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We have planned an Indoor Theme Park for Kids aged 4-14 and are looking for a very attractive name. It should be a cartoon name as we are planning to have a cartoon image as the logo. We don't want names like Fun Factory, Fun land or Play Land etc. One example of a very famous indoor theme park having a cartoon name is Sindbad in Pakistan which has its own cartoon image. We are looking for a similar name like that. It should be like a standalone cartoon name which represents an indoor play area or theme park. A good slogan with the name is also preferred, but the name is foremost important. We can put wonderland or land with the name but the first name is most important. Like Sindbad is the main name and it has wonderland attached to it.Please note that the cartoon name should not be any name which prevails now like Disney characters or Cartoon Network or any other name it should be our own name which can be registered by our company.Our target market is the common public which is not very high profile and thus a public name which easily attracts kids and parents is preferred. It can be a name mixed with English and Urdu Language also as it relates to our target market segment. Kids should visualise our indoor play area in mind whenever they hear the name just like they visualise burgers when they see the M McDonald's sign. Please note that it Should be a standalone cartoon name representing an Indoor Play Area, a cartoon image will be developed as the name is finalised.