Alwritey Then

4 Chosen Names


The Confection Connection

We are a candy company creating a community of insight generators and informed decision makers. Our community will have a destination that boasts a marketplace for knowledge, a social hall for collaboration, a toolbox for insight generation, and an academy to develop insight generator and decision makers. What do we call our destination?


Marquee Mixology

Brand X is an alcohol product packaged in a unique patented 'bottle within bottle' design offering the freshest, most natural and highest quality mixed drinks on the market. It is an authentic craft cocktail that uses all natural juices instead of artificial flavors like our competitors and premium vodka. The patented 'pouring ring' meters the juice and vodka compartments to deliver the perfect metered pour. Check out our website with the old branding at for more clarity.



Global wearable brand. Clothes, bags, umbrellas. Colorful, casual and sport, for middle class, suitable for both whole family and white collar. Only .com. We prefer name=domain. Don't use words: Textile Brand Clothes No associations with famous brands Names we like: Benetton Lacoste Intel Starbucks Google Canon Reebok Timberland Similar products: Fruit of the loom Benetton Lacoste It is necessary to build connection between brand and names of models. So we need not a name but a whole concept.


Purity You Can See

AP260 air purifier adjusts its cleaning level to sense changes in air quality & indicates your air quality status through a color changing LED display. The AP260 has a 5 stage filtration system to effectively filter dust, pollen, mold spores & pet dander for spaces up to 260 sq ft. The AP260 has an aesthetic appeal that complements any room. We are looking for a tagline that can be used in retail & commercial markets & reflects its sleek, smart design, intuitive function & effective filtration.