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Covert Tactical Gear

One of the nation's largest airsoft and tactical gear companies, our company specializes in affordable options for airsoft players. Tactical gear is an essential part of every player's kit. Players not only get added protection from the soft armor, but it also adds to the experience of playing airsoft. We are very excited about launching a new line of tactical gear, focusing on international kit from Russia and China. Players will now be able to wear their favorite Russian or Chinese patterns, and choose from a variety of vests, armor carriers, and uniforms. What we need is a brand/product name that captures our audience's attention as well creates brand loyalty for future product releases. We want the name to sound high end, yet rugged and tough. Not familiar with tactical gear? Here are some of the top companies in the real steel gear industry: First Spear Crye Precision Blue Force Gear Tactical Tailor High Ground Gear S.O.Tech The brand name should represent both Russian and Chinese tactical gear, and leave room for future countries to be added to the brand. For example, we don't want Israeli gear to seem out of place under the brand name. Our target customer is males, ages 15-30, with an interest in shooting sports and outdoors. Typically, they already have an interest in the sport, and are looking for their second purchase. Our audience is international, as players in the EU or South America have a definite interest in tactical gear. We look forward to your submissions, and good luck!



We're an online lender, specializing in personal loans to prime/super-prime (660 FICO and above) borrowers. We're aiming for a brand promise revolving around caring, smart, responsible business practices. Evoking organic or "prestige" connotations would be welcome. Our target demographic is 35 to 45, college educated and typically married.


Optimum Dental Conference

The product is a recurring conference designed to help group dental practices become more effective. The consortium will help practices deal with all of the operational, financial, and development issues of group dental practice. Using subject matter experts, the conference will help the management teams of these practice deal with the unique complexities in group dental practice. Some of the topics covered will be: raising investment money, attracting new patients, building an amazing team, regulatory compliance, IT, practice leadership, quality management, etc. Practices that are involved can expect to: become more productive, have better clinical outcomes, with less employee turnover, all while being more profitable and growing faster.



I am trying to start a transportation services, similar to UBER. Our clients will have an option to request a transportation by phone, internet or by using a mobile application on their phone. The name should contain 4 to 5 letters.(preferably 4 letters. It has to sound professional and catchy.