forget To Wear Your Quote
Wear Movies Come To Life
Waz Up,Quote?
Famous Quotes EveryWear
Wear You'll Be Typecast in Cool Clothes
Wear The Quote Of The Day Is Entertaining
Wearing one line at a time
A Quotable Piece
Love a quote? Than wear it!
The Wear With All To Reel Fashion
Cameo Couture
Wear The Reel Entertainment Shows
Drama that's Wearable
Amuzing self expression entertainment wear.
Movies speak it out
Wear Culture Pops and Keeps On Popping
amuzed apparel
And I quote "The Show Must Go On"
Rewind. Replay. Repeat.
Reel Iconic Quotes Are Not Words But Meanings
All Quotes Of Reel Stars
Pondering a Phrase
Attend the Pop Cinema Premiere
i'm so amuzed
Wear A Quote It's Cool
said like a true quote'r
Wisely Wearing Their Words
Wear Entertainment Starts
The Words That Made the Pictures Great
Create your character
Where fashion becomes a world of entertainment
Worn Out Phrases From Entertaining Places
It's a quote world, all in all.
All the quotes worth saying, Am I right?
On With The Quotes
Reel Unique Fashion
Eye Magnet Apparel
Wear Quotes Keep Speaking to You
Reciting only the best
In Quoting Others We Quote Ourselves
Arrayed in quotes
Simply Stating What's True in Life
Clothing that Grabs You
What came first,the movie or the quote?
Wear Reel Quotes
The Reel Entertainment Wear
So many movies so little time
we are amuzed
You Follow Me?
Apparel with a Voice
its amuzing
Wear Ever You Go Iconic Quotes
Iconic Movie Quotes Have A Reel Life Of Their Own
Apparel that defines you.
Simply Stating the Facts of Life
Worn Out Phrases In Entertaining Places
Well Worn Ideas to Wear
Reely Wear a Quote
Truer Words were Never Worn
AMuze yourself in our clothing
Fashion is my rebellion
Clothing that Screams
Movie spread
On the Tip of Your Tongue Fashion
Encore Productions
To quote or not to quote, is that a question?
Expresss Yourself Without Saying A Word
Lotsa togs, lotsa quotes
It's Quotatious!
Some Like It Hot
The Quotenistas
Through Iconic Quotes We Can Realize Our Perfection
First big liners
Amuzing self expression entertainment.
You're Going To Love How You Look
Wear Your Culture
All The World Is Entertainment
Giving Them Something to Think About
Fade In Fashions
Clothing for the Pop Culture
We Set The Stage For You
Clothes that Speak
Graphic Wear for Graphic Times
Dialogue Designed For You
Whoa, dude, like, did you just quote this movie, bro?
Where Pop Culture Really Pops
A Stated Fashion Line of Wear
All The Word's A Stage
Beating the Bushes and the Kardashians
Reel Entertainment Wear With All
Wear Wise Words are Remembered
Encore Productions Everyday or Encore Presentations Everyday
Wear Reel Entertainment Shows
Your Muze Fuse Entertainment Apparel Edge.
Blowing Up Pop Culture for Fashion
Fashion that Speaks
All's well that quotes well
Fushing Fashion That Speaks Volumes
The cautious seldom wear
Let Them Hear Your Lines Roar
Line wear
One Of Your Favorite "LINES" Of Clothing or Your Favorite "LINE" Of Clothing
A Reel Quote Is The Search For The Real Truth
From The Mouths Of Celebs
To Wear Or Not to Wear
Recitation needing no explanation
Read wear it counts
Pop Gear at 24 Frames Per Second
They said it. You wear it. Everybody wins.
Meme Me Up, Scotty
Wear The Entertainment Is
Reel Wear For Entertainment
Wear not in Kansas Anymore
Wear getting dressed is entertaining
Changing the world one outfit at a time
Wear With All Pop Taglines
it MUZEd me
Where Movie Quotes And Fashion Meet
I Talk The Line
Say It With Muze
Lingering on Words
Wear Going to Make You an Offer You Can't Refuse, Muze Clothing
Are You aMUZEd?
Wear fashion for entertainment value
We're gonna make you a quote you can't refuse
Drawing The Line Some Wear
It's my life to quote!
Quotably Worn
A Quote to Be Worn
I'd Like to Thank the Academy
Get dressed purely for entertainment value
Be A Work of Art or Wear A Work of Art
Where Others' Words Wear Well
Go ahead, make my fashion!
Wear Drama Speaks to You
It Makes My Day
It's complithreaded
If it moves you, wear it.
You'd look better wearing " "
No Place Like Your Clothing
It's Cool, So Wear A Quote
Never At A Loss For Words
Wear entertainment meets expression.
The Red Carpet is Burning
As God is my witness, I'll never be naked again.
Say it in Quotes
Who Said What
Wear a quote, share the fun.
Wrapped in Pop Cinema
Iconic Quotes Are One Of Nature's Reel Masterpieces
You oughta be in pictures
Fashionable Phrases
Heard It, Wear It
Quote, end quote.
For Reel Fashion ForWord People
Lines That Cross A Line
Talking Attire
I'm just the Quote Man
That's What Somebody Said
Go Out in Context!
Iconic Quotes Are One Of Human Nature's Masterpieces
A Movie Star Said It First
Wear Their Words or Wear The Words
Cool Clothes. Cool Quotes. Cool Reactions.
Drama Wearables
A Reel Style For Your Entertainment.
True Lies
The Quotes That Dreams Are Made Of
The moment the quote
The Lines Of Attitude
Wear here when you need us.
famous wisper
Wear the Best Movie Quotes Are
Fushion Dialogue Diggs
Wear With All Iconic Quotes
Reel Wear In Living Color
Wear Fashion Has Entertainment Value
Wear It's At
We Make Fashion Statements
Jus' Saying
Amuzing Amazing Apparel
You'd look better in " "
Reel Words In Pop Fashion
Repeat After Me!
Wear Quotes Always Play Well
Clothing the Reely Speaks
Iconic Quotes Wear With All
Fashionthat Speaks Volumes or Clothing that Speaks Volumes
Nine Lines For Nine Lives
Wear when your fashion sense is out of style
Wear Our Clothes Speak for Themselves
Eyetractive Quotes
Go ahead, make my bed!
Im Late Im Late Very Important Quote
Wear Movie Quotes And Reel Fashion Meet
Words to Wear
Hung up on lines
Cool Clothes for Movie Promoters
We're talkin' to you
Word Wise Wear
Wear were you?
Drawing The Line Some Wear With Iconic Quotes
Popping Culture Since 2006
I am as funny as my shirt
Words For EveryWear
Well, Nobody's Perfect, Unless You Wear Muze Clothing
Get Your Entertainment On
Wear quotes move people
Wear Reel Life Quotes Are My Rebellion
Follow me or perish, sweater monkeys.
Big scream wear
EntertainmentWears Quotes Well
Putting On The Quotes
Wear Whats Hot In Entertainment
Every Wear Iconic Movie Quotes
Wear's the Canary?
Wear Words are Cinemighty
Your Favorite Lines
Video Instant Resay
It's A Wonderful Wear
Recite and live well
Making fashion a world of entertainment
Draw The Line Some Wear With Entertainment Quotes
Get dressed for entertainment value
Wear Reel Life Meets Real Life
The Reel World In Fashion
Wear Clothing Speaks Volumes
Reel Apparel
Our Garments Are Highly Phrased
Reel devotess wear quotes.
Clothing the gap between movies and what you wear.
We're kind of a big deal
Where the Quotes Meet the Clothes
EntertainmentQuotes Wear Well
A Cite for Sore Eyes
Famous Last Words Are Worn Out
conteXt Marks the Spot!
Wear it again Sam
And Frankly My Dear, I Love Movie Quotes
Wear Words Will Never Hurt You
Let clothing amuze you one line at a time.
We Turn Up The Volume
Clothes That Make a Reel Statement
Throw On A Quote, It's Cool
Cool QuoteAble Clothes
Iconic Quotes Are The Constant Search For The Truth
I'll Be Back. For more cool clothes
Don't ask for the Moon. We have The Stars.
Clothing That Talks
Say It Again, Sam
Wear Quotes Style And Entertain
Your Film on Your Sleeve
The lines keep moving
Let Your Clothes Talk
Pop Culture that Speaks to You
Moving movie quotes
Find The Right Words Here
clothing to be amuzed by
Draw The Reel Line Some Wear
Your Favorite Clothes Lines
Wear a play on words
Here's Quoting You, Kid
For Your aMUZEment
Reel Apparel, Alrighty Then
Keeping it reel in the entertainment age
Wear Quotes Find New Life
Iconic Movie Quotes Every Wear
Pop Cinema Gear Premieres Here
Clothe yourself in quotes
Reel Wear For Real Stars
Quotation Marks
Live the Movie
From Hollywood to You
The Filmy Substance
To Wear Out My Movies
To Wear Is Human, To Quote Movies Divine
Wear Only as Good as Our Word
Garments that Scream
Amazing Amuzing Quote Clothing.
Where's it From?
Eye Magnet Clothing
Wear cool meets stars
That's Fashiontainment!
Defining Entertainment Wear.
The Clothing Says It All
Amuzing Amazing Reel Clothing.
Don't Just Wear Fashion. Be Fashion.
For Fashionable Iconic Tag Lines
Wear clothing thats clever.
To Wear Is Human To Say Is Divine
Everybody's Talking
Go Wear The Axiom Is
Movie Quotes to Wear
I Want What They're Wearing
Apparel that Speaks
Echoing Famous Phrases EveryWear
The Quote Must Go On
The Reel World Is Wear I Want To Be
Wear Fashion Increases Your Entertainment Value
Flashbacks in Movie Time
Iconic Quotes Are Not Words But Meanings
Reel Fashion For Movie Quote Buffs
Showoff the Quote
Where Words Don't Wear Out
The Quoteologists
Quality Quote Quest
Favorite Phrases EveryWear
Know Exactly What to Say
An Iconic Quote Is A Human Masterpiece
Quotes that ROCK
All the Dirt Under the Red Carpet
Who Let The Quote Outta The bag
Wear Cool Clothes Promote Quotes
When Your Own Words Fail, Quotes Will Nail
EntertainmentWears Well
Real or Reel?
Upgrading These Iconic Movie Quotes
Eye Magnet Fashions
Let's Wear Entertainment First
To Say Is Divine To Wear Is Human
And Frankly, My Dear, Ya Gotta Get A Good Line
I Came, I Saw, I Got Quotes
Reel Quotables For Real Notables
To quote and not to gloat.
Let Us aMUZE You
The Clothing Screamers
Fade In Gear for the Real World
Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a movie night
One sec, call you back, just need to lay down this movie quote.
Always classy and fabulous.
You Look Like A Star
Wear With All to Remember Iconic Lines
To Wear Is Human, To Quote Diverse
Pop Cinema Awaits
There's no place like Muze
Wear You Are Reel Entertainment
Wear to be Discovered
I saw it in the window and I just had to have it!
If you love it, show it.
Quote after quote makes movie history
Draw The Line Some Wear With Iconic Quotes
Where Reel Life Meets Real Life
You Quote it Well
Reel Attitude
Wear We Promote Quotes
May The Phrase Be With You
It's A Wonderful Quote
Notable Quotables
You Can Say That Again
All The World's a Quote
Live for the Line
Wear It Like You Mean It
You Heard It At The Movies
Say it in quotes, wear it in style
Clothing with a Voice
Reel Quotes For Fashion Wear
Quote your life
Living Lines
Wear a Reel Quote
Garments that Talk
We Have Reel Appeal
What A Line
You Can Quote Me On That
Long Live The Quote!
Quotes Make It Reel
Haute Quoture
Our Clothes Are Highly Phrased
Wear With All To Iconic Movie Quotes
Fashion that Inspires
Famous Phrases EveryWear
Wear Reel Life Is Entertainment
Find The Right Words
QuoteAbility at Its Coolest
Once Said, Now Fashion
You Have Their Word on It
Reel Fashion For Reel People
You Wear What they Say
Stylish Words
We Wear Quotes
To Wear Is Human, To Meme Divine
Create my day
Wear the Words
Dressed To The Lines
Fashion that Talks
Every Wear Movie Quotes
Let Your Clothes Do The Talking
Wear Reel Life Is Your Life
All The Wordly Wonders
Hear A Quote, Wear A Quote
Wear Ever You Go Movie Quotes
It's Reel Life Quotes
Wear The Stars Do The Talking
Get Ready for Your Closeup
Favorite Quotes EveryWear
Reeling in the quotes!
Wear All Bout It, Muze Apparel Is Hot!
Your Favorite Words EveryWear
Where Wise Words Wear Well
Wear The Reel Thing
Your Favorite Quotes EveryWear
Don't Go Out Without Your Quote
Wear entertainment defines you.
Because All The World's A Stage
Reel Life Fashion
Scene and Be Seen
May the Muze Be With You
Wear Quotes Speak Wonders
You Quote it Wear
On With The Show Quotes
Iconic Movie Quotes Wear Ever You Go
Wear Your Words
Quotes Draw The Line Some Wear
Fashion with a Voice
Wear Quotes Have Their Say
Here's Quotin' at you kid
Our Fashion Speaks Volumes
What Reel Men Wear
Reel Fashion
Quote Marks the Spot
Movie Quotes Every Wear
Wear Stars Shine
I Must Have A Quote
What You Really Want To Say
Find Yourself Through Iconic Quotes
Where Quotes Meet Clothes
Reel Fashion, Alrighty Then
Create your own scene
Wear Our Apparel Speaks for Itself
Movie Quote Mania
I Could'a Been A Contender, With Muze Clothing
Wear Something aMUZEing
Clothing You'll Give Two Thumbs Up
Wear Quotes Are My Rebellion
Iconic Quotes Wear Ever You Go
Make A Statement With Muze
I Came, I Saw, I Quoted
Dressing Quotably
What's Up,Quote?
Say What You Wanna
Our clothing has entertainment value
Wear it. Share it.
Reel Clips'NQuips Threads
Thread the Word
eXpressions Mark the Spot!
Don't forget it, wear it.
Wrapped in Pop Culture
Best Lines for the Best Times
Wear the Memorables
Talking Fashions
Show Me the Quotes!
May The Quote Be With You
Another's Mind on Your Back
Reel Stars Wear Entertainment
Say What Again
An Iconic Quote Is The Truest Wisdom
Quoting Up A Storm
Casual wear quotes
Made to Wear Movie Quotes
Movie Quote Madness
Muze Clothing, My Dear Watson
Say it with movie quotes
To Wear Is Human, To Quip Divine
Quote Possibilities
Fade In Fashions for a Pop Cinema World
Reel Fashion For Iconic Movie Buffs
Quite quoture.
Star Say Speaks
Wear We Always Promote Quotes
Pop Culture Goes Boom
Made For Reel Fans
Two Thumbs Up For Muze Clothing
Wear We Find Quotes Say It All
Wear We Have The Line To The Stars
Wear Entertainment Speaks to You
Quote Wearables
Watch out! It's Quotatious!
Cruise in the Muse
aMuze yourself in our apparel
The Quotables
Nothing More to Say
Apparel that Talks
Upgrading These Movie Quotes
To Wear Is Human, To Recite Divine
Reel Iconic Lines
Encore Presentations
Where Drama Wears Well
Get Into The Act
Encore Wear By Popular Demand
Wearable Words
Reel Quotes Wear Well
The Reel Thing In Fashion
Xpress Yourself With Iconic Quotes
Must Have Script Wear
Fashion is a language of style
Making fashion your best work of art
We Make A Reel Statement
Share Your Favorite Phrases EveryWear
He Said, She Said
Wear entertainment gets creative.
Say It With Style
Wear For Your Entertainment
You'd Look Better In Quotes
The Truest Wisdom Is An Iconic Quote
Wearin' Out Iconic Memories
Clothes That Talk
Wear Entertainment Comes Alive
Capture that on clothing
Guys, the Balcony is Open
The Wear Will All Entertainment Quotes
All The World Is A Stage
Inkdividual Expressions
Wear As Far As We Can Go
Hear A Quote, There a Quote
Quotably Yours
That's a Wrap
Expressing These Movie Quotes
You Wear what they Said
Lines! Lines! Lines! All Lines!
You Talk'n To Me? Or Look'n At My Muze Clothes?
Reel Clothing
Fashion is a language of love
to be amuzed
Xpression Apparel That's Entertaining
Inspired design
Go ahead, wear my clothing!
To Wear Is Human, To Quote Divine
Eye Catching Quotes
Wear Reel Life is My Rebellion
You'd look better in "quotes"
Classic Quotes, Classy Clothes
Wear To Find A Reel Mass Audience
Wear's the Best Movie Quote?
Living in Cinema
Don't Do Fashion. Be Fashion.
Wear With All For Iconic Movie Quotes
A quotable style for a notable smile
Fashions change, style is eternal
I Loved You At Hello
Verbal Fashions
Wear you don't have to be perfect to look good
Now your talkIn'
Talking Apparel
Wear Culture Pops
Memorable Movie Quotes
Here's Looking At You, Kid
Wear Quotes Find Even More to Say
AttitudeWear or WearableAttitudes
Reel Clothing, Alrighty Then
Wear Movie Quotes And Truth Meet
Wear no one stands alone
Line em' up
We Set The Stage
True To Form
Where in the quote?
Clothing For Your aMUZEment
From the Silver Screen to Your Closet
ExpressionFashion for Reels
Talking Clothing
Go ahead, make my garments!
Wear Words Entertain
Wear Quotes Say Even More
True Wisdom Is An Iconic Quote
Where's Your Quote?
Drawing The Reel Line Some Wear
Wear Iconic Quotes Meet Reel Life
Show the Quote
Quotability Wears fine
Cruise with the Muse
Your Pop Cinema Fashion Explosion
Reel Iconics Wear With All
Feeling Iconic?
Reel Words For Reel People
Say It Like You Mean It!
Iconic Quotes Are Reel Human Masterpieces
Movie Memerbalia Wear With All
Style that doesn't wear out
FashionWorth Reciting
Let Me Quote You On That Wear
Cool Quotes. Cool Clothes. Cool Reactions.
All The Wordly Goods
All the Wearly Reel Quotes
All The Word's A Statement
The Reel Word In Fashion
Prepare To Be Quote Amuzed
Wear Fashion is Entertainment
Hasta La Vista,Quotista!
Wear That Deserves An Encore
Let Me Quote You
Wear the Day Takes You
Get Your Quote On
Reach for The Stars And Express Yourself
Movie Tag You're It
Be aMUZEd with a movie quote
It's a Wrap!
I Came, I Scene, I Quoted
Wear moving lines make ones day
Clothing with Pop.
It's Love at First Cite
Wear Fashion Purely for Entertainment Value
Entertaining Clothing
Wear no one has gone before