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One Stop Loans and More

A financial services store offering mortgages, insurance policies, business loans etc. A user friendly and an upbeat retail image such as "The (Your) Village Mortgage Shop" in contrast to the typical "boring" bank. New rates & new loans will always be introduced to keep things fresh. We're located on Main St. in Chagrin Falls, a touristy upscale suburb of Cleveland and are hoping to draw business from the local clientele as well as from visitors to the area.

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What is a better word than "prompting" for this: Our software presents all its screens as a list of questions and answers. As the user answers questions, the list of questions is quite likely to change in order to clarify their answers or seek additional information. Our engineers call this technique "prompting" so our product would be a "prompting system", and users define their questions in a "prompt maintenance program".