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crowdsourced name contests Step One
The world's most creative Namers submit business name suggestions on your contest. You will receive more than 1,000 custom business name ideas. Our teamwork creates brilliant names for startup companies.
business naming market research Step Two
You won’t have to weed through a thousand names. Our in-house market research sorts and ranks the name submissions. Your best names will bubble to the top. What name is waiting for you to choose?
business name ideas and suggestions Step Three
Your ranked name list with both trademark and domain name availability is delivered. You pick a winning name and we pay the Namer the contest award. Now, head on over to Logo Force to get a logo.

Why Naming Force?

1,000+ Unique Name Ideas

We create over 1,000 business names per contest. Over 200 Namers will compete on your contest. You'll get a wide range of unique names.

No Duplicate Names

Our duplicate name blocking means your submissions won't be repetitive. We generate unique, creative, business names on each contest.

Market Research

We crowdsource the ranking of the name submissions on each contest to bubble up the best names while moving the weaker names to the bottom of the list.

Trademark Check

All submitted names are checked against the US trademark database. Do you need to trademark your name? Your new name will be ready for business.

Domain Name Check

All submitted domain names are checked for registration status. You can also limit domain name submissions to only unregistered domain names, if preferable.
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Over 2,000 businesses named


topical pain relief

Thumbs Up!

don't text and drive campaign

Hunter's Moon

premium wine

Perfect Harvest

grocery produce


cord management system


sell your business


crowdsourced collaboration


parking meter payment app

Twice is Nice

second hand retail

Customer Testimonial

"When I started out I just could not come up with a name I liked. I tired the Internet, and found lots of name generators but none of them were giving me what I wanted. Finally, I found Naming Force. I described my business and in no time I had a list of names to choose from. I found a name that fit my business, Sun & Chic Boutique!" - Anielia Shaw

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If you need a company name, domain name, product name, or tagline our business naming service is for you. Through crowdsourcing, our Namers will submit business name suggestions on your contest page. We'll rank the names for you and you will choose a winner.
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Make Money Naming

You can earn money by naming companies and products. Awards are paid on every name contest. If a client selects the name you submitted, you collect the award. All of our contests pay the full award. See the FAQ for payment details. U.S. residents 18 and older only.
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