3 Chosen Names


Pro-Active Compression

Need a brand name for our compression sock line, both sport and elderly.


Gamers' Penthouse

A mobile appstore that has access to top games wherein you get 20% more in coins/gems/etc than you would normally. Like a VIP Club for mobile game players.


Emerge by Arjang

Our collection is an easy to use patented silver interchangeable jewelry using ultra strong magnet system.includes over 140 base of rings,pendants,charms,bracelets and over 600 tops made with Swarovski crystals ,neutral stones.. Its affordable,fashionable and fun.We have taken jewelry to the next level making it easy to customize by simply mixing and matching any top to any base please see video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O2uBX8IWec *must be .COM *looking for new name(going international)