how it works - step one

Phase One (7 days)

Naming Force offers company naming services through crowdsourced naming contests. We create business names, product names, domain names, and taglines. Clients fund their naming contests with a monetary award at the time of creation. Our Namers, who are creative members of the public, submit names suggestions on your contest page. Phase One of a contests last 7 days. Most contests receive more than 1,000 names suggestions. During Phase One you can provide feedback to the Namers to help move the naming into the direction you want to go.
how it works - step two

Phase Two (3 days)

Naming Force has an unmatched feature in our naming contests. In Phase Two we conduct a market survey of the submitted names. Using crowdsourcing, our Namers participate in a blind ranking (no usernames) of the submitted names. The voting is simple, "Which name do you like better?", but it's our complex algorithm that determines which are the best names based on voting patterns. We present our clients with not just a list of names, but a list of the best names, ranked accordingly. Phase Two lasts 3 days.
how it works - step three

Phase Three (7 days)

In Phase Three the client is asked to choose a winner. All of the contests hosted on Naming Force result in one or more Namers winning the full award amount. Our clients have agreed to pay a winner regardless of their intent to use a name submitted on Naming Force. Phase Three lasts 7 days. In the event that a client does not choose a name in the given time frame, we use our ranking system to award the full award amount as a consolation prize based on the voting results.
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