Investment fund focused on high growth companies in the technology industry. Investment focus is on mobile, software as a service and communications infrastructure. We are based in NYC and will invest across US. We like names around nature (trees, mountain ranges, plants); constellations (bright stars); and/or solid, well understood words representing growth, strength, intelligence, diligence, technology, etc.

Business Name + Domain Names

Red Oak Capital

by Jules04
Queystone Capital
Meteor Investors
Buxus Technology
Hercules Investments
Foundry Investors
Maraldi Capital
Banyan Capital Investors
NuEdge Capital
Encyclia Capital
Evertree Capital
Big Apple Tecgro Investors
Jade Park Investors
Kudzu Capital
Jungle Investors
Rainier Investors
Nstar Investors
Pioneer Growth Fund
Berlengas Capital
TechStrata Investors
IngleField Investors
The Seedling Capital Group
InfiinityStrong Capital
Zodiac Capital
Pitch Pine Capital Management
Larkspur Investors
Kokanee Capital
Algonquin Investors
Astertech Investors
MeridianMountain Investments
TechFocus Capital
Scion Investors
GoldenEye Capital Investors
SageRoots Capital
RavenTree Capital
Carum Capital
Tucana Technology
Starock Investors
Weed Rocks
Titan Secure Capital
Encore Capital Growth
PolariStar Capital
Tech Rock
Apple Tree Investing
VestWise Capital
Pulsar Growth Fund
Growth Rebel
Invictorious Investors
Acore Technology Investments
Islands of FourMountains Capital
Cygnus Investors
StarTech Invesments
Vega Investors
Challenger Mountain Capital
Techware Capital or Investors
Alyssum Technology
Upwards Capital
The Sequoia Capital Group
MorningGlory Capital Investors
Aludra Capital
Belgica Technology
Astegra Capital
Rocket Kapital
Aspen Growth Investors
lacerta Investors
Apex Technology Investors
Fathom Growth
Augustine Investors
Zebrano Technology
SilverDawn Capital
Terra Firma Capital
TechMax Investors
Blue Hawk Investors
Salvesen Investors
Conger Capital
Root Growth Fund
Brave New World Technologies
Capitech Investors
Silver Maple Investors
Oak Capital Investors
PineWood Investors
Mintree Capital
Ascenda Peak Capital
Carpatus Capital
Ursa Capital
Bellis Capital
Prospect Mountain Capital
Big Apple TechGro
Central Perk Capital
Mintaka Capital
Genesee Capital Investments
Cypress Capital
Willovation Capital
Amukta Capital
Max Investment Fund
Teak Growth
Anthracite Investors
Pixel Investors
TravailExcellence Capital
Metier Capital Investors
Maackia Investors
Fornax Capital
SteelBrook Investors
Growfast Capital
Ameritex Investment Forum
Gemini Capital Investors
Thunia Capital
The Celestial Capital Group
Rose Rock Technology
Profit Tree Investments
Chervil Capital
Transmit Financial
Oak Ridge Capital Investors
Lifesphere Investors
AlphaCentauri Growth Capital
Calathea Capital
Venturi Capital
Izon Technology Growth
Summitree Capital
Ionian Investors
Seed Growth Fund
Empirical Capital Investors
EliteDimensions Growth Capital
Liberty Capital Investors
CliffBrook Investments
Galaxy Capital Growth
UpTrends Capital
Cariboo Capital
Nadaleen Investors
Empire Growth Technology
MetroSprings Capital
RubyRiver Enterprises
WaterWay Investors
Aleutian Investors
Bakossi Capital
luvtech capital
Gulf Stream Investors
Red Maple Tech
Sirius Capital
Allardyce Investors Ltd
Ingram Capital Management
Taurus Growth Fund
Pronovus Capital
Geyser Investors
Star Investiture
TrusTree Capital
Denali InvesTech Group
Kings Pinnacle Capital
ScarletOak Capital
Kambala Capital
Capital Thrive
TeckTree Capital
Amargosa Investors
MaxTech Investors
Atlantika Technology Group
Cascade Capital Investors
Atlas Investers
Abodhi Investments
FalconFly Technology
Lynx Capital Investors
On Point Investors
Stonehenge Capital
NebulaTech Investors
Ionosphere Investors
Sunstone Tech Investors
Investors Extreme
Andreanof Investors
Orioneer Capital
AscentIQ Investors
Arcturus Investors
Hibriten Mountain Capital
Sea Dune Capital
Ascentrust Investors
Ora Capital
Spring Field Investors
Tower Twin Capital
Borealis Capital Investors
TerraTech Investments
Cognoid Capital
PacificTech Investors
Altair Wealth Partners
luvtech investers
Allegheny Investors
BluSlate Technology or blue
Stratus Capital
Anethum Growth
Sumava Technology
Silicone Century Investors
AsterSphere Capital
Assiduous Investors
Technology Peak Investments
Nicobar Capital
Coso Capital Investors
Luna Capital Growth
Prometheus Technology Capital
Astro Capital Investments
Thorndike Capital
Official Investors
Grove Capital
Evergreen Growth Fund
Plumar Capital
Vallota Technology
ScionFire Capital
BlueRidge Mountain Capital
Apodictic Investors
Quantum Solid Services
SunGrazer Investments
Alhena Capital
AtlaSteel Capital
CreekRock Capital
Milky Way Capital Group
BluStar Investors
Agaricus Technology
ObsidianOak Investments
Atlas Growth Investors
ViralPulse Investers
Tasmanian Capital
Gydan Growth
SkyLark Growth Investors
Mighty Oak Capital
UrsaGrowth Technology
Asair Investors
Medallion Capital Investments
Gibralter Investment Enterprises
Avior Investors
Savvy Assets Growth
Cordillera Capital
TechSeed Capital
Cottonwood Growth
Vanguard Capital Enterprises
Mymalaya Capital
AmbiTree Investors
VanguardLyon Capital
Northern Star Investors
Mount Jefferson Capital
Cayoosh Capital
Orion Growth Investors
Sirius Growth Investors
PebbleStone Investors
QuickSprout Capital
Galilean Investments
Pictor Capital
Stellular Technologies or Stellular Growth
BluMountain Investors
Forever Investments
RegulusStar Capital
TechLaunch Investors
TechTree Investors
Pollux Investors
Capitella Investors
Pavo Capital Investors
Kilimanjaro Horizons
Westerlund Capital
GoldRidge Investors
Technovore Investors
CentaurusCapital Technologies
Akira Technology Investments
Green Grass Growth
Rigel Wealth Partners
Scorpius Investors
Merica Technology Investments
CondorCadence Technologies
Delta Investors
PyxisCompass Investors
Big Bang Fund
FalconPeak Capital
Quercus Investors
Torman Technology
AtlaStar Technologies
Orion Fund Investors
Maackia Capital
Lynx Investments
SilverRidge Technology
BlueStars Investors
Asprouting Capital
Antora Investors
Eversprout Capital
Pyxis Investors the constellation vela
Sage Mountain Investors
Cevian Capital Investors
K2 West Capital
Root Capital Investments
Populus Technology
TechWise Investors
PlatinumTech Investments
Caldera Investors
Eridanus Technology
intelvest Capital Management
BeauFortTech Investors
PyxisTech Investors
Global Wave Network
Archipelagos Investors
Terra Technology Investments
Pinnacle Summit Investments
The InvesTech Group
Rigel Investors
HickoryRock Capital
Mohogany Growth Investors
TechBoom Capital
Open Sky Growth Investors
Metier Investors
Spartacus Investors
Technovore Capital
Ursa Capital Investors
Minerva Capital Group
Shubelik Technology
Fund Velocity
Green Country Investers
Reaping Capital
Socotra Dragon Capital
Jupiter Funds
Ellsworth Capital Investors
Linden Tree Investments
Evolutionary Investors
Waddington Investors
EverSpring Capital
Starburst Capital
CoralCanyon Technology Capital
OakStar Investors
Nebula Capital Investors
ArgoNavis Investors
TechWood Capital
QuaStar Capital
Pyre Capital
Mrytus Investors
Aconcagua Partners
Pronexus Capital
Galaxy Wise Investors
Blue Horizon Investors
BrightSphere Capital
Star Points Investments
Quesnel Capital
GreenVine Capital
Acorn Investors
TekTree Capital
Jolt Investors
Nova Tech Fund
Seward Capital Technologies
CaphCapital Investors
Haddington Technologies
Quantum Growth Investments
Vega Investment Funds
Catskills Growth Capital
Green Park Investors
Bosca Capital
Atlas Investment Group
ThriveTech Investors
TechFocus Investors
EdgeRock Capital
Sequoia Investors
Tamarack Investors
Matterhorn Capital
PineRidge Investors
Pavo Growth Technology
Empire Growth Capital
Ontogenesis Capital
Orion Capital Investors
BoomTech Capital
CompassLatitudes Technology
TriGrowth Investing
Majoris Investors
SierraSummit Investments
Centureon Capital
Empirical Technology
BrookVue Investors
Vega Capital Group
GrowthTech Investors
CrestPointe Capital
Aurora Investments
RapidTech Capital
Stellar Sky Capital
Izon Technology
Chapada Capital
GoldBrook Capital
Seneca Capital Investors
Vespa Investors
Northstar Capital Investors
ProTech Investors
Natural Springs Capital
Blue Owl Investors
Melnick Capital
Sylvestris Capital
Fully Focused Funds
Advancement Investors
Crestbridge Capital
Delphinus Investors
White Rock Investments
QuartzCapital Technologie
Major Oak Investors
EchoRidge Investments
Ponderosa Technology
Acatalytic Capital
Gibraltar Growth
Bright Valley Investors
Celestial Growth Mgnt
Aurora Capital Investments
Vega Capital Investors
WindRiver Investors
Corvus Growth
Rigel InvesTech
State Of Strength
The Hyperion Capital Group
Almandine Capital
Mt Rainier Capital
AquariusCapital Enterprises
Infineon Investors
Techvestment Capital
MountScore Capital
Everest Capital Investors
Eclipse Investing
Solanum Capital
Strong Oak Investors
Trailblazer Investors
NovaLuna Capital
Vitex Technology
PolariTech Capital Investors
VantagEdge Capital
Atlas Technology Investments
Corktree Capital
Velocitech Investments
Athena Capital
Sierra Growth Fund
Rushmore Capital
FalconStar Capital
Grow Green Investments
Brave New World Investments
Galilian Investment Technology
IntelliRidge Crown Capital
InterStellar Technology
Ardisia Investors
Merican Investments
Asteroba Investors
Sierra Capital
Gulf Stream Growth
Cedar Investors
Unitech Investors
TechBridge Capital
Nebula Investors
BlueMountain Investors
Green Growth Fund
Orion Capital Growth
Lunar Capital
Supernova Technicon
Denebola Capital
Mulberry Capital Investors
Arbor Del Tul Capital
Summit Capital Investors
Siliconic Investments
Oakbridge Investors
Camellia Investors
Allamanda Capital
First Star Fund
Chandelier Capital
Mensa Investments
Rocket Capital
TechWise Capital
LeeWay Investments
CopperCanyon Capital
Straten Strategic Capital
CompassCrest Technologies
Canopus Investors
TreeRock Investments
Alpine Technology Capital
Nutek Capital
BigBend Investors
Quantum Access Investments
Technivore Investors
BrightVest Capital
Granite Capital Investors
Monceros Investors
Zillertal Investors
FalconSoar Capital
Krieger Capital
TechSpark Capital
Tualang Technology
SpryTech Capital
Absaroka Capital Group
Hyacinth Capital Investors
BluRidge Investors
Alphard Investors
Mount Windham Capital
Monashee Investors
TekRock Capital
DoradoStar Capital
Mount Chapman Capital
Diamond Lake Capital
MountHood Capital
Peak Mountain Investors
Safe Harbour Capital
TechZone Capital
Appalachian Investors
Cove Investors
GlobalGro Network
Orion Technicon
Agile Bloom Capital
Springroots Capital
Acropolis Investment Fund
Clarivo Capital
WiseVest Capital
Novaspire Investments
SolidOak Growth Investors
Meteora Investments
EmpireStar Capital
HotHouse Growth
Envisage Investors
Mount McKinley Capital Investors
Madrona Investments Unlimited
Galaxy Capital Investors
FreeRange Investments
Grow Investors
TimberLand Capital Investors
Empire Growth Investments
Anguilla Investors
Solar Spectrum Capital
Galilean Growth Investments
Echotech Investments
Valhalla Investors
Moncayo Capital
GoldStandard Capital Growth
MeadowLand Investors
Sycamore Capital
Aurora Capital Investors
Boulder Capital Investors
OpenAvenue Investors
TechSprout Investors
Acorn Capital Investors
Rubus Technology
Blue Granite Investors
Meteorite Financial
Sirius Capital Investments
Caraballo Capital
GoldDawn Investors
Blackwood Investors
LunarNova Technology
Endicott Investors
Aflare Capital
Wisteria Wealth
Novaspire Capital
Salvia Technology
Artic Technology
StarNova Capital
OlympusRock Capital
Infinity Capital Investors
Sagebrook Capital
Strong Roots Investors
Centauri Investors
GrowthZone Capital
BranchStar Capital
ConstellarTech Investors
BriteStar Capital
techluv investments
Emerald Island Investors
InDev Investors
SkySprout Investments
Pegasus Capital Investors
SilverWing Technology
Elevation Data Corp
Rockrose Capital Group
TechVega Investors
Venus Growth Capital
Ablazing Capital
AxisPrime Investment Fund
Profitree Technology Investors
Gorgonea Investors
Colten Capital
Technivore Capital
Intellitech Capital
PlymouthRock Investers
EmpireEagle Growth Capital
Astro Capital Growth
Autonomous Capital
Ty River Technologies
TechUniverse Capital
BedRock Capital Investors
TechLinks Capital
Mountain Crest Growth
Alurant Capital
Vega Investiture
Copernicus Investors
Bayberry Investors
Sri Maha Bodhi Investors
Bravo Investors
Sherbrook Capital
Rainbow Eucalyptus Investors
Sagitta Investors
Brilliant Summit
Ascentrust Capital
Alumen Capital
NovaStar Capital Investors
Tecoma Technology
Sandstone Growth
AlphaTech Investors
Magnolia Capital Investors
TechTrees Capital
GreenLeaf Investors
TechInsight Capital or Investors
LibertyStar Investors
LightYear Capital Investors
Ascent Investors
Orion Star Capital
Burgeoning Oak Capital
Solid Ground Growth
NewCastle Investors
Evolva Capital Investors
Monarch Capital
Burdock Capital
Cheviot Capital
Venus Capital Investors
Berberis Capital
SageSpring Capital
TechTable Investors
Constant Capital Growth
Rapid Growth Capital
Pyrenee TechInvest
Tree Growth Investments
PolarisTech Capital
Operose Capital
TekStar Capital
Aegistone Capital
Catalpa Investors
Volans Capital
OakStar Capital
Acorn Growth
Redwood Growth Investors
TechGrowth Capital
Sirius Growth Fund
TechStar Investments
NaviTrust Investors
AriesTech Investments
North Star Investment Funds
Hirudo Capital
Volcano Capital
Nolina Investors
Appinacle Investors
Hudson River Investors
Adagdak Technology Capital
Planet Investors
Mentium Capital
Orion Investors
Mint Tree Capital
Prometheus Growth Investors
Elevate Kapital
BlazingStar Capital Investors
Shooting Star Investors
Ursa Major Investments
AccellaBiz Technology
Asteroba Capital
Mount Olympus Investors
Sirius Investors
Branch Springs Investments
PremierParadigm Investments
BigApple Technagro
InvestiTech Partners
Gibraltech Capital for Gibraltar
Cucumis Investors
TechGrowth Investors
Adynamic Capital
Blue Astral Investors
FreeRange Capital
LumaTech Capital
Redwood Capital Growth
EvolvaTek Capital Investors
CondorCapital Investments
Green Valley Investors
Vega Growth Fund
Niche Investors
Octans Investors
StarQuasar Capital
Burgeonstone Capital Investors
Hemisphere Investments
Kalix Capital
Viscum Investors
Brabazon Investors
Gibraltar Growth Group
Nicobar Investors
Paragon Capital Growth
CapstoneCadence Investments
NovaQuest Capital
TravailExcellent Capital
Gibraltec Capital
Parana Capital
Hudson Investors
Gravitas Investors
Evolution Investment Group
Akorn Capital
Centurion Capital Growth