5 Chosen Names


LIST - Life Insurance Sales Tracking

Looking for a Product name for a Software for life insurance agencies, to help their agents managing sales, Sales Pages, Leads, tasks, meetings,etc. -- Note: there is a lot of software like this, but this is Unique, for 2 reasons 1)By being very "goal" oriented. Every day when he logs in into it, he see his goal. Not only helps to reach the big goal but only the small goal. 2)Works well with networking with his manager. So it will make very easy to communicate with the agent and track his goals



Distributor of wound care products for the treatment and healing of acute and chronic wounds


Mosquito Militia

We are a mosquito & tick control company. We need to change our name due to a trademark infringement claim. Current website


Truevesta or TrueVesta

Company (ABC) provides sophisticated whole-of-life online planning, education and investment brokerage solutions for individuals to reach their wealth aspirations. ABC will disrupt traditional wealth planning market globally Comprises 3 core online planning solutions " ABC Debt, ABC Wealth and ABC Retirement - can aid you to become better informed for your wealth creation journey Key messaging around which the brand will be developed: TRUST; independence; Empowerment; personal journey



This is a three meal hotel restaurant & bar with a Rustic Seaport Chic feel in the heart of Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco. The Bar area has six 55-70" TV's to show sporting events. The existing architecture adds a more rustic and industrial tone to the nautical atmosphere. Guests of the hotel will easily transition from the lobby to the bar lounge, while non-hotel guests are welcomed to experience elements and subtle indications of the seaport in a relaxed and casual setting.