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3. You Choose a Winner

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5,539 Businesses Named

Step One

7 days

The world's most creative Namers submit business name suggestions on your contest. Our team creates brilliant names for your startup.

Step Two

3 days

Our in-house market research ranks the name submissions from top to bottom. You are delivered a list of names with the very best names at the top.

Step Three

7 days

Your ranked name list, with trademark, domain name, and social media username availability is delivered. You pick a winning name and we pay the award.

Why Naming Force?

1,000+ Names

We create over 1,000 names on premium name contests. Over 500 Namers will compete on your contest. Our Namers have a wide range of experience.

Ranked Names

We crowdsource the ranking of name submissions on our naming contests. Clients can filter voting results by the demographic age groups as well as by gender.

Name Check

Submitted names are checked for U.S. trademark status, domain name registration, and social media username availability on standard name contests.

No Duplicates

Our duplicate name detection means your submissions won't be repetitive. We also block the submission of existing business names and trademarks on all naming contests.


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5,539 Businesses Named


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Thumbs Up!

don't text and drive campaign


Hunter's Moon

premium wine


Silverback Trailers

aluminum trailers



cord management system



sell your business


Bite Force

temporary dental staffing



parking meter payment app


Twice is Nice

second hand retail


Customer Testimonial


business named by Naming Force"When I started out I just could not come up with a name I liked. I tried the Internet, and found lots of name generators but none of them were giving me what I wanted. Finally, I found Naming Force. I described my business and in no time I had a list of names to choose from. I found a name that fit my business, Sun & Chic Boutique!"

- Anielia Shaw