1 Chosen Names


Total Foods Ivestments

The current company name is West Hill Acquisitions, but we received numerous negative customer feedback because the term "acquisition" give the impression that the company is a financial business. Furthermore, the term "West Hill" has no more connection with the business. The strategy of the business is to grow through acquisitions in the food sector. It is the view of the Board and management, that any perception of being as asset stripper or similar investor would have detrimental effects on the prospect for further acquisitions and therefore could limit the future growth of WHAL. Therefore, a name change of WHAL is proposed to eliminate any misconceptions with regards to the intentions of the future acquisitions and subsequent integration in the group. Based on numerous discussions, the future name should convey the following attributes: ...- Be descriptive of the business which is food services, food production, food distribution or food overall ...- Instil confidence and trust ...- Have affinity to food ...- Evidence long term investment horizon ...- Show that it is a group of companies with individual names