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Coastal Consulting Group

We are consultants providing organizational development services to public benefit (nonprofit) organizations. We help organizations that are doing good work in the world become more effective. We help people work better together. We look at organizations as dynamic and interconnected systems. We believe in the leadership potential of every person in an organization. We care about making a positive change in the world. Services include: *Executive Leadership *Strategic Planning *Meeting Facilitation *Training, Workshops, Annual Retreats *Mediation *Fundraising *Research and Assessment *Writing & Editing *Personal Effectiveness Training I am the lead consultant in the business, and I'm currently using my own name for my website url, but it is very difficult to spell. I'm open to names that are a play on my name but make it easy to spell although this is not required for a great name. I'm also partial to names that reference nature because I'm inspired by natural systems in my work with organizational systems.`References to the forest (esp. redwood forest), the coast, or the ocean are all welcome and encouraged. Valerie Mojeiko