Hello. I am looking for a domain name on which I can build a blog website. This will be a professional blog from which I dispense 20 years of knowledge and wisdom on such topics as technology, software development, surviving the politics of being in the C-Suite, social media, etc. I am a Chief Technology Officer of 18 years have have been the CEO of three companies from inception to sale.

The goal is to expand my social reach substantially so I can help more people and companies while also increasing what I learn. Blog will be targeting CEOs, CTOs and Private Equity firms. Would like to reach international companies as well as national. In particular I want to reach companies that need someone to turnaround either the entire company (turnaround CEO), or turnaround their technology (turnaround CTO). I am particularly adept at using offshore resources from around the world to leveraging technology and operations at a fraction of performing in U.S. I am known for reducing through waste and inefficiencies, inspiring large teams to focus on the right things, and getting the "puck in the net" -- especially with regards to software development projects. I also have substantial experience in operations and strategy.

In short, I bring both formal, and school of hard knocks, knowledge to help companies (and sometimes specific departments such as Technology) become productive and profitable. There are many things that need to work together in order for that to be the case, and this blog will discuss those things.

This may evolve into a professional blog, but for now it will simply reflect my personal brand. With that in mind, if I could use my last name, "Keener", in the domain, that would be ideal, but is not necessary. My twitter handle is "TheKeenerEdge", if that helps, but again does not need to be incorporated.

Shorter is always better, but memorable is much more important than length.

Domain name must be unregistered and available.

UPDATE 1/15: Please note that I have updated the description above substantially. Most notably, I have added private equity firms to the targets.

Please note the name should NOT be about the fact this is a blog, but about the value the blog's insights bring people/companies. Also, this not an ego stroke! The only reason my name is in there is because this will be about the value my personal brand brings to an idea.

Name type can be techie/modern, but still needs to be professional.

Lastly, thank you very much for the questions. It helps me to define what I am looking for too. I will check in as much as possible this week to respond. I really appreciate the effort everyone is making.

... and if you are looking for freebies, I believe the following are available: thekeenerexecutive, keenerexecutive, keenerexec, thekeenerexec, keenerops, keenerglobaltech, keenerturnaround, thekeenerturnaround

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