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Rosie Footwear- rosies

A range of stylish and supportive footwear specifically designed for mums and mums to be. We understand how your body and needs change when you are pregnant and have children. That's why we've designed footwear that can support you and keep you looking good day and night. Created by a mum and podiatrist, all our footwear is breathable, cushioned, supportive and adaptable for swelling. They fit perfectly, feel good and look great. It's the support you need and style you'll love. We'd like a name that stands out and helps us reframe maternity or mum shoes. Ideally we need the right balance of being bold but also real, positive and credible. We'd also like a name that can be used/modified to talk about the shoes; eg. love my Volleys, Rollies, Birkies, Nikes etc. Potential naming themes to explore; fertility, motherhood, busy/full life, movement, support, nurture, empowerment, evolution, change, looking and feeling good.


LumiNature Beauty

I am a small woman owned business, with an organic skin care, makeup and personal care line. I try to use as many organic ingredients as possible in my products. They are mostly natural (98% +) and vegan and certified cruelty free. I have a current company name of Skin2Spirit (similar name exists and I have to cease using this as a brand name). So it's not really a business name that I am looking for - it's a brand name. It shouldn't have anything to do with the alpacas....this is a separate brand. My current website is if you want to get a feel for my products. Thanks!