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The product is a trading product in the cryptocurrency / forex field that helps clients to automate their trading / making money online needs.



REMOTE BIOMETERIC DIGITAL AUTHENTICATION AND AUTOMATED ON-BOARDING TECHNNOLOGY (via all cellphones) XXXXXX is a world leading remote biometric digital authentication and automated on-boarding technology platform. It fulfils the needs of customer focused organizations that are required to authenticate and on-board customers. It makes use of a frictionless and non-invasive automated proven process that meets customer intelligence risk and compliance goals as well as ticking all the boxes from a governance and legislative perspective. This "game-changing " technology has already been extensively tired , stress-tested at scale , and approved by a number of prominent Banks and other registered financial institutions and has also been accepted as legally complaint It has been reviewed and assured technologically by PWC [The highest globally ranked Audit & Assurance Firm]. A key feature of the technology is that it can be integrated into any mobile platform (IOS & Android) by means of a robust Software Development Kit (SDK), providing the ability to customise its functionality according to each institution's specific requirements, in a seamless and cost effective manner. XXXXXXX has a bona fide application in many industries including Financial Services, Online Education, Health Services and Payment Solutions. At the Core of all of these is the verification of an immutable critical variable - IDENTITY. Current live applications of our XXXXXXX platform: Proof of Liveness ...- True Biometric liveness ,enabling strong authentication ,far outperforming gestures-based & parallax technologies Facial Recognition ...- Facial algorithms specifically tailored according to the respective ethnic groups ...- Proven on massive data sets , at optimal 'false accept ' and 'false rejects' rates that comply with the Banking sector Identity Document ...- Automated verification ...- Barcode capture ...- Data extraction Data and Biometric Verification ...- Triangulation with the respective Government issuing authority Blockchain Platform ...- Encryption and storage on request XXXXXX DELIVERS ...- Complete frictionless customer on-boarding in under 45 seconds ...- Robust facial recognition and liveness detection ...- Authentication of Identity documents ...- On-boarding fraud detection ...- A stand-alone application or white labelled SDK ...- Compliance with KYC and AML regulations.


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Fore Frenzy

We are a web-based business/app that offers training related to golf. The website will be a member online site where a user can log in and view topics like: #1 Golf training #2 Mental Training #3 Fitness Training We are looking to build a large community of golfers looking to improve their game and even their lives. They can talk to the other members, they can purchase more tools and even golf clubs.