We are a startup brewery based in Toronto's east side that is focused on bringing traditional beer styles to our local community in a manner that is accessible to both the beer aficionado and the casual enthusiast. We value our community and love to create spaces with great beer, good food and great conversations. We focus on using local talents and ingredients, and building relationships with our local farmers to make quality beer that embodies creativity, innovation and great taste.

Business Names

Crossroads Brewery

by mesabi

Revelation Brewing Co.

by scoop
Revelers Brewing Company
The Rally House
TerraBrew Company
Zenergy Brewing Co.
Blockhouse Brewery
HearthWood Brewing Co.
Friendship Brewing Co.
Gathering Place Brewery
Camaraderie Brewing Co.
Frosted Folk Brewing Co.
BluePeak Brewing Co.
Salvo Brewing Company
MapleLeaf Brewery
NorthPointe Brewery
Stones Throw Brewing
Aspen Brewing CO
Firestarter Brewing
Loonie's Brewing Company
Piazza Brewing Company
Gathern'Place Brewery
Fiddler's Green
Toronto Traditions
Powwow Brewery Co.
Caravan Brews
Workshop Brewery
Lokal Brew
Best Bud Brewing Co.
Friendezvous Brewery
Norm's Brewery
Otis Called
Library Libations Brewing Co
Continuum Brewing Co.
DeJaVu Brewery
Chum Circle Brewery
Bros brew
Natures' Best
Brew Haloo
Tasty Brewery
Trysting Brewing Company
EndUp Brewing Co.
BlueSky Brewery
StormBorn Brewery
Eclipse Brewing
Yantzee Brewing
Spectrum Brews
Epicenter Brewing Co.
The Highlife
Fair Play Brewery
Porch Bench Brewery
Beach Avenue Brew Company
Ingleside Brewing Company
TireSwing Brewing Co
Grateful Hearts Brewing
Heart&Hearth Brewing
Gladsome Brewing Company
All The Beer
Get Together Brewing Co.
Brew Mania
Locale Brewery
Schmo Brewing Co
Brewskie Buds
Bon Jour Brewhouse
Surplus Brewery
Upstart Brewing Co.
ChitChat Brewing Co.
Bar Leigh
Family Crest Brewing
Brews T.O You
Pioneer Club
Ronto Hops
Pitchfork Pints
Black Bear Brew
Metro Brewing Company
Brinks and Brew
Xcita Brewery
Torobeach Brewing
Torratidal Brewery
Rue J Brewing Company
Commonwealth Co.
Moments Brewing Company
Maple brewing
Nova Aleworks
Brew and Chew
BeerLuv Brewing Co.
All4one Brewing
Home Base Brewery
LuvSuds Brewing Co.
Maltmade Brewing
Hockey Puck Brewery
Serenity Brewing Co.
Campin Brews
Anchor Fermentary
Pop on Hops
Kind Karma Brewing Co.
Beret Brewery
Daybreak Brewers
Forum Brewery
Millennium Brewery
Moreish Brew
Guzzling Brewery
Bluffcall Brewery
Smooth Waters
HiPoint Brewery
Local Focal
The Spot Brewing Company
Smokey Leaf
Soiree Brewing Co.
YongeSide Brewing Co.
Peameal Brewery
Roadapple Brewery
Barrellina Brewery
Godish Brewing Co.
QEW 647
Relaxation & Rejuvenation
Rival None
Totality Brewing Company
Brewsed Palate
Dundas Bay Brewery
Black Ash Brewing Co.
Tankards Brewery.
Tops in Hops
Watering Hole Brewery
City Beer
Hellbound Distillery
Brotime Brews
Aim True Brewing Co
Brewsy Vibes
Greezy Craft Ales
3rdPlace Brewing Co.
Hop Assemblage
The Beer Spot
Parliament Brewing Co
Innova Brewing Company
Oasis Brewery
CrAzY 8's
ChainLink Brewery
Black Heath Brewing Co.
Great Plains Spirits
HelloHearts Brewery
Barley and Hopps Brewery
Clink! Brewing Co.
Threshold Brewing Company
Trademark Brewing Co.
Intrique Brewing Company
Community Brewing Company
Altogether Brewery
Grandma's Rocker Brew
Muskee Brewing Company
Due North BrewMeisters
Ghost Stories Brewing Co.
Australis Brewing Company
Local Fellow Brewing
Velvet Riches Brewery Co.
Ice Cold Brews
Glacier Aleworks
Homecoming Brewery
Cityscape Brewery
Bastard Brew
Revolutionisk Brewery
IronGate Brewery
Local Wonder
Sip n' Swill
Hop Hatcher
Hoppendorf Brewery
Leaking Lantern
Bear Beer
Homebodies Brewery
Geo Brews
Near Beer
Hip Brewery
The Pocket Brewing Co
Bare Marshal Brewing Co
Hoppy Brewing Co
Northerly Brewing
Realm Brewery
Brown barrel brew
Hops Bonding
Authente Brewing Co.
Frolicer's Brewing Company
Powwow Brewing Co.
Neck of the woods
endulding brewery
Simpatico Brewing Company
SteelPulse Brewery
Group Hug Brewery
Nurture Brewing
Cozy Brewing Co.
Symposium Brewing Hub
Conversation Brewing
GasLight Brewing Company
The Grog and Grub Brewery
Casual Brewery
Anthem Brewing Company
Celebration Brewery
WhiteRaven Brewing Co
Barbarella Brewing Co.
Hops and Harley Brewing Co.
Everpeak Brews
Myrcene Brewing Co.
Friendly Spirits Brewing Co
What's Brewin'
Evocative Brewing Co.
Happenstance Brewing Co.
Troupe True Brewing Co.
Nine Yards
Canada's best
BORIEL Brewing Company
Red Door Brewing Company
Honcho Ale
Golden Glow Brewery
Grand Trunk Brewing
Opulent Brewery
Wellhaven Brewery
CozyChat Brewery
Motley Crew Brewery
Iron Horse Brewing
Beer We Are
Sidewalk Brewing Co
Sudsix Brewery or The Suds 6 Brewery
BrewNova Brewers Co
In Cahoots Brewing Co
True Brews
Renew brewing
Euphoric Brewery
OK Corral Brewing
East District Brewery
Risque Brewey Co
HaleO Brewing Company
Ninkasi Barrel
Hopping Mad Brewery
Warm Wishes Brewery
Buds'n Brewskies
The Brewery Co.
Barley Me Brewery
Stellar Brew
BackWhen Brews
Sublime Sedation Brewing
Gold leaf brewing
Hearth Brewhouse
Silk Fox Beer House
Taiga Brewing Company
SilverStarr Brewing Co.
Brew Ribbon
Quorum Brewing Company
Elbow Room Brewery
Worker Bees
Soiree Brewery
Pour More Brewing Co.
Firefly Brewing Co.
MacBrew Place
Moonbeam Brewery
Port Lands Brewing Co
SavageKings Brewery
Treadition Blue Brewery
Harmonious Hops
The RendezBrew
RebelCause brewery
The Bootlegger Brewery
Aliance Brewery
Great Lakes Brewing
Assembly Hall Brewing Co.
Old Stien brewery
Eastside Tap
PorchRocker Brewing Co.
Companionable Brewers
Oakleaf Born Brewery
WhiMello Brewing Company
Stormking Brewing
Fizzgig Fermatorium
Lightside Brewing Company
Toronto Lagery
Kibbutz Brewing Co
Bottled Curiosities Brewery
Barstool Babe Brewing Co.
Kaleidoscope Brewing Company
Spacetime Brewery
Verandah Brewing Co.
Glenfern Hop
salut la vie
Beer Battered
Talent Town
Ferdant Craft Brewery
Dock of the Bay Brewing Co.
Barstool Buddy Brewing Co.
Prism Brewing Co.
Youbouy Brewery
Oddball Brews
Bigfoot Brews
Com'in Round Brewery
Original Grin
The Phoenix Brewing Co.
Yellow Light
Lock, Stock & Hops Brewing
Juxtaposition Brewery
HopTime Brewery
The Breweries
ToronTogether Brewery
Homeward Brewing Company
Amber Antics
Ye Olde Bastard
Lamp post
The East End Ale Works
Fyrefly Brewery
Aroura Brewery
Nurture Brewing Co.
6ix Can Brew
MeetNGreet Brewing Co.
Plowshares Brewery
Hob Nobs Brewery
Ember's Glow Brewing Company
Dinner Bell Brewing Company
Regalia Brewing
Chilltimes Brewing Co.
Festivia Brewing Company
The Toronto Barrel
Brew North Brewing Co.
Lightguide Brewing Co.
Brew Cottage
Phalanx Brewing Company
Brew Skis
Spellbound Brewery
Unification Brewing Company
Hearthside Brewing Company
Beer Heaven
Brew Brothery
FriendCave Brewing Company
Roots Brewery
Over Yonder Brewing Co.
Jester Brewing Co.
Sanctum Brewery
AfterWork Brewing Company
Maximillions Kick
Doorbell Brewing Co.
Sapphire Gate
Portrait Brewery
Drink Together Brewing Co.
farmfest brewery
Adam's Pick
Nine Yards Brewers
Affaire Brewing Co.
Connexions Brewmasters
Kumbaya Brews
Citizenry Ales
4Locals Brewing Co
Chinook Brewery
Erie Brewery
Tip Top Brewing
NorthPath Brewery
MeetMe Brewery
GatherHouse Brewing Co
Discourse Brewing Company
Harness Bells Brewing Co.
Brew Who Company
Mixr Brewing Company
Chin24 Brewing company
Trusty Stoop Brewery
Barbecue Brewery
Infusion Tank
Beer Cheer
Boldly Brew
Hops Hall
School Brew
Flavorful Fusions
BRAZO Brewing Company
CN Brewery
Back Porch Brewers
Chug a Lug Brewery
Line&Sinker Brewing Co
Behold Best Beer
Farm Fermented Brew Co.
La Familia Brewing Co
StoryTellers Brewing Co.
Memories Brewery
Brewing Memories
tastey local brewery
Shooting stars brewery
Chef & Ale Brewery
ComeOnIn Brewing Company
Happy Place Brewing Co.
DC brewery
Bailiwick Brewing Co.
HappyHour Brewing
Shambles Brewing Co.
The Nest Brewing Co.
Metro Brewery
Cricket Song Brewing Co.
Parlor Malt Ale Co.
Brew Kettle
Ale and Eat
Partners Brewery
Natch Brewing
Coterie Brewery
Raptor's Choice Brews
ChillZone Brewing Co.
Ignight Brewing Co.
Town Relic Brewery
Backroom Retreat Ales
Pleasant Pints
Faro Brewing Co
The Beaches Brewery
Rendezbrews Brewing Co.
perpetual brewery
FaceTime Brewing Co.
Copper's Gem
Primary Numbers
Borealis Brewing Co.
Rocking Chair Brewing Co.
Great blend's Brewery
The Torch Brewery
Backyard Brewing Co.
PrimeTime Brewery
Amber Waves Brewery
Heritage House Brewing
Dockside Brewing
Crafty Spirits Brewing Co.
Golden Grain Brewery
Roundabout Brewhouse
Backdeck Brewing
LampLight Brewing Co
Firelight Brewing Co.
Unfiltered Brews
Streetlight Brewery
RoundTable Brewery
CozyCabin Brewery
Rounders Brewing Co
Starlight Brewery
Torchlight Brewery
Revelry Brewing Co.
Local Libations
Glowing Embers Brewing Co
Cornerstone Brewery
Deja Brew
Kinship Brewery
Spotlight Brewing Co.
Refuge Brewing Company
Full Circle Brewing
Milestone Brewery Co.
WhitePines Brewing Co.
RedOak Brewing Co.
Homelight Brewing Co
Golden Hearth Brewery
FireSpark Brewing
Chathouse Brewery
River Oak Brewery
Urban Retreat Brewery
Rogue River Brewery
Cheers Brewing Company
RedRock Brewing Co.
Twilight Brewery
Twin Barrel Craft Brewing
Black Ox Brewing
Trajectory Brewing Co.
FrontDoor Brewing
Oak Barrel Brewery
United Grains
Dusty Holler Brewery
East Side Tappers
Urban Saga Brewing Company
Harbor Light Brewery
Stomping Grounds Brewery
Blue Horizon Brewery
Northern Gem Brewing
Homespun Brewing Co
Water Hole Brewing Co.
Front Steps Brewery Co
Tryst Brewing Co
Barley House brewing
BlueHearth Brewery
Moonlight Brewing Co.
Northern skies
Torchside Brewing Company
Fire & Rain Brewery
Grassroots Brewing Co.
NightLight Brewing Company
Corner Hub Brewery
Generation Brewing Co.
Good Neighbors Brewery
The Toronto Elixir
Deep Rootz
Hearth and Hops Brewing
Sunrise Brewing Company
Blue Barn Brewing Company
Watchfire Brewing Co.
Old City Brewery
Friday Night Brewing Company
Craft Fellows Brewing Co.
Blue Ember Brewing
Wayfare Brewing
Windsong Brewing Co
Heartland Brewing Company
Surge Brewing Co
Fabled Brewing
Bullseye Brewery
The Gathering House
Village Ale House
North Beacon Brewery
Breakwater Brewing
Bonfire Brewing Co.
Old Toronto
Hideaway Brewery
Beacon Brew Co.
porchside brewery
Amber Glow Brewery
Hearth House
Common Ground Brews
Aurora Brewers
The Farmhouse Brewery
RunningBull Brewers
Highlife Brewery
The Bay Brewery
VillageSquare Brewing
Capstone Brewing CO
City Bound Brews
Homefields Brewery
Old Toronto Brewing Company
Lighthouse Bay Brewery
OldeTowne Brewing Co.
Home Pint
Ironside Brewery
Momentum Brewing Co.
Campside Brewery
Hometown brewery
Lantern Brewing Co.
Cheers and Beers
Black Barrel Brewing Co.
FrostyMug Brewery
OnTap Brewing Co.
Copper Keg Brewing Co.
Beacon Brewing Company
HoppStar Brewing Co.
Starry Night Brewing
Candlelight Brewery
BarnHouse Brewing Co.
Good Gathering Brewing Co.
The Dwelling Brewery
Teakwood Brewing Co
Clear Sky Brewing
Gather Around Brew Co.
Logcabin Brewery
Seasons Brewing Co.
Local Hops
Ancestry Brew
Bridgewater Brewery
GoodCompany Brewing
Silver Stein Brewery
Brickwork Brewery
Sweet Home Brewing Company
Landmark Brewery
Homefront Brewing Co.
Jubilation Brewing Co.
North Rivers brewing
True North Brew
Riverside Brewery
Brothers in Brews
Home Turf Brewery
RiverBreeze Brewing Co.
Fifth Lake Brewing
Strawman Brewery
Unwinder Brewing Co.
Coastside Brewery
Brickside Brewing Co
Homegrown Brewhouse
BrickCellar Brewery
Bliss Brewing Co.
Amber Fields Brewery
Fullmoon Brewing Co.
Dark Horse Brewing Company
Wildwood Brewing
Glass Bottom Brewers
Social Brewing Co.
Crackling Fires Brewing Co.
Amber Ale
Alcove Brewing Co.
Wishstone Brewing Company
Northward Brewing Company
Junction Brewery
Winter Paradise Brewery
Grizzly Mountain Brewery
Back Booth Brewery
Fireglow Brewing Co.
Local Fare Brewing Co.
Locals Best
Pride Land Brewing
Great Times Brewing Company
Light's On Brewing Co.
Northside Brewery
Farmtable Brewey
Red Bluff
Legacy Brew
YorkHouse Brewing Co
Porchlight Brewing Co.
Homeplace Brewing Company
Union Call Brewery
Kindred Brews
FireRock Brewing
Matchstick Brewery
ColdFire Brewery
Borderline Brewery
Our Place Brewery
Portside Brewery
Artisian Avenue
Corner Booth Brewery
Upstream Brewers
Sunray Brewery
Six Caps Brewery
Beer Buddies Brewers
Meeting Place Brewery
Sidekicks Brewing Co.
MeetingHouse Brewing Company
Serendipity Brewing
Gather Brewing Company
Plate & Ale
Last Glass Brewery
Local Lager
Symphony Brewing Company
Gatheround Brewing Co.
Kitchen Table Brewing
Beer Buddy Brewing Company
Brotherly Brewing Co.
Blue Pine Brewery
Light Box Brewery
Mossy Oak Brewery
Amity Brewing Co.
Urban Brews
Treehouse Brewing Co.
Night Sky Brewery
The Sip House
Axis Brewing Co.
Picnic Table Brewing Co.
Homefire Brewery
99bottles Brewery
Cool Bohemian
Burning Embers Brewing Co.
Black Brick Brewing Co.
Old Timers Brewery & Co.
Earth Bond Brewing Co
Social Suds
The Collective Brewing CO
BlockParty Brewery
Companionable Brewing Company
Bellwether Brewing Co.
The Niche Brewery
Stormport Brewery
Local Yokel Brewery
Blue Dock Brewery
Potluck Brewery
Ambiance Brewery
Dark Drifter Brewing Co.
Constellation Brewing Co.
Craft Corner Brewing
Urban Hub Brewing CO
Red Tail Brewing Company
Forecast Brewery
Black Sails Brewery
North Neighbors Brewery
Brewed Up
MyPort Brewery
Interlude Brewery
Cripple Creek Brewing CO
Good Brews Company
ToroLoca Brewing Co.
Farm Fresh Brewing
Tower Brewing Co
LakeSide Brewery
Hub Brewing Co
HomeGrown Brewing Co.
FinestKind Brewery
Community Buzz Brewery
The Regulars
Country Mile Brewing
Downtown Brew
Artisan Ales
Toronto Tap House
East end brewery
Black Oak Brewery
3 Cheers Brewery
Roundhouse Brewing
Nomad Brewing Co.
Castlerock Brewing Co.
MountianCreek Brewery
Last Sun Brewing
Fox Run Brewing Co.
Lone Wolf Ale
Our Table Brewing Co.
Renaissance Brewing Co.
Connections Brewery
Backwoods Vibe
Rusty Seat Brewing Co.
York Brewing
Summit Distilling Co.
Candlewood Brewing Company
Cool Breeze Brewery
Alliance Brewing Co.
CandleWick Brewery
Nimble Brewing
FrontYard Brewing Co.
Vision Brewing Co.
Northern Lights Brewing
Three Cheers Brewing Co.
Shining Water Ale
firewood brewery
Perfect Storm Brewery
Toronto Farm Brews
Excel Brewing Co
Solace TapRoom
Posse Brewing Company
Happy Hearth Brewing
Rapport Brewing Companty
Sud Works
Revival Brewing Co.
True Brew
Sit Back Brewery
BurningRock Brewing
Bond Brothers Brewing Co.
Cork&Vine Brewing co
Visionary Brewing Co
Backhand Brews
Traditional Waters Brewing Co.
Balefire Brewing Company
Fireside Brewing Company
R&R Brewery
Local Brewing Traditions
Stopover Brewing Co
City Side Brewing Company
Thirsty Lizard
Pavilion Brewing Company
Laughing Hearth Brewing
Ramblin' Brewing Company
Courtyard Brew
Ironwood Brewery
Buddy Brews
Fellowship Brewing Company
Simple Affairs Brewery
Comradery Brewery
Compadre Brewery
Stonewyck Brewing Company
Wishing Well Brewing Co.
Heart's Ember
Blue North Brewing
Barefoot Brews
Summer Haze Brewery
Beachdog Brewery
Cheer You Brewery
FireWind Brewery
Relish Brewing Co.
Toronto Bay Brewing Co.
Lucky Dog Brewery
Master Blend Brewers
Rekindle Brewing Company
Our Brewhouse
ShinDig Brewery
RaiseYourGlass Brewing Co.
Hamlet Brewing Company
ClearLake Brewing Co.
Embers Brewing Company
Boondock Brewing Company
The Anchor Brewery
Nuance Brewery
Downhome Brewing Company
Magic Moon Brewing Co.
Red Fox Brewery
Handshake Brewing Co.
Backstairs Brewery Co
Brushfire Brewing Co.
Drink Up Brewery
Fireplace Brewery
Cozy Hearth Brewing Co.
Roots Brewing
Provencal Brew House
Welcome Disruption Brewery
Beachside Brewery
Black & Brew
Still Crazy Brewing Co
One Life Brewing Co.
Friendly Brewing Company
Railhead Brewing Company
Good Fences Brewery
House of Beers
Rendezvous Brewery Co.
BeFriend Brewery
Convergence Brewing Co.
The Hub Brewery
Intersection Brewery
Flicker Brewing Company
Trail Magic Brewers
Last Sun Brewery
Prairie Dog Brewery
Top Notch Brewery
GoodTimes Brewery
Groundwork Brewing Co.
Dual Spirits Brewery
Gather A Round Brewing Co.
Caribou Call Brewing
Campfire Brew Co.
FountainHigh Brewery
Brew Loco
Brewed Attitude
Hangout Brewing Co
Beer Collective Brewing Co
Folklore Brewing Company
Provincial Brewers
Harmony Crafted
CandleFly Cottage Brewing Co.
Adirondack Brew Co.
Happy Harvest Brewing Company
HighRidge Brewery
Gatherings Brewing Company
Barnyard Brewery
Fox or Fowl
Night Terrace Brewery
MoonStar Brewery
Glowing Light Brewing
Barley Brew
SunSet Brewing CO
RipRoaring Brewery Co.
Homeland Brews
Local Yokel Brewing Company
Hinge Brewing Company
Hitch Brewing Company
Centerpiece Brewery Co.
Skywatcher Brewing Co.
Incredible Brew
Towns Finest Brew
Tableau Brewing
Emberstone Brewing Company
Aurora Brewing Co.
Elysian Brewery
Sowing Suds
Gamut Brewing Company
Midnight Moon brewing Co
New Leaf Brewery
Moonrise Brewing Company
Backyard brewhouse
Beer Brewers Co
Raven's Claw Ales
Fresh Traditions Brewing
Ally Brewing Company
Brookstone Brewing CO
The Zone Brewery
Neighborly Brewing Co.
Shenanigans Brewery
Carry Brewery
Local Stars Brewery
Mighty Wind Brewery
Liver Brews
Eastside Ale
Toronto Brew Jays
Bonded Brews
Stone Hearth Brewery
Relational Brewing Co.
Drink Buddies Brewery
Wonderland Brewing Co
Lightning Brewing Company
Taste of Toronto
Huddle Brewing Co.
Tellurian Brewery
Hearthstone Brewing Company
Hay There! Brewing Co
FinCastle Brewery
Forum Brewing Co.
Under the Stars Brewing Co.
ShadyOaks Brewing Co.
Woods' Neck Brewery
WinterCreek brewery
Plato's Pub
Reminisce Brewers
Storyhill Brewing
Brewing Boulevard
BirchNBarley Brewing
Raven Brewing Company
Amberly brewery
Sudsy Sloan's
Butters Brewhaus
Community Brewery
Majestic Mellow Brewery
Lucky Puck Brewing co
Havre Brewing Co.
Deja Vu Brewing Co
Brew Freedom
Neighborhood Brew Works
Lake Effect Brewing Co.
Big Smoke Brewing
Parley Brewing Co.
Flamestone Brewing Company
Porchkey Brewing Co.
FestiveLights Brewing Co.
Breezey Brewers
Brew Nouveau
Earthshine Brewery
King Crafters Brewery
I Beer You Loud & Clear
IntiMates Brewing Co.
GangsAllHere Brewing Co.
BlueDeck Brewery
Bonafide Brewmasters
Promenade Brewery
Kinquest Beverages
Wonderale Brewing Company
Fiery Glow Brewing Co.
UrbanHearth Brewery
On the House Brewing Co.
Piper's Own
100 plus beer
Watercooler Brewery
KickinBack Brewery
Oldtown Brewing Company
Arctic Key Brewing co
Beer Garden Brewing Co
Gathering Hole
Neighbor's Ale's
Stone Soup Brewing Co
Northern Hospitality Brewing Co.
Inner City Brewery
Toronto East Brewing Co.
Atlandia Brewing Company
Muster Brewing Company
Torcan Brewing Company
Toronto Ale House
Current Brewery
Fire and Ice Brewery
Confluan Brewing
Openhearth Brewing Company
Brew Place
Field to Stein
Firefort Brewing Co
YYZ Brewery
Converge Brewing Company
Porchwood Brewing Co.
Nextdoor Brewing Company
Don River Brewery
Craft Hangar Brewery
Blue Rooster Brews
Club Brewery
Brewerly Love
The Good Life Brewing Company
ShareLife Brewing Co.
Legend Brewing
All Together Brewing
Esprit de Corps Brewing
Huddle Hops Brewery
Thirty One Below Brewing
Speaking Easy Brewing Co.
Brew Builders
By The Fire Brewery
Impish Delight
Ingrained Brewing Company
Craft Collective
ChugBuddy Brewery
BrauenOase Beer Co.
Word of Mouth brewery
Legendary Brewing
Cyprus River Brewing Co.
CordialBrew Brewery Co
Bitterings Pub
Great Taste Brewery
The Hideout Brewery
The Outkast Brewery
Brownstone Brewing CO
Centerlink Brewing Company
Stone Balloon Brewing
Our Neighborhood Brewery
Gatherspark Brewing
Hogtown Brewing Co.
Cocoon Brewing Co.
Coachlight Brewing Company
SingleSpeed Brewing
The 416 Brewery
MelloWest Brewery
Fifth&Main Brewing
Midstream Brews
Convivial Brewing
Beer barrel company
Beer N brew
Mishmash Brewhouse
Toronto Brewhaha
White Ember Brewing
The Sauced Loon
Rogue Brewing Company
Local Color Distillery
Barley ale brewery
Poppys Pub Brewery
PorchBeacon Brewing Co.
Alesmith Brewing
Odd Duck Brewing Co.
Sentiment Brewing Co
Voyageur Brewing
the creative beer company
Snowbird's Brewing Co.
LifeTouch Brewing CO
Nightglow Brewing
Relic Rendezvous Brewery
Glad Tidings
Raising Grain
Fuddle Brewhouse
The East End Brew Works
Conversation Brewing Co.
Suds above brewery
Zymurgy Brewhouse
Cozy Room Brewery
Hopestone Brewing Company
Patio Brewing Company
North America Brewing Company
Toronto's East End Tavern
32nd Degree Brewery
Verity Brewery
Best Brew Eh
Moonglow Brewing Co.
BoarHead Brewery
Etienne Brule Brohaha
Brew Abode
Union Crossing Brewery
Sidebar Brew
Low Glow Brewing Company
E Side Toronto Brewery
Warm Welcome Brewery
Barleymist Brewery
Thoroughfare Brewery
Strong Arms Brewing Co.
Inglenook Brewing Company
DelToro Brewing Co.
Brew & Hearth
Raconteur Brewing Co.
Warm Hearth Brewing CO
Golden Horseshoe Brewery
Spring Shower Brewery
Cheers Beer
Friend Fusion
Old Oak Tavern
Farm to Drunk
Vat Brewing
Brewmakers Pub
Brew Faire
Circle Brewing Company
Recollections Brewery
Past Curfew Brewing Co.
Confab Brewing
Out & About Brewhouse
Emberlight Brewing Company
Winkwell Brewing Company
PharmPals Brewery
Docking Station Brewing Co.
Regale Brewing Company
Summertime Brewing Company
Brew houze
Favorite Family
Home Suds
Drop By Brewing Co
Brew Buds Brewery
Local Lives Brewing Co.
WagonWheel Brewhouse
Local flaver
ArtisticBrew Brewing Co
Local love brewing
Wetlands Distillery
BetterChamp Brewing
Ally Ales
Barleycorn Brewing Co.
Local Foam
Flock Brews
Blue Jay Brewery
Past Times Brewery
Mukluk Brewing Co
Ale Guild Brewing Co
BeerBuds Brewery
Twin Souls
Beergain Brewing Co.
Toronto Brewbuilders
Farfetch Brewing Co.
Lifebuoy Brewing Co.
NextUp Brewing Co.
Reunion Brewing Company
Early Spring Brewing Co.
The Place Brewery
Brewed together
Humble Brews
Friends & Neighbors
Deepsoul Brewing
T Dot Brewery
Mingle Brewing Company
Brightside Brewery
Steel Rose Brewery
EST Brewery
BluNova Brewing CO
The BarnWood
Goodbar Brewery
Iron Boot Brewery
416 Brewing Co.
Ester's Brewpub
WideOpen Brewing Co.
Starfield Brewing Co.
Toronto Brewing Company
E.T. Brewing Co
Tightknit Brewing Co.
StreetParty Brewing Co
Hoppy Times Brewery
Blue Dusk Brewing Co.
Esprit de Pour
Firepond Brewing Co.
Here's2You Brewing
Totally Toronto Brewing Co.
Foxtail Brewing Co.
Come Around
Local View Brewery
Infused Brewery
Sanctuary Brewing Co.
Firestone Brewing
Backroom Brewing Co.
Ole Lovers' Valley Brewing Co.
A Cote Brewery
The Local Brewhouse
Evening Shade
Our Town Brewing Co.
Local Pubhouse
BrewSPACE & Co.
Crooked Shed Brewing Co
Honeyside Brewery
Traditionally Tasteful
Wishrock Brewery
Whim & Vigor Brewing
3Pistols Brewing
Comrades Brewery
Bluedoor Brewing
Soniqstar Brewing Co.
Lake Ontario Brewing Company
Seventh Brick
Classic Brewing
So's Yer Old Man
Family Barley
Local brew shop
Clever Badger Brews
Adirondack Brewery
Place2Be Brewery
All Natural Taste
Rub Elbows Brewery
CloseKnit Brewery
Easy Tiger Brewing Company
Barley & Brotherhood
Huddle Up Brewing Co.
Shady Acres Brewery
Heatwave Brewery
Balcony Brewing Company
The Cosmos Brewery
Brotherhood Brewery
Porchspan Brewing Co.
Havenburrow Brewing Co.
Beyond the Brew
Gazebo & Grill Brewing Company
Belonging Brewery Co.
Silver Stag Brewing Co.
Longstory Brewing
Rollicker's Brewing Company
Speak Easy Brewery
Porter & Poutine
Yonge and Olde Brewery
Limelight Brewing
Welcome Wagon Brewing Co
Northlight Brewing
1904 Brewery Co
Native Hearth Brewery
Kindling Brewing Company
Completely Casual Brewers
Companions Brewing Company
Queen Victoria's
Garden Brew
Queen City Brewery
Turf Tap
Invitation Brewing Co.
Memento Brewing Company
Summon Brewing Company
Howdy Brewing Company
The Neighborhood Brew
Goat's Beard Brewery
Muddy York Brewing Co.
EastSide Brewery
Chummy Brewing Co.
Afterglow Brewery
National Brewery
Affinity Brewing Co
Allow Brewery
Porchlit Brewery
Bonhomie Brewing Co.
Breeze Brewery
MonkWerks Brewery
Have A Pint
Flying Frog Brewery
MyCrew Brew
Toronto Brew Crew
Carboy's Cellar
Vicinity Brewing Company
Eastside Draughthouse
Amiga Brewhouse
Ditto Brewing Co.
Devil's Key
Singalong Brewing Company
My Town Brewing Co.
Brew Collective
Gathering Grain Brewing Company
Brewery Manor
Timeless Brewing Co
Favorite Fam
Native Stead Brewing Co.
Micronto Brew
ZuuZuu Brew
Round Up Brewery
Tenderheart Brewing Company
Imagitive Brews
Homestead Brewery Co.
Danforth Brewing Company
The Localite
Harmony House Brewery
Centre Island Brewing Co
Front Stoop Brewing Co.
Eat, Drink, and be Very
Hops & Hopes
BrewTor Local
416 Brewery
Skookum brewery
Steins And Mugs Brewery
Fable Brewing
Wheat Bay Brewery
Nimrod Brewery
Brews Bros
Kindlestone Brewing Company
WhoKnew Brewery
Ritual Lighthouse Brewery
Maple East Brewing Company
Timkee Brewery
Refuse Brewing
Good Friends Brewery
Concourse Brewing Company
Brew Bros.
Stay Local
Queen's Quay Brewing Co.
New Endeavours Brewery
Genesis Brewery
Brookdale Brewery
Fishing Hole Brewing Co
The Rouge Brewery
Barley Coalition
Tastibrew Brewery
Rails Brewery
Sun Hound Brewery
Toronto BrewTimes
Localist Brew Co.
Moonshine Brewers
Gable Brewing Company
Safehaven Brewing Co.
Brew Shanty
Hoppy Hour Brewing Co
Riptide Brews
Candlewyck Brewing Company
Rockymount brew
Stargaze Brewing Co.
Union of Brews
Daytripper Brewing
Front Porch Brewing
Banyan Brewing Company
Hometown brew
Tabernacle brew company
Brewgarten Haus
Veranda View Brewing Co.
The Buddy BrewMeisters
TopHops Brewery
Gabber's Gulch Brewing Co.
Estuary Ales Brewery
Cheers TOgether
Gusto Brewing Co.
TownHall Brews
Gathered Brewery
Beers TOgether
Wychwood Brewery
Little Pint Brewery
Hop & Grain Brewing Co.
Breston Brewing
Brew La La!
Porchswing Brewing Co.
Hops N' Barley
Tandem Brewing Company
Hops & Barley Brewing Company
Merrymakers Brewery
Rallyround Brewing Co.
Silverback Brewery
Northen Blend
IndigoStar Brewing Co.
Falling Star Brewing Company
Cherry Cricket
RoadTrip Brewing Co.
Monkeyshines Brewing Co.
The Frigate
Wildfyre Brewery
Casa Loma Brewery
HeadsUp Brewing Co.
Silvery Moon Brewery
Socialize Brewing Co.
United to Brew
Clambake Brewing Company
Embark Brewing Company
PubHop Brewing Co
Porchlife Brewing Co.
August Brewing Co.
Toronto PureBrew
Outpouring Brewery Co.
Barley Barrel Brewery
Boardroom Brewing Company
Ale to Remember
Potlatch Brewing Company
Pils & Stills
Barstool Babble Brewing Co.
Wicked Willow Brewing Co.
Harbour Brewery
Hopalong Brewing Co.
Distinct Seasons Brewery
New Dawn brewing co.
Between Friends Brewery
Funloving Brewery Co.
Societal Brewery
Ambrosia Brewery Co.
FirePit Brewing Co
Inner Sanctum Brewery
Coming Home Brewing Company