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by Tab05

price matching refunds

We are a company that helps users automatically file price matching claims (e.g. if you buy a shirt for $50, and it drops to $40 after a week (price reduction, sale, etc.), we get you $10 back). We are able to track purchases by scanning email inboxes for receipts. The ideal name should be two words, simple, and catchy. The name can involve price matching, inbox scanning, being an advocate for consumers by getting price adjustments/refunds, or all of the above. We want to avoid confusion with price tracking websites (sites where users compare prices at stores in advance of the purchase).
250 award


by PitBullMom

electronic timekeeping system

The business is an electronic timekeeping service that allows healthcare workers to keep their time and activities on smartphones or tablet computers. The services that you can keep time for in the system are currently all related to the home health care area, but I am not closed to a more neutral name that would allow us to offer timekeeping for non-home health related work.

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