We are a top AV-rated law firm, with the current name of Phillips, Erlewine & Given LLP, and domain name phillaw.com. Our practice is eclectic; focusing on entertainment, intellectual property, employment, and class action litigation. We are located in San Francisco and have another office located in Santa Monica. We do a lot of copyright infringement work and band dispute resolution for our musical clients and recently settled numerous class actions against banks for unlawful billing practices.

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EGC Property Law

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CEG Law Solutions

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Mosaic Law LLP
PEGiven Litigation
DigiLaw by Phillips, Erlewine and Given
Pherca Law Group
AereOma Law
Rights Fighters
Carlin Erlwine Given Law Associates
Vanguard Media Law
California Total Law
Media Mediate
Bay Area Legal Associates
Triad EGC LawGroup
TriStar Litigation
StellarPointe Law
Apogee Legal Group
PEG SF Law Firm
EGC Entertainment and Copyright Law
Emperium Law,LLP
Elite Law Partnership
Proficia Partner group
Trident Law Firm
EGC Law Firm
On Your Side Legal Services
EGC and Associates Law Group
Creative Spark Law Partners
Erlewine Given and Carlin Law Group
Diverse Approach Law
Class A Law
EGC, Attornty's at Law
Steadfast Law Group, ECG
MultiArtisanal Law
Litigation Lawgroup of EGC
Encompass Law Group
AV Rate Law Group
Meritru Law Group
Baradus Law Group
Eclectic LLP
Erlewine Carlin and Given Law Group LLP
GCE Advocates
Juris Partners, LLP
EGC Law Network
P.E.G. Practice LLP
PE and G Legal Resolutions
Alliance LLP
Provander Group
San Fran Legal
Expounders at Law
EGC Legislatives
Pier 39 LLP
LLP Star Law Group
Entertainment Business Group
Given, Carlin and Erlewine Law Group
PEGC Law Associates, LLP
CEG llp
Highnote law
Law Of Entertainments
CA Given Law
law earl
Action LLP
Artisan Legal Group
Flare Star Law
GivErlwhirl Law Group
Azymuth One Law
CEGway Law
CAll PEG Litigation
Lexicon Law Partners
Law Of Attractions Associates
SANta Law Firm
CEG llp California
Defend Musicians Law Group LLP
Carlin Law Firm.
Rights Shield Associates
TigerEye Law Group
EGC PacCoast Law Group
copy rights
Southern Law Group
San Francisco Elite Justice
Gamut Partners
New Arts Law
Attractions Of Law
Resolutionworks Legal Group
LLP's Spin to Win
Erl, Given, and Carlin Litigation
Vertex LLP
3Guys LLP
RightSide Law
EGC Law Realm
Phillips, Erlewine, Given and Carlin Comprehensive Law Group
TresEGC LawGroup
Property Protectors Legal Associates
Phill Erl Carlin and Given Law Group
Western EGC Law Firm
Rights Now Associates
Erlewine And Given LLP
Axior Entertainment Partners
Ars Justus Group
Being Fair
Leading Lights Legal
EGC Legal Boutique
Mediatty LLP
Carlin, Erlewine, and Given Law Associates
Bay Litigators LLP
3 Esq Law Firm
Sans Law, LLP
Guardians of the Law
EGC Legal AllStars
EGC LegalEase
Peg State Law
Myriad Law, LLP
wellness law
Erlewine Given And Carlin Law Associates
PEG Legal Group
Law Practice of Erlewine, Given, Carlin et al
EGC Law Aces
Pro CA Law
Promontory Point Legal Group
Peglin LLP
Legal Action Allies
EGC Et Al Law Group
Carlin, Erlewine and Given, Esq.
Law House Of Erlewine,Given,N Carlin
CourtRep Associates
ERGICA Law Group
EGC Best Lawyers Bar None
ArsNova Group
EGC Law Talent
Pop Media Legal Services
The Carlin Group Law Firm LLP
BlueBanner Law Group
PEG and Partners
Litigation Attorneys of California
Starkee Law, LLP
Legal Force LLP
Carlin And Erlewine Trust LLP
New Raize LLP
Outer Fringes Law
Marke Legal
Rights Hawk
ArtisticLicense Defense Attorneys
Courtroom Gladiators
GiPhEr Law
monterey firms
Erlewine and Dine
AV Legality
360 Compass Group
Erlewine, Given and Carlin Legal Group
PEGC Law Office
Laws Firm Litigators P.E.G.
CaWin Law
Intellect Shield
Circlepp Law
Phillips Law Firm Litigation
UniqueCase Law
IP Litigators LLP
Erlewine Given Carlin and Phillips, LLC
Perhelion Group
Ideal Shield
Golden Gate Litigation
EGC Legal Strategies
GCE Litigation
EGC Legal Expertise
EGC Legal Solutions
EGC Esquire LLP
Meridian Law Office
CEGP Law Group
The EGC Law Firm
Entertainment Law Professionals
The Law Group of CEG
EGC Law Solutions
Entermedia Partners LLC
EGC Law Focus
Spectrum Law Firm
GEC Litigation
PEG Advocates
CEG Law Office
CGE Law Group
WestPac EGC Law Group
CEG Lawyers Group
EGC Comprehensive Law Group
EGC Legal Advocates
EGC Law Authority
Trident Law Group LLP
EGC Corporate Law Group LLC
EGC AVRated Law
CGE Law Office
EGC and Associates Professional Law Team
GEC Law Group
Legacy Partners LLP
EGC Star Litigation
The Law Group of EGC
ECG Law Firm
EGC Total Legal
PEG Firm
The Law Offices of EGC
Gold Coast Legal Group
CEG Law Group
EPG Law Group
EGC Law Central
Copyright Litigation LLP
Pegasus Law
EGC Legal Base
Phillips Erlewine Givens and Carlin Legal Office
Given, Carlin and Erlewine Litigators
CEG Litigators Group
The Law Group of GCE
Signature Law Group
EGC Legal Associates
CEG Advocates
EGC Esquire Law Group
EGC Legal Insights
PEG Associates
CEG Litigation
Eaglestone Law Group
ECG Law Solutions
CGE Associates
EGC Legal Counsel
EGC Legal Specialists
EGC Law Foundation
EGC Eclectic Law
PEG, Counselors of Law
Milestone Law Firm
OmniArtis Law
Virtuosity Law Group
First Arts Law
Signature Legal Services
EGC Legal Experts
EGC Law Professionals
The Law Firm Of Erlewine, Given, And Carlin
EGC Law Tower
GEC Law Goup
Facets Law, LLP
Common Interest Legal Group
Golden Gate Law Group
PEGC Legal Firm
CEG Diverse Law Specialists
EGC LLP Legal Services
EGC Law Agency
Group Law Firm of Erlewine Given and Carlin
EGC Star Law Group
EGC Legal Authority
CEG Legal Solutions
CEG Diverse Litigation
Diverse Litigation by CEG
Prime Meridian Legal Group
EGC Total Law Group
EGC Legal Representation
Blue Sky Property Law
Erlewine, Given and Carlin, Attorneys at Law
GEC Law Office
Allegretto Partners
EGC Legal Works
EGC Law Gurus
ECG Law Office
PEGC Associates
EGC Law Company
EGC Law Chambers
EGC Law Team
EGC Phillips Law
ECG Litigation Nation LLP
EGC Law Enterprises
Shooting Star Litigation Services
Carlin, Erlewine and Given Litigators
CEG Pacific Law Group
WestCoast Law Associates
The Total Law Group
PEGC Litigation
Laws Firm Attorneys P.E.G.
EGC Professionals
Carlin, Erlewine, and Given Law Partners
Erlewine, Given, and Carlin Law Professionals
Legal Guardians
Artists Law Group
Lips Wine n Give LLP
Westerly Trend Group
Law Offices Of Erlewine, Given, and Carlin
Law Offices of Phillips,Erlewine,Given and Carlin
CEG Legal Enterprises
EGC Apex Law
Top Resolution LLP
EGC Law Hub
PEG California Legal
EGC Expert Group Cali
CEG Legalaw Group
CA Litigators
PGCE Law Firm
GEC Law Firm
CAERGI Law Group
TruCounsel Law Group
Peaople Law
EGC Legal Prowess
1st Degree Law
CGE Given Law
CEG Diversified Law
The Pulsar Group
Media Mindful Law
The Rights Advocates
CaliSide Personal Law LLP
aptos legal actions
Peerless LLP
Helicon Legal Group
EGC Legal Team
CaliLaw Associates
CEG Hybrid Law
PEGC Law Firm
Enterprising Law Firm
Cornerstone Law Group
Phillips Carlin Erlewine and Given Law Group
CalShore Law
LegalEdge Law Group
C E and G Law Firm
AVSound Litigation
Given,Carlin,Erlewine Law Firm
GEC Practice LLP
PEGC Law Group
EGC Law Practice
Full Court Legal Services
EGC Law Pros
CEG Eclectic Law Group
Artists Rights Attorneys
The PEG Group
The Law Offices of Carlin, Erlewine and Given
WestCoast Law Group
EGC Law Resource
PCEG Law Group
LawRep Associates
Golden State Law Centers
Eclectic Law Group
CEG WestCoast Law
Blue Sky Infringement Law
Aurora Legal Group
ECG LitigationGroup
PacShore Law
PEG LitigationNation
Erlewine Given Carlin and Phillips Law Group
Lodestar Legal Group
Erlewine, Given, and Carlin Law Boutique
Phillips General Law Associates
Multitude Law Firm
Your Legal Voice Associates
Phillips Law Group of California
Trinity Law LLP
Marina LLP
GEC Barristers Et Al
Erl, Given, and Carlin Law Office
Crossroads Law Experts
Phillips and Partners General Law
CEG Universal Law
Solid PErlGiven Law
Carlin And Erlewine Best Law Group
Nterlaw LLP
Infinitude Law LLP
Urbana Law Firm
EG and C Advocates
EGC Erlewine Given and Carlin LAW GROUP LLP
Consumer Legal Resources, LLP
Preeminent Law Group
Parnassus Legal Group
Intermediary Justice
Power Elite Justice LLP
Legal Arts LLP
PEGC LitigationNation Group
The P.E.G. Practice LLP
EGC Eclectic Law Practice
San and San Legal Firm LLP
WestSide Personal Lawyers
General Law Practice Phillips Group
CGE Legal Nation LLP
For the People Associates
EGC All Law
EGC Triad Law
EGC Legal Rockstars
Erlewine, Given, and Carlin Advocates
erlewine entertainment protection law
CA Legal Associates, PC
Given, Erlewine and Carlin Law Group
Hiernote Law Group
Venerable Legal Arts
PGCE Law Group
CGE Litigation Nation LLP
Novica Law Group
New Millenium Copyright Services
Flashbang Law
Calishore EGC Law
PCEG Law Office
OceanView Law Firm LLP
PEG egc
Cloudmark Law
Class Act Law
Calitigation LLP
Hardwired Law
Diversus Law
Compass West Group
TriAdvocates LLP
Sextant Legal Group
Prominence Point Group
The Law Corporation of Carlin, Erlewine and Given
Court Gladiators
Preeminent Principals, LLP
Bay Area Law Partners LLP
SanSanta Law Partners LLP
Advocate LLP
CA Litigations
EGC Advocacy Group
Law For Musicians LLP
CEG Law California
Law Group of EGC in California