Chiropractic Care of Minnesota, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose top priority is providing its customers with products and services that improve the health of their members and employees. CCMI employs experienced subject matter experts who develop and manage evidence-based physical health network management products and services that range from claims payment and utilization management to development and implementation of new care pathways designed to advance the health care system. We develop innovative and inspiring ways to leverage physical medicine that helps our customers not only lower costs, but also achieve better outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

We are leading the health care industry away from a savings-per-transaction model into a new paradigm based on outcomes. As the industry strives to achieve the Triple Aim, we are helping doctors and insurers deliver on all three dimensions: cost, quality and satisfaction. Because of our proven results and participation in regional and national associations and public policy, we have risen to a position of prominence and are considered thought leaders in the area of physical medicine management.

To improve the quality of life of our communities by delivering high value healthcare networks and support services.

To be the leader in high quality physical medicine networks.

Excellence - We enable the highest level of care and service while maximizing outcomes, quality and cost-effectiveness.

Stewardship - We are responsible stewards of the resources we manage and make use of " with full transparency and collaboration.

Integrity - We are honest and responsible in conducting all aspects of our business. We adhere to the highest ethical standards and keep our promises.

Innovation - We are committed to sustained leadership in health care through innovation, creativity, continuous improvement, and lifelong learning.

Our current product line includes:

1. ChiroCare Chiropractic Network: started over 30 years ago; legacy product; symbolizes the standard of excellence among chiropractic practices

2. ChiroCare Worker's Compensation Plan: a subset of the ChiroCare network; customizable for each customer; provides quality-based chiropractic services related to workers' compensation injuries

3. AcuNet: credentialed network of acupuncturists

We have plans to expand our product line to include auto insurance (for patients injured in an auto accident), as well as other physical medicine disciplines such as physical therapy, etc.

Business Names

Pathways Healthcare

by RedTee
Healyx Networx
Members Physical Medicine network
ClearEdge Health Networks
Harmonious Healthcare
HealthVine Physical Medicine
Prestige Physical Medicine Network
Whole Health Insights
ForCore Networks
Healthcare Embodiment Network
ThriveMark Networks
Providing Pathways
Solvent Healthcare
Touchpoints Organization
Well Now MedNet
Trust Managed Care
Triwell Organized Care
Revive physical health solutions
Plus One Innovation
Health First Net
BodyMatrix Health & Wellness Network
Ascendant Wellness
Patient First Pathways to Health
Physical Optimization Solutions
Discover Health Network
Practiced PhysiCare
EquiCor Physiotherapists
ActiveLife Healthcare Network
Catalyst Physical Medicine
TriQualiCare Solutions
Vital Eminence Health Networks
Pro Med Managment
Visionary HealthNet Corporation
New Aim Health Management
Prevail Medical Management Systems
HealthyVision Physical Medicine Network
Quality Care Allies
Carecor Networks
TriplAim Health Networks
OnPoint Quality Health Network
Physical Medicine Matters
TriCare Medical Support Network
Comprecare Health Group
HealthHelps Medical Networks
Tricare Medical Solutions
Managed Innovations Health Service Networks
MedScope Care Management
Renovative Health
Legion Physical Care Network
ForeGround Health Networks
Excellmed Solutions
NuCare Physical Medicine
Allied Touchpoints
Mayflower Health Systems
Vitruvian Physical Medicine
Higher Standard Care
Inovative Outcomes Healthcare Management
The Physical Medicine Team
StrateMediQ Solutions
CongruentCare Networks
Modern Medical Logistics
Health In Focus Network
Reparadigm Health Network
TrioAxis Health Network
WellKare Health Networks
Basis Medical Network
Managed PatientCare Networks
Oriented Care Networks
ReliaMed Networks
ViaHealth Physical Medicine Network
Healthcare Manageability Networks
Align Innovations
Stewardship for Physical Medicine
Leading Edge Physical Med Network
PhysiCheck Network Services
Medical Results Group
Fundamental Healthshare
Healthy Outcome
PatientCare Network Oversight
Full Circle Physical Medicine Management
Wellness Today Medical Care Network
Alloy Health Networks
MajorCare Network
Healh First Network
Pathways To Better Care
Tri Wellness Care
Physical Med Health Network
CoreWay Networks
PhysiCure Health Management
Plexus Management
Resonation Healthcare
Pilot Health Networks
Qualitrust Healthcare
Healthy Care Network
Mosaic Physical Medicine Networks
Pathway Providers Network Solutions
WellVision Physical Medicine Network
Triple Aim Solutions
Futura Healthcare Network
LevelCare Networks
WiseMed Therapies
MediAim Corp
Exemplar Health Network
WellSpring Solutions
Align Health Way
HealthNet MedTech
NuHealth Management Network
Body Health MedNet
Wellcor Healthcare
Definet Care
Ascente Managed Care
Health Excellence Network
Mission healthcare management
Triple Vision Physical Medicine
Xsperien Wellness Network
Avia Physical Mecicine Network
Orbital Health Solutions
Allied Networks for Physical Medicine
NewCare Health
Wellness Pathways
Astute Physical Management
IntegraTriage Solutions
360 Health Network
MedVirtue Physical Wellness Network
CareCultivars Health Network
Tri Aim Health Corp
Bodywise Solutions
BioWel Health Networks
SyndiCare Solutions
OneView Physical Medicine Network
Paradigm Integrity Network
Triad Networx
Healthaim Managed
BodyFirst Networks
Definitive Physical Management
IntelHelth Care Network
Parivoy Health Solutions
AiMed Physical Innovation
TripleWell Health Empowerment Network
ReAlign Wellness Network
Innovative HealthNet Management
Blue Sky Outcome
Therapologix Network
MedExcels Healthcare Network
VividHealth Network
Accordant Physical Management
BodyWhole HealthNet
MediAim Networks
Patient Sphere
TriGoal Managed Care
Prevail Health Systems Management
Eversource Healthcare Solutions
Imbody Healthcare
Venerated Managed Care
Embody PhysiCare Network
Rounded Approach Medical Network
Environ Health System
Ren Health group
Inovamed Network
TriplePlay PhysMed Services
Tellurian Network Services
Health Stewards
Outcome Health
Body Science Physical Medicine
Top Line Managed Care
CareMate Network
Parallel Health Network
Cogent Care Health Network
QuAllicare Solutions
Health Envision Network
Tri Medcal Services
Curare Network Management
Comprecare Management Network
Advanced Physical Medicine Pathways
Breeze Wellness Network
A1 Medical Network
Integras Health Management Solutions
TrueHeart Network Solutions
vejovis health network
Aimed Healthcare
Managed Health
Exohealth network
Elevation Health Network
Framework Wellness Solutions
Thrice Healthcare Management
MedAim Network
PhysioMed Wellness Services
Physical Medicine Ascenders
InnoVision Care Management
AmWell Network
TriAim Physical Healthcare
Wellworkx Health Networks
ExceLab Health Group
Trimetricare Solutions
Focal Medical Network
TruAim Healthcare
Proficia Partners Care
Innovance Health Networks
MedEssentials HealthCare Network
RightWay HealthCare Networks
Envisio Med
TrueBlue Medical Solutions
Faction Health Networks
Health TriNet
Physical Restoration Networks
Upright Healthcare
Wellness Inspired Solutions
Careviant Solutions
Innovative Evolution
Sustain Physical Medicine Network
Peak Managed Care
New Heights Network
Triple Aim Network
clear skies networks
TriWellness Network
PatientCentric Health Network
Noble Health
Innovative Pathway
BodyWorx Medical Network
AllPatient HealthNet
Futura Physical Med Networks
Healthsys Medical
Innovative Healthcare Trinal
Touchstone Health Management
Trifecta Healthcare
MedHelp Network Management Solutions
Curare Network Solutions
Streamline Medical Management
Trispirion Health Networks
Vantage Guard Support Network
ConcertaNet VersaCare
Trifective Physical Care
Healthy Aspirations
Maxium Physical Med Networks
Triple Dimension Managed Care
Inclination Healthcare
Unify Health
Nucleus Health Networks
sentinal health network
CareCom Physical Medicine Consolidators
Pro Network Solutions
Cellance Networks
TripleAim Physical MedNet Inc.
ExpertAlign Networks
Keystone Innovations
Balance PhysMed
Flexibility of Life Networks
TriCare Health and Wellness Networks
Health Structures
MEDtegrity Healthcare
TriAim HealthCare
Primal Health
Care Coverage Network
Triumvirate Health
CoreQual Network
MedConnex Health Network
Trevi Managed Care
Wellbeing Core Network
Physical Medicene Solutions
TriCord Health Networks
AllRelief Healthcare
Renovative Health Source
Body of Health Networks
MedHealth Mgmt
MedWorks NetWorks
Caring Network Affiliates
Holos Service Network
Total Physicare
Ntegrativ Wellness Network
NuOptics Wellness Network
TriCare Managed Networks
EquiCorp Physical Health Network
Tricore Solutions
Primus Physical Medicine
PhysWiz Network
Physical Medicine Touchpoints
New Pathways Care
BroadWorks Medical Management
PrecisionCare Solutions
TriSense Care Group
Iasis Medical Network
HealthFacets Network
Physisource Professionals
TripleMed Solutions
BodyWright Health Management
Health Allignment
Systemic Health Networks
Health Innovas
Optinova network
360 health net
SeaChange Healthcare
QualiBody Network
WellForth Network
Health Tides Care
Equilibrium Physicare Network
Health Therapy Network
Triple Sphere Health
Inventive Health Group
Expercare Network
InovaLink Health
FirstWellness Physical Medicine
Symmetry Health and Wellness Management
The Outcome Care Network
Body Focus Conservative Network
Lodestar Physical Medicine
Patient Awareness Network
Unity Health Professionals
AxisNet Healthcare Solutions
Physical MedNet Management
BlueSky Vitality
Proficient Partnership
Trimergent Medicine
Managed Physiatric Network
Ventori Health Group
Environ Health Management Networks
Third Aim Health
TriStar Healthnet
TotalCare Network
Triad Medlinx
Wellness Advantage
Wellness Innovation Network WIN
Wellness ManageNet
ProCare Core
Health Management Pathways
TriCare Medical Network
Prism Health Networks
Integrated Wellness Connections
HealthAdvance Networks
Symmetrix Health Network
Envision Healthcare Networks
TriCord Health Management
HealthStream Solutions
TriCare Health Networks
Pathways Innovative Care Team
Tricore Management
Paradigm Health Partners
Paradigm Wellness
Healthnet One
Calibre Healthcare Networks
HealthAccord Networks
NexGen Managed Care
Health First Innovations
Pyramid Medical Solutions
AllignCore Networks
Advanced Care Networks
Bravo Health Network
HealthEvolve Networks
Select Choice Networks
Advanced Physical Medicine Network
HealthSpring Network
Summit Health Networks, Inc
CareMed Corp
TriCare Network Management
TruHealth Medical Networks
MedSpring Network Solutions
AlignLife Healthcare
Symphony Managed Care
TopCare Network Strategies
TriShield Health Networks
Focus First Health
Unify Healthcare Network
Spectrum Healthcare Solutions
Ignite Healthcare
Triple Focus Heath Network
NetWay Medical
PrimeCare Health Network
WellCare Focus
Benchmark Healthcare Network
Innovated Health
HealthSolutions, Inc.
NetCare Innovative
AllCare Wellness Network Solutions
Trident Physical Medicine
ThriveWell Health Solutions
Highline Health Networks
TriPoint Managed Care
ExcelCorp Healthcare Solutions
LifeForce Wellness Network
Integrity Healthcare Soultions
TriCare Network Innovations
Summit Wellness Networks, Inc
NextGen HealthNet
Innovacare Solutions
VenturaCare Networks
Aspire Healthcare Network
Medfirst Group
NewPath Health Management
Zenith Healthcare Network
HealthWorks Network
ProHealth Net
CoreFront Networks
InnovaMed Network
Innovative Health Services
CorePath Networks
NetWell Innovative Healthcare
BodyWell Physical Medicine
Clear Choice Healthcare Network
WellNet Physical Medicine Inc.
WellView Physical Medicine
NewGen Health Networks
TriVision Health Network
CareSource Physical Medicine
Cornerstone Health Management
Signature Health Solutions
MediCore Health
Advanced Healthcare Networks
PrimeCare Network
ProHealth Networks
VersaCare health Solutions
Pathways Connected Care
PrecisionCare Network
CoreCare Networks
ProCare Health Group
Innovative Pathways
Health Now Network
Carepointe Resource Network
MediForce Network Solutions
AIM Wellness Network
Alliance Health
AllCare Health Network
TriNet Health Care Management
Wellness Connection
WellSpring HealthNet
All Care Health Management
Thrive Health Network
Pathway Physical Medicine
Future Solutions Healthcare
TriMed Patient Care
LifeCare Network
Innovative Health Systems
SureWell Networks
SpireHealth Solutions
Innovative Healthcare Corporation
HealthFactor Networks
TriVista Health Networks
AllSource Healthcare
Advanced Wellness Management
Clear Choice Healthcare Solutions
HealthPro Managed Network
TriPlan Health Partners
Aspire Health Networks
Care One Resources
HealthTrack Physical Medicine Network
MediPath Network
Visionary Health Integration
Aurora Health Services
VitalPro Health Group
Wellness Innovation Specialsts
Peak Health Alliance
Nexus Care Systems
IntegraHealth Networks
IntelliCare Physical Medicine Management
PhysNet Health Alliance
TriCare Health Innovation Networks
Five Star Healthcare Systems
Innovative Health Affiliates
Flourish Health Network
EnhancedHealth Networks
CareLinc Networks
CareStarts Network
Advantage One Care Network
Beacon Healthcare Networks
Innovante Health Networks
Genesis Medical Network
Allied Health Partners
VisionOne Health Networks
Health Initiative Network
Advanced Innovations Healthcare
Pathways Convergence
Health Initiates
Cynergy Health Care
ThriveWell Network Management
Summit Healthcare Management
MedHealth Network
PriorityOne Healthcare Solutions
Tricore Networks
Visionary WellCare Networks
CoreSmart Networks
Clearmark Health Networks
Enterprise Health Systems
Apex Physical Med Networks
WellVine Network
Omega Health Management Network
TriMed Healthcare Solutions
Future Forward HealthCare
TruHealth Network
MedPro NetWorks
VitalaCare Networks
HealthAdvantage Management
Vitality Health Solutions
TriCare Network
TruCare Physical Medicine
MedStream Health Solutions
Core Health Systems
ProHealth Managed Care
PhysiWorks Network Solutions
HealthNet Innovations, Inc.
Triple Aim innovations
The Wellcare Network
Complete Health Connections
TriCare Health Management
Nexus Healthcare Inc.
TriHealth Network Solutions
ClearView Health
UltraCare Health Network
Pathways Health Network
MediQuest Health Network
TriCare Health Solutions
Encompassed Health
HealthSphere Network
VersaPath Wellness Networks
TriHealth Managed Care
Milestone Health
ProHealth Network
OptiHealth Network
TriEdge Networks
Essential Care ManageNet
MedQuest Healthcare
Creative Care Network
Wellness Innerlink
Forefront Health Networks
TriHealth Network Solution
Medical Matrix Management Systems
TriCare Health Network
Advanced Health Enterprises
Networked Wellness
Physical Med Networks
MedScope Network
Provider Pathways
PowerNet Health Network
PhysiCorp Network Solutions
Achieve Health Networks
NuHealth Management
LifeStrength Health Networks
Providence Care Solutions
Integrative Medical Solutions
CareOne Physical Medicine Network
Wellstrive Network
Trimetric Managed Care
EverHealth Care Management
CareScope Network
Triwell Healthcare Innovation
Vantage Point Medical
Physical Pathways
MedWay Corporation
HealthPro Management
Visionary Healthcare Networks
Innovision Medical Network
TriHealth Networks
New Visions Health Management
Physnet Healthcare
Paradigm Physical Medicine
PhysiLife Network Solutions
ThriveQuest Health Network
Origin Healthcare Network
Eclipse Health Networks
Reflexions Health Network
Paradigm Health Network
SpireHealth Physical Medicine
Amplex Health Networks
AlliedVision Physical Medicine
Comprecare Management Group
New Heights Solutions
HealthVision Care Management
Touchpoint Networks
HealthCare Nexus
Innovative HealthNet
BroadWorks Physical Medicine
Affiliated Healthcare Networks
VitalBody Networks
Tricord Healthcare Networks
Healthcare Solutions ManageNet
Physical Health Systems
TriLevel Healthcare
Internal Healthwise
Excellovation HealthCorp
Hol Body Healthcare network
Star of the North Wellness Center
Probity Health
Health and TherapeutiCare
Superb fitness network
Innovative Pathways in Wellness
Healthy Lifestyle Wellness Center
Innovative Healthcare Solutions
Healthy Track Solutions
Back to wellness
Equator Care
1st Care, All Care
Spectra Health Networks
MyWellness Center
physically healthful
Physical Medicine Careforce
UpLift Health Network
Spinal Perfection
Physiatrical Solutions
Surecan Aimrite Management Solutions
Infinite Wellness
CorporalHealth Networks
The Innovative Solutions Group
Whole Being Health Management
First Response Medical
ProblemSolver Healthcare
CCQ Interactive
Delta Physical Medicine
PMR Network Solutions
TriAim Medical Network
Excellent care network
CAMCare Network
Physical Wellness and Medicine
United Instauration
Fit Spirit Wellness Network
CareStrive Medical
Well Cared
Value Health Network
exquisite health
SPINE occupational wellness group
Riser Health Management
Tri End Healthcare
Innovative Health
Echelon of Wellness
Core Health Corps
AdvanTech Medical
TriCare Networks
2ward Great Health
New Wave Care Networks
Interstitial Innovations
Allpoint Care Network
Diversity Management
Outcome Healthy Solutions
Advanced Physical Wellness
Minnesota Chiropractic Services Network
Healthcare Network and Resources
Entirety Health
MedAssure Network Management
CareNet Health Inc.
Metro Area Physical Health Campus
The Innovative Health Group
Preventitive Medicine
Essense Network
MediAssist Network Management
Crunchin Backs
Innovative Adjustments Services
Body Harmony Health Management
The Accolade Healthcare Network
Integrity Wellcare
Salutem Unlimited
Knight Health Management
VisioNext HealthNet
Wellnes Oasis
TriCrux Physical Medicine Management
Straight Ways
Cornucopia HealthCare Network
Genuine Healthcare Networks
Bend them Shake them
Highest Aim Health Care
CCM Quality Care
Wellcorium Network
Steps to Health
BackDown Physicians
Esii Relief Network
Medisparc Services
PrimaMed Physical Health
Group Medicine Jar
Horizons Healthcare Network
Synergistic Health Networks
Extremis Medical Network
Health Management Authority
TriNet Health
ProPhysical Medicine
Infinity Net Management Group
Action Health Network
PhysicalFront Health Networks
LifeSpring Network Solutions
Healthy Outcomes Medicine
SI2 Patient Network
Arness Care Pathways
Sound Health Innovations
Excellence in Physical Medicine Specialists
Ethical Patient Services
AntiUp Business Health Network
New Health Approach
supreme physical innovations and management
Spring Of Youth
Aim To Care
TruBlu Healthnet
HealthNet Managed Care
Innovative Health Network
Everyday Health Solutions
Physio Wellness Center
BioLogiatric Clinical Care
Health and Wellness Management Service
Rising Health Networks
Abbot Physical Medicine Partners
The Integrity Health Network
CogNet Health Care
Convex Nature
Providing Peers Support Network
Fully Flexible Medicine
Advanced Healthcare Professionals
CareCentre Networks
Advanced Meridian Medicine
Simply Spine
QualiCare Services
Healthy Balances
WelSource Networks
AccuCare Medical
WeCare Healthworks
HealthyVision Medical Solutions
MindBodySpirit Wellness Network
Pain Managers
Riversong Healthcare Network
Endurance Directional
Managing HealthCare Group
patient care service
Whole Health Corps
MidWest Quality Healthcare
Prestigious Healthcare Solutions
Body builder co
Community Health Stewards
Healthcare Modification Network
AidWay Intersects
SynerPhysiCare Network
Professional Health Plan Network
MediGold Management
SpineEase Network
Providing Peers Care Network
Quality Solution Health
Movement Management Solutions
ActivusPrime Physical Healthcare
TriVantage Managed Care
MedFactor Health
Total Physical Health
Sota Medical Care
WeCare Health Network
BodyMatrix Health Network
Excellence in Healthcare
Taking Care Health Solutions
Back & Body Works
Total Care Conglomerate
As a Matter of Back
MedEthic Networks
PhysiWell Center
Fortify Health Network
Personnel Wellness Network
3D Health Management
Maximized Living Solutions
Medicinal Solutions
Superior Physical Medicines and Health Services
Michigan Medical
BodyStructuring Health Networks
Structuright Health Services
ChiroQuest, Inc.
Flowing free
Verona Therapeutic Network
Ample Regeneration Network
harmony medicine
NewArrow Innovations
Quality Physical Medicine Services Network
Arise HealthCare Networks
ChiroCare Network
Visionary Healthcare
Health care specialties
Expert Medical Resource Group
The Healthcare Guru
Clearpath Networks
High Expectations
Integris Health Network
Holistic Wellness Network
TheLiveWell Network
Allied Hands
Caring Hands Health Management
Innovative Care and Wellness
Wholesome medicine
Premium Healthcare Solutions
Greater Good Physical Medicine Networks
Galactive HealthCare Network
Diversified Medicine
Coalescent Health & Wellness
Excelsior Wellness Care
Careervice Network Care Exchange
Home Town Care Network
ClearPlan Network
Wecare Wellness
Physioworks Body
We care co
Corpus med
The Physical Medicine Group
Progressive Health Networks
Highest Care Network
ExceptionalCare Network
Humanity Health Network
AlliedHealth Managed Care
CareWorks Wellness
Tangible health network
CarePros Plus
DeepRoots Health Management
Wellness Stewards
Family Health Management Solutions
Axfinity Healthcare Network
Final spinal
Epione Health Network
ChiroPeak Center
Serving All Your Needs Services
NuBody Specialized Healthcare
Sufficient Springs Healthcare
Quality Care Healthy Solutions
Quality Healthcare Leaders
Accelerated Medical
Thriving Wellness
Patients Health Habitat
BeWell Physical Medicine
Workforce Wellness
United healthcare management
Total Body Wellness Center
BeWell Healthcare Network
Integrity Management Of Networks
AccessHealth Networks
Alignment Excellence
Care First Insurers
Innovative Wellness Group
Helping Hands Integrate
Center of Excellence for Comprehensive Care
Executive Care
Healthcare Industry Task Force
Extraordinary Health Solutions
Care for Quality Life
Ally Align
CompreMed Networks
Advanced Care Medical Management
Physical Health Stewardship
High Tower Health
Physique Quality Healthcare
North Star Medicine
Panorama Health Networks
LifeLong Wellness
Patient Central
Prestige Edge
Physically fit inc
Advanced Healthcare Management
CareChoice Health Networks
RiseUp Healthcare
Aquaria Healthcare Networks
HealthExtensions Inc.
PureBody Medical Solutions
Spine & Dandy
ProHealth Network Solutions
Triple Play Chiropractics
Feel Better Clinic
Refuge Wellness Network
Health Waves Network Solutions
Lotus Health Networks
Healthy Heart Network
Integrity National Services
Physical Health Physicians
Legacy Healthcare Solutions
Hug N Hold Medical
Body Links Health
Humble Holdfast Initiative
Prime Healthnet
HealthNet Of Excellence
World Health Medical Management
Medelite Innovations
3 point health
InSync Physical Medicine
NuSalus Networks
Paramount Physical Medicine Services
3 Dimensions Chiro Network
Courage Care Network
Qualimed Patient Care Facilities
Hand in Health Networks
Widespread Wellness
Diversified Wellness
Health Guide Networks
Innovators in Physical Medicine
MedCore Network Solutions
Healthcare Conglomerates
Healing Pains Medical
Be Healthy Network
Triple Aim Health & Wellness
Centerpoint Longevity
TriNetCare Patient Management
Enigma Comprehensive Care
Triple Aim Prominence
Natural Healthcare Network
Injury Relief Network
BioBrio PhysiCare Network
Serene Strength Logisics
mychoice wellness
Sufficient Springs Health management
Embrace Physical Medicine Center
The Physical Medicine Experts
AvantCare Physical Medicine
Gemedy Health
Physical Solutions Group
Fortitude Patient Network
CareCentre Medical
AcuCare Networks
Healthy Healing Medical Network
Spark Healthcare Management
The Health House
Physical Health and Support Excellence Services
MY HealthCare Network
Aligned & Equipped
Innovative Care Health Management
Medico Network
Good to the Bone
Progressive Consumer Provision inc.
Priority Physical Health
ForHealth Management
Innovative Healthcare Because Your Quality of Life Matters
Care CoordiNATION
CareMed Network
top priority health network
AmityCare Physical Medicine
Noctis Group
Physicality Systems
Principal Physical Medicine Management
Tripod Solutions
Millenial HealthCare Group
Physical Wellness Direction
Triple Deal Care
Physical Foundations
The Therapy Network
Physica Corecare
Stewardship for Physical Wellness
Tier One Health
Caesar wellness
Physiopeutics, Inc.
Others Medical Group
Health Strength Coaches
Beneficial Outcome Network
360 Health Management
Triple Quality Health Resolutions
RightBody Physical Medicine Networks
Above & Beyond Physical Medicine
PhysiFore Care Management
TriPain Network
Tangible Health
Entrust Physical Services
Innovalane Healthcare Networks
Welcome Wellness Network
Panoramic Physical Medicine
Adjustable Health
Pain Be Gone Health
Preeminence Solutions
Twin City Physical Medicine
Solution Healthcare Aggregate
Every Body Matters
InfinityPlus Management Group
All Health Networks
Northpoint Care Services
Undivided Physmed Solutions
Acrowise Managed Care
Spinecore Wellness
Luminary Health Networks
Firme Fitness
Patient SureCare
beyond the continuum
PatientsFirst Physical Medicine
Veracity Health & Wellness Center
Medico Health Plan Management
BetaPatient Networks
Torso Twisters
Mind and Body Healthcare
Back to Back Care
System Great Health
Assured Patients Network
PhyMed Solutions
Corelife Medical Network
Spiritual Healthcare Network
Quality Health Services Solution
Gopher health network
ProActive Healthworks
Lifecell Network
Systemic Healthcare Management
Prestige Physical Therapies Network
1Vantage Health Netowrks
Noctis Innovative Care
Health Specialty
Care with Compassion
Trinal Innovation in Healthcare Management
EmBody Physical Medicine
Healthy Haven
Expert Wellness
Golden Apple Medical Professionals
Summit Physical Health
Key Medical Networks
All Care Pain Network
Heartfelt Healing
Health Mednet
Galvanise Healthcare
Twin City Management Network
Physiatry Solutions
Innova Medical Services
AnchorLife Managed Care
AllCare Corp
Managed Healthcare Networks
QualCare Wellness
SafeHealth Solutions
PhisiCorp Healthcare
My Full Circle Care
Physistep Network
The Endpoint Wellness Network
PremierCare Medical Group
Adjusted Health
Tri Aim Health Plan
Life Care Health
Betacare Health Network
Prosperity Healthcare
AimFit Health Network
Comfortcare Medical
Quality Healthcare Resources
Health Center Of Excellence
WellMetrix Networks
Providing Pathways Networks
Work2Work Care Solutions
Variance Wellness Network
Health and Wellness Leaders
Best Health Focus
Mediche Limited
Quality HealthCare Grid
Incredible Fitness
Full Bend
Triple Care Health Business
TopChoice Health Network
Proven Healthcare Solutions
Favorable Health
Giving Springs Healthcare management
Formost Paradigm Healthcare Networks
3P Access to Healthcare Solutions
Legacy Healthcare Network
TriHealth Network
SkyLine Services
Innovative Medicine Group
Core Joint Healthcare
AlternaPath Wellness Consultants
halo health service
WholeCare Community Health Network
Backstrong Network
Bravo Wellness Management
Heart & Hands Health Group
Quality, Vision & Values Healthcare
The Quality of Life Group
Adept Healthcare Management Network
Inner Med Work
MyWellness Health Care
Curative and Physical Organization
Heatlhy Pathways
Diverse Wellness
Strive Health Management
Prime Healthcare Net
Better Body Solutions
OccuVertebral Health Group
NuPath Chiropractic
Back Ground
TheraMed Group
ChiroNet Innovations
Healthy Stature Medicine
Core Connects
BluePeak Wellness
Body Logistics
InnerAction Technology
Pinnacle Rehabilitation
Noctis Care
Pain Relief Specialties
SeekHealth Medical Group
A1M Medical
WellMed Networks
Thrive Collabrotive Healthworks
Quality Managed Care Network
Longevity Inc.
MedSteady Management
Choice Care & Wellness
trusted visions physical solutions
Network of Physical Meds
Rejuvenate Innovation
Physinity Networks
Experian health network
Hallmark Physiatric Solutions
Total Mind & Body Solution
BeWell Healthcare
Patient Improvement Services
Natural Bliss Physical Health
IntegriCore Health Management
Living Water Health Network
Iron Range Health Management
Wellness Resolution
PhyMed Wellness Solutions
PhysiCrux Care
Trinet Management
PhysTec, Inc
MedResults Conglomerate
Innovo Wellness Network
OccuVertebral Healthcare
Trivitol Care
Contemporary Care Health Networks
Backbone Network
ccm health guard
NetCare Health Solutions Company
Acute Care
RepresentNet Healthcare
Uprise Physical Health
Vauntgard HealthCare Networks
Employee Health Network
Phys Health and Welfare
All In Health Network
Cracking up
UniQ Management
Moving with care
Wellcare Networks
NuAim Medical
Endeavor Healthnet
BetaHealth Patient Network
Summit Health Solutions
Curis Management
UpFront Health Networks
Medical Service Solution Authorities
Positive Outcomes Network
First Center for Health
White Star Medical Network
Aline Me
Back Futurecare
Health Junction
eagle mountain healthcare
Aim Wellbeing
Physia Systems
Nupath Medical
Healthcare Connextions
Capitulum Health Networks
Physicomp Networks
Performance Physycal Wellness
Perpetual Health Care
Innovative Patient Network
Ally Care Network
Gamut Healthcare
Stewards for Healthcare Networks
Advanced Medical
Driven Health Initiatives
MedCare Network
AbleBody Health Solutions
Healthcare Partner Network
Whole Health Ltd.
HealthHeadliners Network
Best Life Health Support Services
Northern Medical Solutions
Wellness Management Partners
Quality Medicine ,inc
Healthy Selection
Wellness Route Healthcare
Whole Health Clinic
Team Healthcare
Principle Physical Medicine
Pro Health Choice Network
Innovation Chiropractic
Health & Wellness Care Center
Fresh Catch Network
Interrex Health Solutions
Quality Med
Multivo Managed Care
Solutions Wellness Center
Allwell Inc.
Patient Plexus
HealthBroad Inc.
MSC Network
Healthy Patient Network
Primary Managed Care
corporis cura network
Imaginative Total Wellness Network
About the Patient, Inc.
Hygeia Network
Amazing fitness
New Care Management Solutions
True Care Provision inc.
HealthLock Solutions
Key to Health Wellness Experts
Comprecare Solutions
Healthcare emporium
Far Reach Health
Total Advantage Services
Physical Recovery Network
Xcell Care Network
Leading Healthcare Solutions
Posturecare Networks
The Wellness Clinic
3P MultiNetwork HealthCare Partner
Maximized Living Network
HealthYou Center
Sublime Spine
Wellness Excellence Center
Quality Blue Clinic
Unity Managed Care
Clement Therapist for Wellness and Care
Grand Specialists
BodyBalance Physical Medicine
Rebound Health Management
Kinetic Datacomp Solutions
Health way Services
PhySEEK Medical
Smarter Solutions Medical Center
Caelestia Wellness
Relief Center of America
CareMound Management
Sequence Health Care
ChoiceCare Network
Goodness Knows Health Care
Pain Erasers
Practical Wellness
Unicorp Medical Solutions
Healthy Healers
Chiropractic Consultants
Goodall Health
3D HealthWorks and Support
Physical Wellness Partners
Tripod Medical
Innovia Patient Hub
Universal Health Management Services
pure wellness center
Parellelism Networks
Quality Wellness SOULutions
Healthcare Organizers Networks
Spinal Matters
PrescribeCare Network
Strategic Care Health Management
Totality Health
WishingWell Solutions
Truvanta Health Network
Innovative Wellness
pentacle health networks
Healthy Works Network
BackTrac Professionals
Right Spine Health
TriCare Health Maintanance
MyWellness Management Network
Aimcap Healthcare Innovation
Tri Healthcare Network
Quality pressure
Health Sanctum
Healthy Back Facilities
Inline Health Corp
TriNetCare Patient Secure
Priority Wellness
Visionary Care Networks
New Life therapy group
Lumbar Intervention
The Disk Doctor
Caring Hearts Network of Medicine Management
Physiatrics Management Network
Elite Healthcare
National Medical Management
Feel Better Network
Whole Hearted Wellness
Healthy Existence
Natura innovative healthcare solutions
Limber Limbs Healthcare
Salvem Health Network
Patients Plus
Vigor Health Management Services
Millenium Wellness
Proudhealth, Inc.
Constellation Health Management
Entity Choice
Wellness Way Station
Network Of Care Solutions
North Star Outcomes
Health Care that Cares
InfraCare Health Solutions
Homeo Path
Truphysical wellness
Physical Wellness Shoppe
NetPhysio Solutions
Helpful health
Exclusive Solutions Innovative Healthcare
Manual Body Recovery
AvantMed Networks
Straight Healh
ThrivePoint Health Networks
Advanced Health Tech Solutions
SourceFront Innovations
Utopia Moves
Triple Sound Healthcare
Triple Circuitry for Body Wellness
MYmedical Solutions
Compass Network
Expert Health & Wellness
Physically yours
Physical Welfare Network
Pioneer Wellness
AIMing Healthnet
Optimum solution
Sprout Physical Medicine
neighborhood health network
Clinical Outcomes
New Wave Health Management
ProNet Health
Paragon Health Management
TriVision HealthCare
Healthy Way Solutions
Confidence in Care Network
Triple Aim Health Advisors
Wellness Management Intranetwork
Nexxus Health
Network Provisional
Excel Health Summit
GroupMed Management
Prana Health Partners
Networked Health Care
RallyForth Physical Services
CareNet Consortium
TriPeaks Physical Healthcare
Vanguard Patient Care
Three Dimension Connected Care
Ache Relief Specialty
AvantPrime Health Networks
Patient Needs Network
Network for Improved Health
MedSync Networks
Panacea Healthcare Management
Articulate Physical Solutions, Inc.
We can get your back back
Ambient Health Solutions
Healthcare National Services
Lakeland Health Management
Absolute Care & Wellness
WeCare Health Solutions
Poise Managed Care
Accident Care Group
Physical Health Mental Wealth
Holistically Healthy Care Plan
Physical Renewal, Inc.
HealthNet 21
United HealthWorks
Stealth Health Network
Sound Solutions for Wellness
Meridian Medtregal
Enhanced Wellness
Targeted Network Care
Fysiko Health Management
Accomplished Care
HealthVisions Connections
Body Grades Network
Acute Medical Management
Twin Cities BackMeUp
Innovative PhysicalCare Network
Clear Choice Medicine
5 Star Healthcare
Advanced Body Care
gait align management
InnoPhysical Medicine
Healthreign Wellness
Orion Healthcare
SparkCare Wellness Network
BodyMed Center
Core Health & Wellness
Visionary Works Health Solutions
supreme physical innovations
Premiere Physical Medicine Services
physical plexus
Wellness Consolidated
Center for Centralization
HealthCentric Network Solutions
Crest Care Network
Optimal Medical Network
MoveFree Wellness, Inc.
Caring 4 You
Aficionado Health Networks
CareSource Networks
Back to moving physically
Innovative Health Collective
New & Well Health
Tangible Healthcare
Tricord Health Solutions
Embody Healthcare
Omicron Health
Corrected Health Management
Group Recovery Networks
Village Health and Wellness
Netcare Health
Leveraged HealthCare Services
A Step Above Health Management
Physilogic Health Networks
Affirmed Healthcare Solutions
Top Notch Physical Medicine
CareCore Networks
Patient First Health Connections
Welltek Solutions
The Wellness Ways
NetCare Health Mgmt
Leading Edge Health Solutions
Healthy Innovations Inc.
Coalescent HealthNet
Healthy Bend
quality Physical Wellness
NuFlex Health Network
Health Volley
Patient Management Systems
Strong Ally Fitness
BioMedica Support
Frontline Networks
Element Medicine Network
Maximal Medicine Networks
Brigid Care
AllHealth Solutions
Springcore Health Net
Maximum Wellcare Services
Centr for Physical Wellness
Conflux Health Networks
Physical Health Management Group
PhysLink Systems
Integrity Physical
Networks for Balanced Health
TriCare Medicinals
InnoState Health Management
Health Utility
Merchant Health Networks
Utopian Health Network
Living well care
HealthEdge Networks
Focused Healthcare
Healthy Life Network
Health Care Collaboration
UniCare Network
Everlyte Health Source
Tactile Innovations
Networks In Motion
The Healthcare Consortium
National Healthcare Management
The Center for Spinal Support
MedCore Health Networks
BioHeathCare Networks
St. Croix Physical Medicine Network
Back In Line
Quality Wellness Associates
Agility Healthcare
Custom wellnesses
Innovative Care Network
Medical Service Solutions
Spinal Care Affliates
Myriad Curative & Physical Care Network
MediGold Marvel Healthcare
StatGoal Health Solutions
Spectrum Center of Excellence
Regional Care for Women
Concatenate Healthcare Providers
VisionWorkx Healthcare
Physical Medicine Network
A to Z PhysMed Services
PhysiClear Healthcare
Livestrong Health Network
Health Advocates
Legacy Health & Wellness
Hemlock Health Services
Anchor Medical Network
CQS Networks
LifeInfinity Health Network
Back to Excellence
Expert Wrangler
ProHealth Solutions
Physi Wellness
Bloom Wellness Network
Breakthrough Care
Spinal Care Providers
Integrity Advanced Solutions
Spine Right
Peak Body Care
Total Health Pro
Healthcare Network of Twin Cities
Health Mangement Specialists
Wellness Strategies
The Crack that Doesn't Kill
LifeTree Wellness
Nova Serve
TripleAim Physical Medicine Health Organization
TriArrow Innovative Medicine
TriSprings Health Solutions
restruction group
United Health Network
Wellness Solutions
Balanced Body Center
Minnesota Chiropractic Services
Vcare Health Solutions
We are physinet
Quality Health System
TruBody Health Networks
PhysQuest, Inc.
Health N Wellness Medical Networks
Tide of Relief
Lotus Wellness
Healthy Movement Network
Triple RX
10,000 Lakes Logistics
The Holistic Network of Care
Select Wellness Solutions
Goaled Healthcare
CorMed Health System
The Physical Medicine Network Link
Sustainable Health and Wellness
Salveo Network
A2Z Healthcare Networks
Physbright Care
Golden Apple Healthcare
Corpus Med service
Apex Health Management
AcuHealth Network
VVSII Medical Professionals
Serenity Health Group
Excellence in Wellcare
Physical Medicine Health Campus
Physical Medicine Network of America
Advanced Healthcare Group
HealthNet, Inc.
Toptier Health Solutions
MediPrise Health Resources
NeoCare Health Networks
Fidelity Healthcare Management
Health Reserve
Sensational HealthCare Networks
Combined Wellness
Wellness & Therapy Solutions
Triple Aim Health Connectors
MedSolution Networks
MedMark Health Network
Better Body Affiliates
Stress Be Gone
Physical Medicine Soluitions
Neoteric Heath Management
Patient Wellness Network
Global Health Network
Partners in Physical Medicine
Charter Health Networks
Circulatory Network
Promised Care Health Networks
Concord Physical Medicine
Brightworks Body Care
WorkerCare Solutions
Sacred Health
Whole Initiation
InStar Health
MedicalVison Network
WellPoint Solutions
Auto inclusive
The InLine Group
Solution Health Group
Maximized Wellness Systems
Unified Health Management
OneBody Wellness Solutions
Prominent Physical Medicine Solutions
Best Flex Inc.
Beneficiary Health United
Multiple Healthways
Care Concept Solutions
Wisegreene Network
Healthy Living Network
Patient Blended Awareness
Healthcare Titans Network
Arsenal Health Solutions
Cross Country Health Net
Revitalized Care
Live Well Center of Excellence
EdenReady Wellness Network
Paradigm HealthCare
Road Accident Recovery Center
Top Quality Health Network
Center of Excellence for Physical Health Care
Innovative Healthcare Networks
United Innovative Healthcare
CompreCare Health Solutions
CTL Health
OptumHealth Network
Medical Reticulation Group
Wellness SOULutions
Patients Care Collaborative
Salvem Health
MindBodySoul Health Network
Palpation Medicine
Suite Days Health And Wellness
WholeSoul Wellness
Managed Health Solutions
InsurCare Health Systems
MedAim Health Solutions
Visionary Medical
EnMasse Health Management
Vertebrae Occupational Solutions
Garner Health Management
Top to Bottom Wellness
KeyHealth Solution Services
The Wellness Wherefore
your covered inovations
Alterna Clinics
TakeCare Health Services
Become Healthcare Solutions
Breakthrough Medical Network
TriNet Medical
Prime Healthcare Solutions
Healthplex Networks
Fresh Path Healthcare Resources
Aim To Stretch
Polaris Health Guidance
Higher Ground Medicine
Quality Healthcare Mgmt
Healthy Solutions Center
Lifetime Health Network
KindCare Center
Legacy incorporation
Leaders in Health Care Excellence
Physical Medicine Champions
Alpha Centauri Health Networks
Rising Sun Physical Medicine
CareTrust Physical Medicine Group
Wellness Net Specialist
IQ Quality Care
Patient's Need Network
Physio Wellness Resolution
Modern Care Solutions
Ultra Prime Care
A Plus Wellness
habit helpers
Focal Health Systems
Biolync Health
Greenpointe Health Networks
Comprehensive Health Services
Excel Medical Networks
WellPoint Medical Networks
Caring Healthcare
Zycon Healthcare Network
ValueCare Networks
Advantage Works Solutions
Healthcare Services Group
Considered Health Management
Beyond Limits Physical Medicine
CoheraCare Networks
United Healthcare Specialists
3D Body Care
LivNow Health Plan Group
PhysioCorps Patient Services
Nurture Healthcare Network
Excel Physical Health Outnet
Physical Medicine Management Authorities
Twin City Centralization
Legacy Health Network
Medicine Masters
Healthcare Outcome Leaders
Wellness Network
MediKey Physical Health
Care 2 All
Carecrest Health
Navigate Healthcare
WohleBody Health Solutions
PhysioPeak Health Networks
ExcelCorp Management Solutions
Empathic Wellness
PhysCore Networks
Phyision corps
Summit Signature Health Network
Nexus Physical Medicines
Valued HealthNet Services and Support
Pain Relief Specialty
MyWellness Network
Modern Aim
Somacare Systems Management
physical heartily
First QualiCare
Health Care Pathways
WellNet Patient Resources
Joint Venture
Makers physical
Healthy wellnesses
CoreSure Networks
Physical Health and Wellness Network
Monarch Networks of Physical Medicine
Triapex Health Network
Physical Field Management
Addition healthcare group
BodyCore Health Management
Body Wellness Network Plus
Quality Healthcare Facility
Apex Physical Health
Avanta Health
Triclinic Health Source
Sweet Wellness
Better Tommorow Healthcare Network
Expert wellness network
Innovative Physical Wellness Care
Sterling Medical
Physical Medicine Therapies
Excel Physical Health & Wellness
Elite Health Nexus
Triple Aim Healthcare Experts
Spinal Professionals Corporation
Health Beginning Inc
Lakeview Health Management
Superb Adjustment
PhysAlign Health Solutions
Managed Health Networks
Interrex Healthcare Solutions
Wellness Matrix
Tripod Health Network
Health and wellness support services
Health & Medicine Collaboration
Wellness Matters
Healing Hands Wellness
InteGreat Healthcare Network
Smart Healthcare Solutions
Amalgamated Physiatric Networks
The Vertebral Column
US Health Network
Personal Wellness Care
Innovative medical management
TopPeak Health
3d Health Network
Physical Health Partners
BackTech Wellness Center
Backed Up
Vibrant Wellness
Activus Physical Medicine
Outcome Authorities
Prime Health Consortium
The Patient Care Network
Network For Patient Health
Mainstream Physical Wellness
Excella Physical Medicine Center
New Heights Wellness
Painscale Zero
Masses' Care
Corporate Health Solutions
ClarityCare Health Network
Natural Innovations Physical Medicine
Visions of Vertebra
Infinity Networks Group
Exceed Physical Medicine
pentacle health marketing
All Insure
Cradling Arms
New Care Pathways
Triangle Physical
Quality HealthPlus
VitaCore Solutions
Preferred Caregivers
LunaHealth Networks
NewRise Health Management
TriCare Physical Health Network
Healthy Helpers
Giving Springs Health Management
3D Heath Solutions
Sentryx Health
Patient partners of excellence
NewFocul Health Networks
Triple Aim Assets
Include Network
Physically Phit
Whole Wellness Network
Healthful Network
Expansive HealthCare Network
Healthcare Visions
Manipulation&Adjustment Treatment Group
Healthcare Allies
Physical Revitalization Networks
BodyPeak Health Network
Adjusting Health
CCMI Medicinal Management. We Keep our Promises
Northern Wellness Solutions
Therapy Central
Solid Body Care
Innovia Quality Center
Defining Patient Care
We Have Your Back
Expertise Team
CommonCents HealthCare
PhysiMove Care
Better Body Professionals
Serious Health
Excel Physical wellness Centers
PremierPlans Managed Care
Simply Healthy Networks
TruBloom Health
notch align network
TargetMark Medical Group
Physwell Patent Care
HelthExpert Network
BigPicture Whole Health Solutions
YourPhysic Sol
The best of you
Paradigm Chiro National Services
Essence Wellness Center
Physical care for you
Innovative Health Management
LumaCare Network Solutions
Premier Path Physical Care
Pulse wellness
Medical Services and Products
Researched Therapies
Good Result Network
Inner Health Metrics
Valuate Networks
Aesculapian Advising
Curada Health Network
Triple Crown Medical
Gold Standard Health Solutions
WellVisions Quality Care Network
Modern Aim Care
All Care Pain Group
SoundHeart Medical
Eaglepoint Health
Quantum Health Solutions
Innovative Healthcare Network
Remedial Network Solutions
OutFront Health Solutions
United medical solutions
Mint Health
Legacy Healthcare Networks
Tranquility Healthcare Management
Aim Service Organization
Future Health Network
holisitic Physmed care
Au Courant Medical
Priority Muscle Care
HonestQuality Care
advanced health system
ThriveAlive Network
Service Health Networks
Physical Medicines Extrapolated
Innovation for Wellness
Retrofit health management
A Better You Health Center
Venn Networks
northeast health management
Care layer
VytalSigns PhysiCare
Higher Health Solutions
Triple Threat Health
CornerTree Network Services
Robust Healthcare Networks
Injury to InCare
Quality Physical Medicine
Nerve Network
BodyLogics Managed Care
right remedy care
esio med match
Regenex Health Network
Expert Healthcare Management
Therapeutic Solutions
Welljoint Network
Client Care Medical Management
Healthy matters 2Us
Whole Health and Wellness Center
Whole Health Network
Cutting Edge Health Management
Rehabilitation Center of Excellence
Meltingpot Medical Management
Hub Management med
Flourish Wellness
Cognizance Health Group
Salvera Innovations
Aspire Wellness Network
Wellife Network
Excellence Health Systems
Core Center of Excellence
ChiroScout, Inc.
GetBack With Us
Wellness Movement Network
Trimetryx Care
Quality Results Management
Wellness Shoppe
Lifestyles healthcare networks
Triple Aim Care
Freedom of Movement
WellMed Network
Guarded Aspect
Greater Good Physical Medicine
Vigor Unlimited
Patient Priority Network
Pure Pursuit
UberCare Physical Health Networks
Fountain of Youth Healthcare
Revelation Health Networks
Apex Medical
MediCom Quality Care
Whole Health Web
Pure Health Solutions
Peerless Patientcare Network
Abundant Care Services Network
SupraNet Medical Solutions
All physical
Victory Physical Services
Center for Healthcare Excellence
All about You Wellness organization
Results Driven Medical Network
Align Clinic
Twin City Health Management & Care Network
Spinal balanced network
Coalescent Health Care & Wellness
3A Care Management
Healthway Center
Foremost Health Management
Noctis Healthcare
HealthNet Physical Sourcing
PM&R Partners
Apex Physical Medicine
Skeletal Solutions
TruStar Health Management
self align
Life Changes Medical
Innovative Healthcare Management
The Body Joint
Spinecore Wellness Networks
Healthcare Managers
Infinity Management Group
Streamline Medical Network
Plenary Physical Medicine
Eastern Way Health Care
Corrected Wellness
PrimeAlign Network
TriPractic healthcare network
Resilience Health Network
Modern Healthcare Network
Bodewell Physical Health
New Beginnings in Physical Medicine
Corporeal Care Network
National Wellness Network
Healthcare Innovative Netwotk
Spinal aligners
Back Crackers
Healthcare Resources Network
NuView Care
Wellness council
BodyMatrix Health Solutions
MedPoint Pro
Heathy Pathwork
CauseCare Physical Medicine
Innovative inventions
Manage Care
EverWell Network
Corrective Circuitry
Natura Healthcare
Healthcare Ahead
Bender physical medicine health network
4ever wellness
ValueNet Health Management
Wellness Profession
Suave Health group
Health Systems and Wellness
CareCo Medical Network
Momentum Health Networks
Optimized Outcomes
Life Network Physical Medicine
Destination Health
Healthy Aim Services
LakeStar Health Network
Reale Health Networks
A To Z Healthcare
Incline Med Group
Physique Management
Quality Group Solutions
Medical Managment
Umbrella Care
network construction
Hygieia Health Management
Ambassador Care Networks
BodyBoost Solutions
BareCare Network
Merit Health Care
Wellnet Medcare
StarTech Medical Services
Socialized Medicine Networks
Wellness Center of Excellence
Aegis physical health
All Body Health
Quality Health Caregivers
Physical Medicine Network of Excellence
neighborhood health management
Accordance Care Health
N.Star Health and Wellness
Healthcare Connections
MediGold Standard
HealthCare Legacy Inc
Visionary Health Solutions
Wholesale. Health Managers
WellAssist Conglomerate
Euphoria Inner Balance Solutions
KeyMark Health Solutions
Physical Medicine Solutions, Inc.
Healthcare Turnaround
Body of Medicine
Physical & Curative Care Network
Pulse Network Services
Action HealthWorks
New World Medical
Medical Patient Pathways
Seasons Physical Network
MedTec, Inc.
Legacy Life & Wellness Center
Group Med Healthcare
Innovative Physical Wellness
physically innovative
Active Therapy Network
Organization For Health Management
MedNet Body Health
Offices of quality health management
Satisfaction Healthcare
NewYou Healthcare
CrackBack Inc.
NewGen Physical Medicine Corp.
Healthy Creation
Heritage Health & Wellness
Physiatry Pathways
corporate healthcare networks
Renewed Health
Heart of Health Management Professionals
EnduraSure Solutions
Omisty Health
CentreMedical Networks
Quality Healthcare
Spire Health Network
Health Elevated
Legacy Health Support Network
Healthy Goal
Secura Strides Health Solutions
Patient Verified
PrimePlans Health Network
The Patient Wellness Network
Physical Medicine Leaders
Core One Network
A1 Wellness Healthcare Network
PrimePoint Managed Care
Health&Wellness Focus
Frontier Solutions
Family Wellness Experts
TriNet HealthNet
Bend Them Well
Patient Care of Excellence
Newbody Health Management
ChiroCare Innovations
PhysAssist Network Solutions
Parallel Medical Group
Advance Healthcare
Right Adjustment
Center of Excellence for Patient Care
Lavida Wellness Solutions
Patient Health Cooperative
AltCare Health Professionals
Physical Health Practice
Health Onward
OneNet Health Solutions
WellBody Managed Care
Patient Healthcare Aggregate
First Class Health & Wellness
Qualimed Momentum Center
TripleAim Quality Partners
Bespoke Healthcare Solutions Group
Stellar physical
HealthWays Managed Care
Progressive Practice Physical Medicine
Wonderful Wellness
Aura Whole Wellness
Restorative Resources
Innovative Pathways Incorp
Client Remedy
A Notch Above Care Network
Accent Managed Care
Back on Track Healthcare
Transformative Care Network
Affinity Medical Services
MedNet Leaders
Equabody Physical Medicine
Modern Aim Network
Summit Health Systems
Physical MGT
Wellness Stat
MediMap Network
AspireNet Healthcare Solutions
OptumHealth Physical Medicine
MediGold Miracle
lakeside health and physical medicine
AllCare Medical Associates
Physical Med Connexion
Cure's the Word
Comprehensive Wellness Network
Quality Innovative Care
Twin City Care Management
ChiroCorrect Network
NeoLife Health Network
All Right Health Networks
Physical excellence and wellness center
Physical healthcare inc
Careful health
Valu Health Net
Health is just a pop away
System of Health Networks
The Krusen Group
RestAssured Integrations
Advantage Physical Medicine Services
Aim Rite
Choice Care Clinic
Physical Phocus
Lifeline Solutions
Insightful Wellness Network
Aimwell Medcare Plexus
Interstate Physical Medicine
ForMEd Plan
Bridges Health Care
Body Image Makers
Physiatry Healthcare Management
TopGrade Medical
Amity Managed Care
WholeSum Health Management
back door
Allistar Network
Revolutionary Health Care Networks
Corrective Benefits
Eminent HealthCare Corporation
Tic Toc Doc Healthcare
Physically there for you
Leading Medicinal Network
All's Wellness Network
Quality Care Coalition
MediXL Solutions
Patients First Network
UltimateChoice Health Networks
Unity Health, Inc.
Better Health Network
Got Your Back Management
PhysiRite Health Networks
physical body wellness center
Customized Physical Wellness Centers
Salutem Solutions
thoughtful wellness
Absolute Health Network
CQS Communities
national farmers healthcare network
Trimano Health
Genistar Therapeutic
Total Scope Network
Cracks 4 Wellness
Sound Body Healthcare
Physical Excellency Inc.
TriMed Network Management
National healthcare networks
Whole Body Health Network
Managed Body Outcomes
Shield Health managment
Quality Healthcare ManageNet
ForMed Care
Millennia Health networks
BrioSuite Physical Medicine
Integrity Stewardship Network
Triple Aim Group
Health and Wellness Clearinghouse
NuStandard Health Care
Quality Care Medical Wellness
Peak Physicare
MedVant Networks
New Horizon Medicine
Innovative Wellness Systems
Health Haven
Try Care
Pathfinder Medical
OccuSpinal Healthcare
Complete Wellcare System
Align Your Spine
Fidelus Healthcare Networks
Flourish Health Cooperative
Client Focus Health Network
Aimcare Health Systems
Managed Care Networks
NoMedium health
CareAid Physical Health Solutions
ClearPeak Health
Key Health Practices
Advanced Patient Care
Axon Physical
TripleAim Healthcare Partners
contratual medicine
PhysConnect, Inc.
AcuPoint Excellence
Core Care Consultanting
Physical wellness devision
Centre Medical
TriLink Healthcare Networks
Tri Aim Health Networks
Delicate HealthCare, Inc.
Get Well Fitness Network
Touchpoint Physical Medicine
All Hands On Deck Pain Group
Overall Wellness
Oracle Outcomes
Be Well Suites
Genius Health
Top Service Care
Renaissance Health Network
TripleAim Therapy Group
MediWorks Health Management
Personnel Healthcare Network
Accredited Patient Care
ClearComm Physical Care
High Rank Physical Medicine
Step in Step on
Family Health Network
Amplify Health Networks
Health Achieved
Health Choice Inc
Applied Tri Therapy
Wholeness Patient Center
Pathways to Health Care
Naturopathic HealthCare Network
Wholly Well Innovations
Purely physical
Kinesis Health Networks
Whole Self Wellness
CQS Medical Network
Your Life, We got it All covered
here for all
Embodied Healthcare Networks
WellCare Works
HealthSense Networks
Respected Health Networks
Innova Pathways Managed Care
Modern Aim Health
Principal Health Management
Network for Physical Medicine
Physiological Affiliates
Prime Health Perspectives
FirstChoice Health Center
Quality Health Innovations Group
MedScout, Inc.
Homeopathic Solutions
Physical Health and Wellness Resources
MedPure Healthcare
OneVein Health Management
Partnership Paths Care Solutions
3 Physical Medz
TruCare Health Networks
Medcare Hub
Minnesota Chiropractic Business Services
Legacy Health and Wellness
Sure Signs
Physical Wellness and Health Excellence Center
InnerEdge Wellness
Vitalitee Health Care
AxisPrime Health Solutions
Primo Care Health Networks
Align Healthcare Managers
Emerge Healthcare Networks
Blue Earth Care Networks
BodiHealth Physical Medicine
Healthcare Management and Resources
Guardian Health Solutions
Top Priority
TriNetCare SafeGuard Network
Physical love
RightBody Physical Health
Customized Paths
Integral Therapeutic Solutions
SciBridge Medical Innovations
Health Is 4 Us
The Physical Physicians Inc.
Get Bent
Epic Medical Solutions
the wellness factor
360 Wellness Partners
Physical MedSource
Core Management Center
Caliber Healthcare Networks
Health Excellence Hub
Practicon Wellness Solutions
Finally Flexible
Connecting Lives
Body of life
Good Aura Health Resources
Health Hive Management
PhysMed Complete Care
PM & Life
Workers Network Care Package
Healthcare Management Hub
TriNetCare Wellness
NuChiro Industry
PremierPlans Healthcare Network
Physical Healthcare Daily PHD
Physiosolve Management
Tri Group Health
Millenial HealthCare Network
Wellness Services for Physical Health and Support
Healthcare Transformation Network
CuraQuest Health Networks
Dynamic Healthnet Solutions
Trii Med Network
CareVine Physical Medicine Network
NewCare Physical Medicine
Triple Aim Pathways
Triwell Healthcare Network
AscendCare Solutions
Thrivewell Health Network
Compound Health Solutions