3 Chosen Names


DuraGuard vo- durable and guard

WE are manufacturers of External motor housings made of weather resistant VO grade plastic. Sun, heat, rain nor any normal weather conditions will damage this plastic product. We are looking for a more appealing product material namerather than plastic. A Scientificproduct name would be prefered.


private contest - chosen name kept private


The invisible killer in your home and what you should do about it Today!

I am looking for a killer heading for this article. Moisture produced by our daily activities such as, cooking, showering, bathing, washing, and drying clothes create a lot of humidity and rising dampness that without proper building design and rising energy efficiency targets close out fresh air. Without proper ventilation, persistent humidity and condensation can easily damage our homes and contents. It also triggers mildew and mould growth - providing perfect conditions for unwelcome dust mites. Together with the family pet, these factors aggravate health conditions such as bronchitis and asthma, especially in children. They are also known cause throat, eye, skin, and nasal irritation. Proper ventilation is the key to healthy indoor air quality as it is essential to keep wet areas such as cooking spaces, bathrooms, toilets, and laundries properly ventilated.