4 Chosen Names


private contest - chosen name kept private



We have just started a new business. We are combining a branding design agency with a business coaching company. Our vision is to help small to medium size business grow and streamlining the process making it easier for the customer to buy. They can get a logo, full branding, stationery, marketing materials and website with combined business coaching all under one roof.


The Velvet Stone

I'm a jewelry designer based in Southern California and am looking for a name for my new business. My pieces are all made of fine metals and rare stones and each is unique and made in small quantities. I put my heart and soul into the pieces I make and thus ask a premium price for them. In my marketing, I emphasize the exclusivity of the items I make and the fact that my name is known to some of the inner circles of the famous and wealthy in my area. I'm looking for a name that will communicate this level of luxury and exclusivity. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


private contest - chosen name kept private