4 Chosen Names


Avalon Manor

Need a unique name of a luxurious gated community which is a bit out of the city but not too out of the city. the community have about 400 luxurious housing units.


VisionQuest Consultancy

We are looking for a name for a new company that is a "spin-off" of a very large international company (footprint in more than 60 countries) working in the business operating area that wishes to move beyond this area; the name, however, should be able to stand on its own, i.e. not being linked to the main Company. Our sales point is that, by being the expert of consumer journeys and customer experience with a peculiar view from the operational side, we can provide high level consultancy by joining expertise in business operations, analytics, predictive behavioural analysis and market research (both qualitative and quantitative). We have advanced, modern and up-to-date tools and we will to provide 360 degrees consultancy to our clients.



I am creating a dating app like Tinder and am in the need of a catchy name.


TrueNorth Capital

Investment Company specializing in: Real Estate Holdings, Venture Capital, Renewable Energy