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2014 Winners

We are a mobile vehicle maintenance business called "GoWrench Auto". With our mobile mechanics and techs we perform MOBILE oil changes and other maintenance services as well as some repair services. We come to the customer and perform all work on site so that they can save time and not have to worry about having to take their vehicle in and wait in a waiting room or in line. We also offer monthly maintenance packages for mainly businesses to service what their vehicle needs as it comes up.
Speed dating finally comes to dogs. No more awkward blind doggie dates. We will offer fun live games such as Scratch'n'Sniff - The Bitch Test - Bite or Bark? - Groomed or Grungy? - Clipped or Folded? and Heads or Tails? Monthly membership service starting in San Francisco. Looking for fun, playful, name that reflects our mission plan of matching dogs with their soul mates.
PRODUCT NAME NEEDED: Complete premium massage roller kit which includes two interchangeable rollers attachments, a device to secure rollers, and handle attachments. Think of it as a self-massage kit for athletes which takes the best of available products (foam rollers, balls, massage tools) and wraps it into one, compact, kit. Adjectives: premium, complete, better, compact, better by design, unique, no peers. Used for injury prevention, self-massage, muscle recovery.
A beauty products company is coming out with a new ARGAN OIL based Relaxer / Straightener and maintenance items. We need a name for this new product line. The product line will include relaxers, conditioners and shampoos.
Real Estate Company we manage,sell,buys and rehabs properties.We work with buyers and sellers to help them solve their Real Estate challenges.We also work with a World Wide network of Investors who are interested in Buying and Selling in the Denver Mile High area and around the World.We invest in Single Family Homes.Mobile Homes and Commercial investments.My large network allows us to close fast with the large pool of Sellers and Buyers.
This is not for a "product" but for a small adorable dog I'm about to rescue. He is a "Podenco" a Spanish hound that is terribly mistreated in Spain and often killed after the hunting season is over. He is about 35 lbs, cinnamon and white, with large prick ears and an engaging, lively personality. Prefer human(ish) names but will consider all. Picture (for inspiration) can be sent upon request to a legitimate email address...You can also google "podenco"
Electronic medical records (EMR) software for practices and clinics. We are the first company in the nation to offer an integrated cloud based software which provides EMR/Rx/PAP/Billing Services. Please review: & & to understand the current services and products. Do not like the names Medservices Central EMR or WebPAP.
Engagement ring wedding sets for men. May be given by men to other men. May be given by women to men. Not necessarily a Gay market. Most of the product will be gold or silver with diamonds or other gemstones. We want a work that conveys quality, style and commitment. Thank you and good luck.
We need a name for a site about recommendations. Something fun, current, approachable, engaging, simple, easy to spell and easy to remember.
Our financial services firm was created to address inefficiencies in the transaction market for private, founder-owned, lower middle market companies. We have two business lines: Transaction Readiness Services " consulting services designed to help companies achieve a higher probability of transacting on favorable terms Credit Enhancement Fund " a debt financing vehicle providing short term, growth capital to lower middle market companies We create and preserve value for entrepreneurs.
We are developing a swinger community site where couples can find other couples for social activities and casual sex. We are looking for a domain name that is either brandable or descriptive and works well with out target group.
We are an upstart boutique consulting company specializing data analytics and financial reporting. Our goal is to act as partners and trusted advisors to those we service. Knowledge, quality, experience and a sprit of cooperation are our driving force. We are looking for a name, and a .com domain. The name doesn't necessarily need to state what we do, but might contain words that convey "strength and stability". No dashes in the domain name. Thanks!
We are building a family entertainment center in the north east targeting high end demographic. Think Dave and Busters but with no bar and targeted toward an entire family. Activities will include laser tag, mini bowling, climbing arcade cafe etc. This is a fun place for kids of all ages to go. We want an action word that is NOT trademarked. As an idea we liked Blast as it conveyed action and fun but didn't sound to kiddy, simple and clean. Unfortunately it is trademarked.
Our product is a nano-technology based plant nutrient product that is diluted in water and sprayed on plants
New franchise for fibreglass and concrete swimming pool restoration/resurfacing using unique technology and technique. The system makes it easy for the franchisee to come to your house and completely restore your faded/damaged pool and restore it to crystal blue and like new within 2-3 days adding significant value to the home owners property.
A client of mine is selling "Watches" online. he wants to create a very creative name for his "Brand". One of the things he is doing differently is, everyone who is buying a Watch from him is also getting a "Care Kit" included in the sale. So this is what he wrote to me: "I need something striking like the Watchery or as I explained to you something with my niche of making kits and taking care of the watches."
Our cloud-based technology platform connects the worlds of medicine and wellness to provide a virtual care continuum for patients with a variety of proscribed therapies enabling them to obtain and maintain the right level of care. The platform works remotely to analyze patient needs, intervene when necessary and manage adherence to protocols, connecting patients to a broader ecosystem of doctors, payers and administrators, all designed to enhance the health and productivity of the world.
We are a technical service provider to hospitals who would like to outsource operating room staffing requirements. Our goal is to provide consistent expertise to help the hospital achieve good patient outcomes. We would prefer to be known for our expertise and being part of the hospitals own team. Some key words to consider - Team Outcomes Technical Experts Service Professional Outsource
A company that provides a range of care services to elderly people. In addition to high quality of service, they focus on how they make their patients feel. Their philosophy is to create a sense of joy and optimism in older people in every aspect of their service delivery. The company is continually looking for ways to improve, innovate and go beyond. It has a strong social and moral compass and strives to be a leader in the field. The name does not have to be functional.
We are a fitness club with over 10 locations looking for a new name. We try to appeal to the masses and all fitness levels. Our amenities include weights, cardio, aerobics, swimming, basketball and racquetball. We want to stay away from the "Muscle head gym" stereotype so please no names that would portray this image.
Victorian style office building in silicone beach (Santa Monica, Ca). Offering office space rentals.
Health and wellness company Our mission: To create a happier, healthier population by educating, inspiring and empowering individuals, groups, and businesses through: Retreats Adventures Employee Wellness Life Coaching Fitness Training
I am preparing to launch a business that focuses on skin care "on demand" particularly botox, fillers and peels. The lounge will take these treatments out of the medical realm and put them in the fashion beauty space. We are a luxury feeling brand without being intimidating bringing convenient anti- aging and beauty to the busy woman. Age of client ranges from 30 to 65 with a focus on mid to late 30's to mid 50's.
BackBurner BBQ & Brewing is a brewpub and catering center located in Greensboro, North Carolina. BackBurner serves top quality wood-fired North Carolina barbecue and craft brews. The owners of BackBurner have a passion for cooking and serving fantastic barbecue as well as brewing award winning beer. Looking for an alternative name to BackBurner, so should be "New Name" BBQ and Brewing. One that might reflect our geographical location or the fabulous combination of BBQ and beer.
Our company is launching a new service that will allow customers to purchase an email blast to our database of 250,000 manufacturing executives. Customers select which executives they want to reach and provide us with the content for their email (HTML or text) and we send it out to those executives. These are all top level decision maker executives at industrial companies. We are looking for one or two word name that must have a corresponding .com available (with no hyphen).
Networking event company will be putting on single day formal networking events targeted specifically to high dollar professional business owners throughout the U.S.. Examples of those attending will include Doctors, Accountants, Car Dealers, Investment Advisers, Entrerenuers, executives, etc. The attendees will pay for access to event, promote their business/products and be exposed to opportunists to network with other businesses for potential clients, joint ventures, and growth opportunities
We have an all natural supplement that helps entrepreneurs with Dyslexia ADD and ADHD gain clarity and focus with there brain function. The result is a sense of calm and confidence as they use there unfair advantage to win in there business and life! We are looking for a name that will be a great representation of this amazing transformational experience! Thanks for your ideas and creative genius
We run conferences, events, marketing campaigns, PR and communications, sponsorship campaigns, strategies etc for professional companies (i.e. banks, lawyers, accountants PLUS sportspersons... need a name that says what we do, but gives a professional air. Other information that might be useful: favourite colour purple, favourite flower Iris...
Business name for online store of greeting cards featuring high-end reproductions of art created by women experiencing homelessness and poverty. Money generated by sales will benefit The Gathering Place( a day center for homeless women and children. We desire a business name that relates to, yet is distinct from The Gathering Place.
Gourmet grocery store/Market selling farm fresh produce, grass fed beef and meat, sustainable fish, organic juices, bakery, gourmet coffee bar, etc.
Travel restaurant tours and attraction guide On line and mobile sales and reservations With cash cashback and incentives Book amazing things to do recommended by locals with exclusive deals and cash-back
A mid size community hospital with one location in West Virginia and One location in Ohio separated by the Ohio River rebounding from financial difficulty looking for a crisp tagline for a 10 million dollar campaign. Money raised will be used for state of the art equipment for surgery, emergency room, cancer and interventional cardiology. Hospital is known for a culture of caring and community involvement
A real estate management business that manages commercial and residential properties. The business is based in the Washington, DC area.
Name that wine! Every bottle sold will make a difference somewhere in the world. For instance with the first release we will partner is an organization in Thailand that rescues dogs. Every bottle sold will help a dog in need. One by one. The next release may be for replanting the rain forests. Tree by tree. With every bottle sold a tree will be planted. Ect. Looking for a one to three word name. Must be hip, easy, inspire, empower. This is not just a brand but the beginning of a new movement.
Online retail website that only sells meal replacement shakes from different companies. Site will have every flavor type and price point of meal replacement shake. We own but want a name that is brand able and less generic. The site will have reviews and ratings for products.
We are a community bank located in the midwest. We are approximately a $100 million dollar bank looking to rebrand our organization with a new name and logo.
company that provides educational programs to children ages 18 months through 3 years old. Programs include art, music, physical development, science, engineering, creative movement, mommy and me, daddy and me classes.
Leading manufacturer of air conditioners & other home products looking for brand name for our PTAC units. A packaged terminal air conditioner(PTAC)is a type of self-contained heating & AC system commonly found in hotels & apartments. Our PTACs excel at offering the highest overall value coupled with the lowest overall cost of ownership. The Top5 Attributes of our PTACs are:Reliable, Efficient,Durable,Quiet,&User-friendly. Name should reflect value proposition. We prefer 2 words or less/Max 3.
Sandwich shop in Venice, CA specializing in BBQ Our goal is to TM the name for us in multiple locations - so check out USPTO for possible conflicts Plans to expand throughout the nation Must be able to register a URL so check out for availability - need the .com name There can't be restaurants that use the same name or a very similar iteration (Google it for conflicts) Needs to be 2 words with 3 syllables current name is Pork Belly's something catchy MUST MEET ABOVE TO WIN
This business is a Holding Company. It holds several other companies from various industries such as Real Estate, Energy, Financial Services, Technology, Etc. Similar to the "Virgin" brand.
we are a youth mentoring organization that uses adventure activities such as rock climbing to connect with youth and teach character.
Large Automobile dealer name is the Robinson Auto Group looking for a Tag line which can be used basically forever on all broadcast and print advertising and promotional material. Here are some facts Over 600 vehicles in stock on 15 acres; Lifetime powertrain warranty; Nine Lines of cars and trucks Award winning service; 50 years of low prices; Nearly half of all brands sold In America in one location
I would summarize what we do by calling it "Personalized Medical Wellness " We are a group of doctors who aim to be a niche provider of premium medical care in NY. Key attributes we would like to convey are: Quality, Warm, Friendly, Premium, Unique but not eccentric, Personalized We would like the name and domain to be as short as possible and greatly prefer a .com address. The name we ultimately choose will have to be able to fit within the context of the different services (see notes below)
I would like to create a name for a pharmacy store similar to,, etc. I don't want the focus to be on the prescription drugs of the store because they will have a wide assortment of general merchandise, including over-the-counter drugs, beauty products and cosmetics etc. i would like that name should be family friendly. also i would like for it to be clever like a pun etc. i want it to be a short name
IT-Consultants working with the cloud, network, hosting and server/client installation and support at our customers office. We are competing with competence, not low-prices and our technicans are well educated and experienced.
I am starting my own e-commerce video company. What I produce are product videos that live in the e-commerce space on a client's product landing page. These videos engage and inform the viewer about product features and benefits and increase ROI and SEO. My clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small clothing designers so the company name needs to be engaging and fresh without being too edgy. Made up names are welcome as they are so common in e-commerce.
I am launching a business as a Health Coach for women. I am positioning myself as a health and fitness expert for women who want to lose weight, and look and feel better than ever. I My health coaching will help every woman to be and look their best. I need a name that is unique and compelling and expresses the concept of someone achieving their best or being their best. I would like to keep the name gender neutral in case i decide to coach men in the future.
We are looking for a brand name for a building and community label/certificate that will reflect its energy and environmental performance
A new HANDBAG range for WOMEN. The bags will be on trend, with seasonal offerings and some accessories including scarves/sunglasses etc. It is a start-up business. The Brand Name should represent something really classy, feminine (but not immature girlie). The name should not overtly reference "bags" but rather be unique, smart, confident, intriguing and memorable. Prefer the name to be in English and easy to pronounce, remember and spell.
funky nail clipper for teenagers. need a short and easy to remember name
I need a fun name that includes the word JIB. It needs to be as short as possible. Preferably with it starting with "JIB" and ending with something else. It can include the idea of recommending, liking or favoriting. Again, short and simple. Catchy. Also, preferably TWO syllables in total. Cannot sound anything like or be remotely close to JibJab.
Professional Advance planing, organization and executing of stage productions, Tour management, music festial production, concert management, concert planning, Event organization, music production, sound, light and backline production.
We are a public traded Oil and Gas company in Sweden, with all activities in USA. Our head office is in Houston, Texas and our operations is oil & gas fields in Orange County, Texas (Orangefield), Anderson County, Texas (Concord Dome) and a gas production and pipeline in Corbin, Kentucky (KYTX). The names in parentheses is the actual name of the daughter companies. The mother company in Sweden is; Commodity Quest and the holding company in Houston is Benchmark Oil & Gas. we need to uniform all.
We run a blog for entrepreneurs. The content we share is all about becoming "great". We tell entrepreneurs that they should be "great people" first, then build "great teams", then build "great products". Our philosophy is Me=team=product. You could say we give (a) massive, rapid personal development advice for entrepreneurs, and (b) advice on building high-performing teams.
Website's name. The mission is "Make your life better". It provides articles to inspire your like such as "How to work overseas", "Interviews with professionals" and "Do you know Zen?" so on. In shor, that's a web magazine like "TED".
Our platform provides several online tools to local businesses including: - Reputation management: track reviews from ALL social media and directory sites within one platform. - Listings management: submit updated and correct business information to thousands of directories (Google, Yahoo, Bing, YellowPages and many more) with just one click - Communicate with customers who visit your locations: we identify customers who have visited your locations and help you follow up with those customers
We are a real estate company who buys, repairs, manages, and sells homes. We work with Sellers to help them solve their real estate problems in every imaginable situation. We also work with a network of Investors who are interested in buying and selling properties both in the local Houston area and around the country. This gives us a very large pool of Buyers who make great customers and allow us to buy and sell very quickly. P.S. Website domain name needs to be available via ".com".
Accessibility consulting business in SF Bay area to determine (via a physical walk-thru) what construction upgrades to make in Aging, or disabled persons home, so they can safely live in their home long-term. Goal is to make every part of the home accessible. For example grab bars next to toilets, wheelchair ramps, elevators, etc. Then connecting them with contractors that can do the work. This is for Business name & website. A 5-9 letter domain would rock.

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